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It’s Camp Time!

on June 25, 2012

It’s that magical time of the year once again: the time I get to send my children away for a week and enjoy a little quiet time.  It’s church camp season!  Well…it used to be magical when they were all younger and went to the same camp. Now we just send one kid at a time because they all go to different age camps: Sr. High, Jr. High and Kid’s Camp.  So it really isn’t quiet time any longer. It’s more like one person is missing time.  Come to think of it, I don’t know that it’s been overly magical the last few years either.

Two summers ago we sent our oldest two children to “Youth Camp 1” on Monday.  On Wednesday night of that week I received a text from our daughter: “Arm’s in a sling, but I’m ok.”  WHAT????  I initially missed her text because I was outside “playing” in my weed flower beds.  I frantically texted her back.  No reply.  I texted the youth pastor. No reply. I looked at the time.  They were in the evening service.  Luckily for me some of our dear friends were caretakers at the camp.  I called her.  She’s a mom so she understood immediately why I sounded so frantic.  Now in the back of my head – somewhere – waaaaaay in the back – I knew that if it was something major our youth pastor or his wife would have called me.  But that was at the back of my head.  My friend assured me she would find out what was going on and get back to me right away. Our sweet youth pastor’s wife called me right away and assured me that our daughter was ok.  Seems she had fallen out of a paddle boat and tried to stop her fall into the shallow water, staight-armed. The sling was mostly to assure she would keep ice on it.  Ok – whew!  I thanked her, hung up and felt much better.  Shortly afterward our youth pastor called me. (This is when it occurred to me that I might have caused a riot.) He too assured me that the camp nurse thought it was just fine.  Whew again.  I asked him if he could give my darling daughter a fast lesson in: “These are things we should not text to our mothers without a better explanation.”   By the time my daughter called me back I was much calmer. (Lucky for her.  Maybe that was the plan? I’m not sure really.)  At any rate, after I reviewed the “Things NOT to text” lesson, she informed me that her whole arm hurt but they told her it would be fine so she wasn’t worried about it.  I got a little worried and pondered a loud if she should have an x-ray.  No…they decided. It was okay.  When she arrived home that Friday she said her shoulder hurt still but she was fine.  Ok. Great. Moving on.  Skip forward to last fall when the same daughter is now a drum major for her high school band.  One fine fall morning I received a call from the school nurse informing me that our daughter’s shoulder had popped and that the left one appeared to be lower than the right one.  All she was doing was conducting.  After a trip to the ER, several doctors, a few months, several headaches and finally an MRI later we found out she had done a little damage to her rotator cuff when she fell out of the paddle boat at camp.  Nothing physical therapy didn’t fix thankfully, but we still are unsure whether to call it a camp injury or a band injury.  Neither one sounds real glamorous does it?

Two weeks ago while our younger daughter was attending “Youth Camp 2” I received a text from our youth pastor (poor patient man) that she had tripped over something while running a relay and was on crutches.  No bruises and not too much swelling but the nurse wanted her to stay off of it for the rest of the day.  It was the same ankle she’d turned in track this past spring so I wasn’t too worried.  No phone calls this time because a responsible adult/parent/sensible person texted me first and gave me all the information I needed.  I still find it interesting that my daughter never did text to tell me….but I digress.  At the end of our informative text conversation was the message: “and I am NEVER taking one of your kids to camp AGAIN!”  This is part of the reason I like this man:  he’s hilarious. I assured him that we did not hold him responsible for our daughters’ apparent clutziness and thanked him for letting me know about the current camp injury. Then I realized that he wouldn’t, in fact, be taking any of our kids to camp again.  We are moving before camp season next summer.  I’m not sure if this revelation brought the man a sense of relief or not, but it made me kind of sad.

This morning I sent off our youngest son to Kids Camp along with our oldest daughter and my husband who are going to be dorm leaders this week. (They are much braver than I!)  As they pulled out with the rest of the group attending from our church I couldn’t help but think about what will happen this week.   Our daughter is along so who knows what she will do. I’m praying the answer to that is “nothing” this year. I don’t worry about our son as much because he has his dad there and he doesn’t have the propensity to hurt himself like his sisters do. But he does sweat. A lot.  Even when it isn’t that warm.  As I looked up the forecast for that area of Nebraska I noticed that it is supposed to be 105 degrees tomorrow: before you factor in the humidity.  I hope we packed the kid enough clothes to change into because he’s gonna sweat through everything.  My poor husband.  Heat and boys in a small room.  I hope he packed enough Advil…it could be a loooong week.

Meanwhile our younger daughter and I are looking forward to a chick flick night tonight…after we eat a light dinner that won’t require cooking… the air conditioning. Maybe camp season IS still magical.


2 responses to “It’s Camp Time!

  1. ~Rose says:

    About the “rant” yesterday about your dear sweet hubby working some Sunday mornings……. etc…… anyway, does this sound like a man who doesn’t understand something about being a father and choosing to spend a whole week of his precious time at summer camp w/boys in the heat???? Sounds like a very dedicated man to me and I admire him greatly!!!……. you too Paula! 😉

    • wedelmom says:

      Awww thank you sweet Rose. He’s a keeper all right! It’s all good. A good friend texted me last night and reminded me that you can’t fight ignorance sometimes…it runs too deep.

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