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Thank Heaven For Little Boys

on July 7, 2012

I’ve mentioned before that we don’t allow the “war of the sexes” at our house.  My husband and I have tried really hard to teach our children that boys and girls are different, because they are supposed to be, but that one isn’t better than the other.  Just different.  It’s okay to be different.  I had a conversation earlier this week about the pressure on parents with little boys to make sure we raise them to be sensitive. And gentle. And thoughtful. And…well….girly.  Now I am not for a moment advocating that we raise male chauvinist cave men. What I am advocating is that we let our boys be little boys.  That means action and dirt and energy and bugs and turning body noises into an art form.  It means scrapes and cuts and jumping off of things just to see if they can.  Is that bad? Nope. It’s just different.

I was reminded on the 4th of July how different our sons and daughters think.  My girls have always loved to watch the big pretty fireworks in the sky.  They like to ooh and ah over the pretty fountains and sparklers.  It’s all so sparkly and pretty.  My boys like those things too but they really, really, like to blow things up better.  Things like their sisters’ Ken dolls.  (Which for the record I didn’t know about until after the fact.)  They are much more interested in watching things blow apart.  They love the loud noises. Is that bad? After they replaced their sisters’ Ken dolls, not really.  It’s just different.

On our recent camping trip our sons slept in a tent together while the girls slept in the camper with us.  Why?  First because there wasn’t enough room for everyone to comfortably nest in the camper.  Second: boys who run around outside all day in the heat smell bad.  So do their clothes. Third: our daughters loudly proclaimed that they were sleeping in the comfortable air conditioning.  Our boys didn’t mind “roughing it” at all.  They didn’t stay in the tent much anyway. While my girls were busy blow drying their hair and putting on makeup in the camper, my boys were throwing a Frisbee. While our youngest daughter was freaking out about moths our youngest son was mad because there were no lightning bugs to catch in a jar.  Is that bad?  No. It’s just different.

Last night I went to a friend’s house to share supper and just hang out.  Her husband and daughter are out of the country on a missions trip leaving her home alone with their three sons. The youngest two are ages three and four and they are ALL boy. I love that about them.  While others have inferred to my friend that her kids are naughty or wild, I appreciate the fact that they are allowed to act like boys. They climb on things.  They take stuff apart. They get dirty.  They go one hundred miles an hour.  They are a HOOT!  Contrary to any opinion that has been shared about them, they aren’t naughty. They’re boys.  We had a great evening watching them swim in their little pool. Throwing rocks and splashing. Dragging grass into the pool.  Being boys. We played a board game that involved collecting a tool belt and tools.  We played with Lego’s. Boys stuff.  Fun stuff.  My favorite moment of the night was shortly before we left.  The youngest was sent into the bathroom because he was potty dancing around the kitchen.  After he finished he walked out looked at my daughters and I and said, very matter-of-factly, “I peed.”  I’m still laughing this morning. And thinking:

Thank Heaven For Little Boys…….without them life would lack adventure.


8 responses to “Thank Heaven For Little Boys

  1. ana74x says:

    I SO enjoyed this post. Btw, I have three boys 😉

  2. Janelle says:

    Three boys here, too. Love it!

  3. momshieb says:

    Wonderful post! As a Momma of two grown boys, and a fifth grade teacher, I think you are absolutely on the money in terms of how wonderful it is to let boys act like boys! I miss the days of my little guys, “Matty MudBall” and “Terrible Tim”!

    • wedelmom says:

      Thank you so much. I will admit that there are times during football laundry season I wish my boys weren’t so “boy-ish” but honestly I really wouldn’t change them. 🙂

  4. Mrs H says:

    great post – I sometimes find it hard to remember my 3 year old tyke is just a typical boy, especially when friends seems to have much gentler versions! But you’re right, they are great. I’m reminded of it particularly when he and his sister react to the same hurt or bug or annoyance. He’s shouted “Ow”, rubbed it and run off again while she’s still tearing up, looking woefully at a tiny scrape before deciding her life has ended and she must retire to bed to nurse her hurt with her teddy… I only wish there was a volume knob on Master H. Life with him is SO. LOUD. 🙂

    • wedelmom says:

      LOL! Totally relate to that one. I was just wishing the other night that our youngest son had an “off” button. I finally looked at him and said, “My ears are tired. Could we just have a moment of silence?”
      My daughters sound like your kids: one shakes it off and moves on the other is a little more….well…let’s just say “dramatic”. The beauty is the drama has gone down the older she gets. It’s amazing how different all kids are. 🙂

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