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Too Much Reality?

on June 14, 2012

  I was scanning through the recordings on our dvr last night and I am now forced to admit something: I watch reality television shows. Several of them. I used to have somewhat of a disdain for reality shows. Obviously I have gotten over that. It’s hard not to when a large majority of  what is on television right now fits under the genre of “reality tv.”  If you can think of a subject there is probably a television show somewhere about it.  Evidentially we, the public, can’t get enough of watching other people’s lives. Is it because they are so interesting or is it because our reality is so boring?  Or is it that we are just a bunch of voyeurs?  I’ve got no answer for that. I doubt anyone does. We watch them for different reasons.  Or we don’t watch them for different reasons.  Here are a few of the ones I don’t watch and why:

Sister WivesI watched this once.  While the husband seems like a pleasant enough fellow he isn’t really a candidate for the next People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. What’s the attraction? Is he wealthier than he appears to be? I can tell you the un-attraction: HE IS ALREADY MARRIED TO THREE WOMEN!  Yeah. I won’t watch this one. Don’t want to help their viewership at all.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor PadI know this one is wildly popular but I don’t get it.  You house one guy/girl with 25-30 members of the opposite sex for a ridiculously short amount of time and expect them to find a soul mate.  Yeah….that ought to work.  I didn’t even mention the fact that it’s a competition so there is going to be conniving and backstabbing and lying to win.  Perfect foundation for a lasting relationship.  How many of these  couples have lasted??  Big surprise.

19 Kids and Counting It is still 19 right?  I have nothing against the Duggar family personally. They can live their lives however they wish.  I just don’t find them interesting.  At all.

Real Housewives of Where Ever They AreThe title alone is an insult to real housewives.  (Talk about an “unreality show”!) If I want to watch people act like that I’ll go hang out at the Jr High. Do they really need the extra money they are making off the show? Again – I’m not going to help.

Fear Factor EW!  That is all I got.

Anything with the words “My Big Redneck” in itWhile I understand that these shows make us feel more intelligent…

Skating With The StarsWho honestly thought this was going to be a good idea? Let’s stick to “Dancing” which causes enough injuries without the razor-sharp blades involved.  Really surprised this one didn’t last long….NOT.

Any “Wedding” Show – Okay – I love wedding shows – I just want my daughters to quit watching them. They are in for a really huge “REALITY CHECK” (pun totally intended) some day in the future.  Budget of $250,000? Please!

Wife Swap – Are you serious?? Aside from the offensive title of this show the concept is ridiculous.  If you are unhappy with your life go somewhere that will make you more unhappy for two weeks? Then you will be happy where you were unhappy before. Huh??

Keeping Up With The Kardasians – Do I honestly need to explain this?  Who are these people and why are they everywhere??

You may like some of the shows I mentioned and I certainly meant no offense picking on them. I’m just having a little fun.  I may just like some shows you don’t like.  We’re different. That, my friend, is reality.  And this post is about reality.  Sort of.

 The subject does make me wonder about a couple of things though:

 If our lives were edited would they too seem more exciting ?

Whatever happened to sit-coms? Isn’t there such a thing as too much reality?


4 responses to “Too Much Reality?

  1. While we’re all being honest, let me take this opportunity to also admit my somewhat-of-an-additction to reality shows. Teen Mom? Gotta love it. Keeping Up With the Ks? Why not? I think that those shows make me feel better about my own life, which in reality (actual reality) is awesome. Waste of time? Definitely. Good post!

    • wedelmom says:

      Exactly right. I think part of the point of some of these shows is to make us feel better our own lives. I watch “Hoarders” so that I can feel better about my housekeeping skills. If nothing else they are all entertaining in some way or another.

  2. haha…Love it! Felt sorry for the chickens watching their buddy, Bob, or whoever it was, roasting before their very eyes…Or is this a play on the “Celebrity Roast?”

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