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More Things I Just Don’t Understand

on June 16, 2012

My husband and I drove to my hometown last weekend for my class reunion.  On the way there I caught a commercial that has stuck with me all week.  It was for a KIA dealership in the Omaha area claiming that they will give you the full purchase price you paid for your current vehicle if you come trade it in on one of theirs. That’s right: “The price you paid when you drove it off the lot.”  Interesting.  At the end of the commercial in that really fast quiet voice (which everyone should be able to do so that we can slide things by people) they tell you, “Deductions taken for wear and tear and mileage.”  Ummm…..isn’t that what every dealership does when you trade in a car?

This, of course, makes me ponder some more deep thought questions:

1. – Why is it that shortly after I chew out my kids for not emptying their pockets before they bring their laundry down (I hate washing chapstick!) I wash a pair of my pants with a kleenex in the pocket?

2 – Is it really necessary to say “The Visa Championships sponsored by Visa” or “The FedEx 400 brought to you by FedEx”?  Isn’t that kind of implied in the title?

3- Why must squirrels cause so much destruction in my flower bed? Do they think because they have cute tails I’m going to overlook the fact that they are pesky rodents?

4 – Are there really people on the planet who weren’t aware that you could get a concussion playing tackle football?

5 – Do people really think others don’t know that they use “Words With Friends Cheat”?  Really? Use “jato” in a sentence.

6 – Do the senders of spam really think I’m going to “verify my paypal account” with them?  Wait….do I even HAVE a paypal account?

7 – Is it really necessary to put “Professional Driver and Structure: Do Not Attempt” on the bottom of this commercial?  Darn. Guess I’ll have to take down that flaming ramp I was building in the back yard….

8 –  When did bacon become a sundae topping? Are they serious????

9 – I know I’m behind in asking, but does it really matter if Loretta Lynn is three years older than she said she was?  Married at not quite 16 and 4 kids by 21 is better? Does this change the fact that the woman can sing?

And while I’m on the “who cares” subject…

10 – Why is there so much furor on the internet over Bristol Palin’s new reality show? If you were her and someone offered you that much money to film a show wouldn’t you do it? Here’s a hint: don’t watch it if she bothers you.

Now that I have those off my chest I’m off to attend to my Saturday activities.  Happy Pondering Everyone!


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