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Love/Hate and Attitude

on June 12, 2012

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.”  Persian Proverb


I’ve noticed lately that I seem to have a love/hate relationship with lots of things in my life right now.  No – not people – things. There’s a difference trust me. Because I am me when I notice something is becoming a trend in my life I take a little time to ponder it.  Yesterday I decided to take note of all the love/hate relationships I encountered in one day. Here they are in order:

1 – The Alarm Clock. While most people just hate this, I do love that it wakes me up so I have time to get my head on straight each morning. Hate it when it first goes off….love it after I’ve had some coffee.  Which brings me to….

2 – Coffee. Hate that I’m so addicted to caffeine that I do not see colors until I’ve had a cup, but I love, Love, LOVE the aroma, taste and all things COFFEE. Ok – so this is mostly a love/guilt relationship.

3 –The Treadmill. I hate the thought of going downstairs and getting my “time in”, but I love the fact that doing it has helped me lose 50 pounds. I hate sweating but I love how I feel better after I’m done. I’m usually over the dread/hate part of this relationship about 5 minutes after I’m on it. I still don’t like the sweat part though.

4 – Going To Work In The Summer. Hate leaving when my kids are home all day long but I love having income. Okay if I’m being honest some days I love that I get to go to work and get away from them for a while. Not many days….but some. If ever I find someone who will pay me to stay home and be a wife and mother – I’m IN! 

Notice the first four things all happen before 8am?  No wonder I’m grumpy…..

5 – The Candy Basket On My Desk. I love that it makes me very popular with people. I hate that I have to fight the urge to dive into it face first most days. Particularly on bad days.

6– Our Current Living Arraignment. My husband left to go on shift yesterday. I love, Love, LOVE that he now has only one job. I HATE that it takes him out of town four days at a time. Hate the “4 days on”, Love the “4 days off”. I know we only have to do this for one more year and then we will all be in the same town again, but at the moment it’s at the top of my love/hate list.

7 – Gardening. I know that this is a relaxing activity for some people, but I am not one of them. I don’t like playing in the dirt. I love flowers. I hate pulling weeds. I love the way it looks when I’m done. I like things to look nice, I just wish I could do it once and be done. If you are ever looking for a gift for me, think “Gardner”.

8. – Ironing. I know – who even does this anymore? Me. I love the look of pressed clothes. Can’t say I love the chore of pressing them. I don’t know that I’d say I “hate” it, just don’t enjoy it. Maybe the love/hate list is a little strong for this chore. It’s more like a “eh – there are worse things to do but I’d rather be doing something more fun” list item. Yeah – we’ll put it there alongside dishes and laundry.

9. – Bedtime. I love when it’s time to retire for the evening. Sleep is my friend. I hate that I find 199 things to do on the way there and then find myself going to bed an hour later than I intended to. It makes me dread starting the list all over again tomorrow because I know the alarm clock is going to make me mad.

Nine love/hate things in one day. Is that excessive? Probably. I take comfort in the fact that my list doesn’t include any people. Most of my list is “chores”. I’m normally a “plod forward and get the job done” kind of person so I don’t often stop to ponder whether or not I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I just get the job done. My mother didn’t like whining. Neither do I. Some things just have to be done, right? I’ve noticed lately that there are just some things that I seem to dread more than normal. Then I realized that is probably because of my attitude about them. I can choose to have a good one and power through the things that aren’t on the list of things I enjoy or I can have a bad one and bog down thinking about all the reasons I don’t like them. I’d hate to think what things would be like if we only did things we loved doing. As lovely as that sounds it just isn’t practical.

Since I have teenage daughters to whom I am always pointing out attitude problems I guess I had better start working on my own. And I will. Tomorrow. Right after I’ve had my coffee and before I go sweat on my treadmill. Sweating makes me grumpy….


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