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Some Things I Just Don’t Understand

on June 9, 2012


Today is a quiet day at our house unless you count the noise of the 24 mile an hour Nebraska breeze blowing outside.  Quiet days give me time to think. Thinking leads to questions. Deep questions such as:

1. Why is everything new and improved? Does that mean I was a sucker for buying it before?

2. Why do they always talk to runners right after they finish a race and are out of breath? Would it hurt to give them a moment or two to catch their breath?

3. Why is it that I am the only person in the house who can see the crumbs under the kitchen table?

4. Why is there never a cop around when people are ripping down your street at 100 mph but there is always one there when you don’t stop a full 60 seconds at a stop sign?

5. Could they have found more annoying voices to use for the “Fairly Odd Parents“?  I know it’s a cartoon but COME ON!

6. Why do children start asking at 2pm what you are having for supper that night? Does it look like I have a plan yet?

7. Why can’t the postal annex located next to us spray for dandelions? Is the cost of weed killer going to affect the federal deficit that much?

8. Who actually takes the drugs they advertise on television?  Have you listened to the list of side effects? (“May cause a serious infection that could lead to death.”  Great! At least my allergies won’t bother before that!)

9. Why do I keep seeing stories pop up on the internet about Octomom? Aren’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet? Can they be??

10. Where in the world does all this wind come from???

Ok… perhaps the questions aren’t so deep. It’s my day off after all….

Happy Saturday!



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