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A Holiday Thank You

on July 4, 2012

It’s Independence Day in the U.S.A.! What that means sometimes depends on who you are.  To some it’s a day of  fun and fireworks. Grilling out and relaxing.  Community celebrations. Picnics. To others it’s just another day.  I was reflecting this morning on what it means to me.  I found myself thinking about all the men and women who have over the years provided for my freedom.  The ones who sacrificed to assure my independence.   I think about those who were brave enough to build a new nation.  The pioneers who headed out to the great unknown and had the tenacity to create things where nothing existed.  The millions who have served and fought to defend our nation. The families who watched them go.  All those who have sweated and sacrificed and worked to create and maintain “The American Dream.”  The ones not afraid to try something new.  I can’t let the day pass without being thankful for all I that have which has been provided by the hands of people I will never know.  While the food and fireworks and family time are fun I want to take a moment to appreciate what being free means.  I think it’s important to keep all things in perspective. It’s so easy to get caught up in traditions and celebrations and fun that we forget what a holiday is supposed to be about.  So while the steaks are marinading, corn on the cob is shucked and ready to cook, watermelon is chilling and homemade ice cream is ready to go,  I want to stop and say Thank You because, to borrow the phrase, I realize:

Freedom Isn’t Free


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