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Pounding Overhead

on May 24, 2012

Finally, after almost six weeks of waiting, our roof is being done.  We are happy about that…mostly.  Well, we’ll be happy when it’s done.  If you’ve never had your house re-roofed, let me share with you how it works.  Or how it works at our house at least….

Before I start let me say first and foremost that I respect anyone who roofs for a living.  I don’t like to look out our second story windows so I can’t imagine walking around on a roof.  Carrying heavy shingles and using air guns up there – are you kidding? I can’t drive a nail straight standing on the ground.  On our pitched roof I’d be a mess. It’s a hard job on a hot surface.  I respect roofers. That doesn’t mean I enjoy having them around, however.

The stacks of shingles and roofing needs arrived in our driveway. Our excitement began to build.  Well….not our daughter’s excitement.  She couldn’t pull into her side of the garage any more.  Since her car is not yet repaired from the hail damage, I didn’t feel too sorry for her.  Better her car than mine.  The next morning the roll-off arrived. Yay! That must mean they were coming.  They were. Just not until about 3:30 in the afternoon.  Right about the time I get home from work.  At least they hadn’t blocked my garage door yet. They were busy setting out tarps.  I appreciated this because the last roofing crew we had didn’t.  I sill find nails in my flower beds.  I am thankful I haven’t spent a lot of money planting annuals yet this year. They’d have been toast.

There were heavy rainstorms  forecasted so as they began peeling off the old shingles, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a good idea.  It appeared they intended to pull the whole roof off at once. Now I’m all for working in good order, but…ummm….if it starts raining?  The foreman assured my husband they were just going to do the main part of the roof and come back the next day (today) to finish the rest.  They knew it was supposed to rain.  They were going to get it done before the rain started. Okay.  They do this for a living (I think) so we trusted them.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of having men walking overhead when you are trying to just go about your normal business. It’s kind of sounds like Santa is visiting with his heavy-pulling team of reindeer.  This is probably why I will never be able to live in an apartment. People walking over my head is distracting to me.  Now I know they were on the roof and couldn’t see me, but I was paranoid about even using our bathroom in the master bedroom to change because they were scraping above me. Meanwhile, our dog who lives in the backyard is not at all happy about strange people walking on his people’s roof: bark bark bark.  Nice relaxing thing to come home to after work.  I do have to admit that these guys were quieter than the roofing crew we had six years ago.  Those guys brought their radios to entertain themselves – and the neighborhood – while they were roofing.  This crew just whistles.

As I was finished preparing dinner, I’m fairly sure one of our roofing guys decided he was superman and leaped from one part of the roof to another. Crash, slam.  My antique washboard fell from the wall.  Glad I wasn’t standing next to it in my bare feet.  I eyed my antique spice cabinet and decided that I should probably just remove that from the wall before it too took a dive. After removing anything I thought would break if it fell, we sat down for dinner.  About the same time, the guys got to the section of the roof over the eat-in part of our kitchen.  That certainly added to the ambiance of our meal.  “Please pass the..” BANG BANG “What?”  “I said please pass the…” BANG “Just reach for it.”  Sometime during our meal they started throwing the stuff from the roof onto a tarp on our deck.  Suddenly our oldest daughter gasped. “PLEASE tell me that isn’t an animal!”  “No dear. Insulation.”  “Well LOOK at it!”   Dinner AND entertainment! I have to admit that from the right angle it did look like a squirrel.  By the end of dinner the dog had mostly given up constantly barking and was just barking on occasion to let invaders from above know it is still his yard.  He doesn’t like people in his yard.

We are refinishing an upstairs room for our youngest son, so after dinner we decided  to paint.  The roofers decided it was time to do that part of the roof.  I was starting to wonder if they were following us on purpose.  There is noting quite like painting a slanted wall while someone is knocking on the other side. If there is a “vibrating roller” technique, we mastered it. Halfway through our painting party, it was time for our youngest to go to youth group at church.  Our older daughter had volunteered.  Good thing because by this time my garage door was blocked by ladders.  Now I know I could have moved them, but I hate stranding people on my roof.  Especially with rain coming.

By the time we finished painting and came back downstairs they had the generator and air compressors fired up and were busy nailing. The dog figured no one could hear him anyway, so he just started pacing.  Nailing has a great rhythm to it. Thunk  thunk  thunk thunk.   Then they’d get to a corner. Thunk thunk….pause….thunk thunk. It would almost be relaxing if it were not, you know, a nail gun.  I looked out on the deck and noticed the trash pile had grown quite a lot.  Then I noticed shiny crushed cans among the roof rubble.  “Honey.” I asked. “How many guys are on the roof?”  He looked at me funny. “Three maybe four.” “Oh. okay.” He looked at me funny again. “Why? What are you doing.”  “I’m counting.” I pointed at the stuff on the deck about the time another can came down. “You don’t think they found those cans up there on the roof do you.” He grinned, “Oh they came off the roof alright.”  “Think it was the squirrels?” I asked.  Now I don’t care what the guys on my roof are drinking to stay hydrated, I just wanted to make sure the shingles were going on straight.  Since there were the same number of cans as guys I wasn’t concerned.  I found it quite amusing actually. It isn’t every day one sees beer cans flying off their roof.  Well not at my house anyway.

I get up early in the morning, so I like to go to bed a little earlier at night. I don’t usually make it, but I like to.  It was starting to get a little dark.  One fellow had descended from the roof and started to remove the trash pile from the deck.  He got the cans first. (Maybe they recycle??) He waved at me through the deck door.  Nice guy. I figured they were wrapping up.  They weren’t. Thunk thunk thunk thunk.  Recycle man was still making trips back and forth. Thunk thunk thunk.  It was getting dark.  I was tired.  The dog was tired. Thunk thunk thunk.  My husband looked at me. “They are just trying to get the rest of it covered before they leave.  It’s supposed to rain.”  I realized this, but I was starting to wonder if they could even see what they were nailing up there.  Suddenly the generator shut off.  Silence. Until the dog decided this was his opportunity to make up for all the time he’d been quiet.  Bark bark bark bark. The men wrapped up for the evening (night) and left. The pounding had stopped. Well, not the pounding in my head. My husband went out to take care of the dog for the night.  The dog looked at him like, “Really? Was this your idea??”  He got him calmed down and kenneled and as we were retiring for the evening, the rain started.  Hard.  I’m so thankful we had a crew of guys who could nail in the dark.

The crew is supposed to return today to finish. Shouldn’t take them too long since they did so much last night.  I’m hoping they do that while I’m at work mostly because I don’t want to be home with my kids when they take the satellite down to fix that part of the roof. I’m tired of pounding overhead and the dog barking.  That reminds me.  Where did I put the number for that dog therapist??


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