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Dating Dot Com

on July 27, 2012

The other evening  I was doing some chore in the kitchen, the tv offering some mindless noise because one of the kids forgot to shut it off, when I caught the commercial for “” a dating web site.  Their tag line was “Because city folks just don’t get it.”  Really?  There’s a dating site for farmers now? A place where farmers can find the love of their lives? We had those when I was growing up only they only happened once a year.  We  called them “county fairs”.   I found the concept of having such a specific dating site interesting, so of course my brain wheels began a spinning.

I have to admit that there is an ornery part of me that wants to go on a dating site, fill out a profile, have my husband do the same and see if we are “soul mates.”  The only reason I haven’t is because 1 – I’m afraid we wouldn’t and 2 – He found the concept way less amusing than I.  (Someone has to be the adult in our house.)  He’s probably right.  We’ve made it together for 22 years. What am I going to do if I find out we aren’t compatible? I remember one friend telling me that she filled out a profile on one and her top match just happened to be her ex-husband.  Guess these things aren’t foolproof anyway. That doesn’t mean I don’t find the whole thing a little fascinating so I did a little research and found some really fun things.

Before I start a couple disclaimers:

1 – if you found your current or former spouse on any of these sites I apologize in advance for offending you. I’m just having a little Friday fun here. You be happy!

2 – I am not providing links to any of the sites (real or from my imagination) that I am about to mention.  I didn’t actually go to any of these pages to check them out so I am not going to send anyone else there.

Ok….formalities out of the way….moving on!  Here are some of the my favorites from the list I found in a general search:

1.  I wonder if there is an “”? I know a few people I will steer that direction.

2.  Why not?  There’s a so it seems appropriate every faith should have their own site.  We had a site when I was growing up.  We called it “Youth Group.”

3.  This one scares me a little because I have a suspicion what people on here are looking for.  Unless of course everyone with a profile here is a chemist. Or a teacher.  Yeah.  Maybe that’s it.

4.  Aw! This one is kind of sweet until I remembered that my parents tell me all the time that Facebook confuses them. Now I’m wondering if this is a good idea.  What happened to bingo night at the local senior center?  Way less confusing.

5. The tag line for this site is “for women looking for a real sugar daddy.”  Seriously? Right. Because people NEVER lie on the internet.  If you want a sugar daddy (I won’t even expound on my thoughts about that) at least do a little leg work first.  I mean it isn’t like you are going to have to work after you find him, right?

6. Why do I have a picture of this site having LOTS of female profiles and not so many guys? Wonder if there is a referee button on this one.

7.  Is that people who ARE adults or who ACT like adults?

8.  As opposed to “”

9.  Didn’t you used to have to go out of the house to do that?

10.  Who signs up for this site? Are there really people who want to be “one of the school”  in relationships? Beware of sharks!

The more site names I saw the more (there is even a I realized that I am missing a golden money-making opportunity.  I’m thinking for high schoolers who are focused on school instead of the opposite sex I should start “”.  How about “getmeoutof”?  Wait. There’d be too many Nebraskans on there.  How about an honest one “”.  Ok. That would be more of a chat room. Maybe this isn’t as easy as I thought.  I may have watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds, but I’m thinking I might just go for the direct approach. I’m envisioning


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