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The Music In My Head

on June 11, 2012

I have often said that my life has background music. I’ve always got a song running through my head. I’d like to pretend that they are wholesome uplifting spiritual songs all the time but that just wouldn’t be true. That happens sometimes, but more often than not it is just some silly tune that will pop in my head. Sometimes because someone said something that triggered me to think of it but more often than not there is really no apparent reason. My challenge in life is to know when to keep the music IN my head and when to let it out.

I suppose that everyone gets a song stuck in their head on occasion. That catchy tune you just heard on the radio. A song from your past that reminds you of something special. A commercial jingle. The theme song from a show. I mean seriously who over the age of 35 doesn’t hear this every time you hear the word “Dallas.” We weren’t even allowed to watch that show when I was growing up but I still think of the song every time someone mentions the city. I’m just starting to wonder if this isn’t an illness for me. “Song-atious Weirdo-ious”

Say the word “farmer” or “farmers” around me and I’m immediately going to sing the end of the Farmer’s Insurance jingle “Ba ba bum bum bum bum ba.” (Yes – those are the official lyrics.) Good ad campaign? Probably. After all, they WANT you to get that jingle stuck in your head. I have lots of them stuck in my head. I’m a lot of fun at the grocery store I’ll tell you. I often stroll the aisles going from jingle to jingle to jingle as I walk by different products. It goes a little something like this: “Ho ho ho Green Giant!….Rice-a-roni. The San Fransisco treat!….What’s the best tuna? Chicken of the sea….. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer….” You get the drift. It’s no wonder I’m worn out by the time I leave. Shopping and a show! You get really funny looks when you walk around a store humming in case you were wondering. Since I don’t want to be known as the town crazy lady, I work really hard to keep from letting the music in my head out while I’m shopping.

I also have found that I have assigned certain people “Theme Songs.” There is one person whom I see and the theme song from Laverne and Shirley runs through my head. Well…really not the entire theme song, just the line that goes, “Give us any rule we’ll break it…” There are others who enter a room and the “Imperial March” pops into my head. It’s always challenging to not let those songs fly out of my mouth at the time. I have to keep that music in my head for obvious reasons. Other people’s theme songs are not so bad. Those I let fly on occasion. People have gotten used to my quirky singing thing. The bookkeeper at church really doesn’t mind me singing, “Michelle, ma belle” every time she walks in. The custodian doesn’t mind it when I sing the theme from “Batman” to him. (I call him Batman because he comes in, fixes it and is gone without anyone seeing him.) Okay – so I changed it to “Stan-man.” but still. It’s nice when people accept you despite your quirks. I’ll tweak any song to fit what I need it to fit. For example: “The Song of The Cebu” from Veggie Tales has become “The Wake of The J-Boo” for my son, Jakob. I sing it to him every morning. Give me a Disney song and I can use it or tweak it to fit any situation. I regularly sing Hakuna Matata around finals week at our house. I just change, “aint no passing craze” to “you’ll get passing grades”. It all became clear to me that perhaps I need to seek treatment for this illness of mind the other morning. I was drinking my coffee, reflecting on the day ahead when I began to hear the roofers working on another house in our neighborhood. It occurred to me that the guy’s nail gun was clearly beating out the rhythm to “Shave and A Hair Cut”. I grabbed my phone and pondered on my face book wall if perhaps we were missing the opportunity to produce the next great Broadway hit: “Roofers: The Musical.” Before I knew what had even happened I the opening scene in my head “The House Is Alive With The Sound of Nail Guns”. Before I finished my coffee I added “Climb Every Rooftop”, “If I Were The Foreman”, and “The Rain of Nails Falls Mainly In The Driveway.” Yes… it’s a sickness. I wonder if there is a hotline for people like me? I can’t be alone because the other night this commercial came on and our oldest daughter said, “Hey Mom, It’s you!”

Yep. I’ve got a song for everything.  Wonder what kind of soundtrack my life will leave behind??


5 responses to “The Music In My Head

  1. ~Rose says:

    Oh, please Paula, tell me what my “theme song” is that runs through your mind???? I can’t wait to hear……… LOLOLOL!!!! =)

  2. ~Rose says:

    Whew!! (I think) =)

  3. Thanks. I now have the Rice-a-roni song firmly lodged in my head. Anyone who grew up in Canada will remember the most mind-haunting jingle of all–the Murphy the Molar song. Check it out at YouTube and you will see what you mean, but I must warn you…listen at your own risk.
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!!

    • wedelmom says:

      I’m always happy to share my song mania with others! 🙂
      I’ll have to check out Murphy. I’m sure there’s room for one more tune in my head somewhere.
      Thank you – I LOVE reading yours!!

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