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Christmas In July

on July 28, 2012

Today we celebrate Christmas with my husband’s side of the family.  Any idea how many funny looks I got this week when I told people of my weekend plans? It may have something to do with the current heat wave or it’s just simply that people think that this isn’t the time of year one is SUPPOSED to celebrate Christmas. True for most people but this year not true for us. The last two years it has been really difficult to celebrate Christmas when we were “supposed to” with my in-laws.  Kids are growing up and getting busier schedules. One moved across the state.  Two family members work in retail. Ever tried to take time off around Christmas when you manage a store? Or are a college student and work at one?  It doesn’t happen.  My husband’s schedule, though better, rotates days of the week and limits the number of weekends he has available. We live in Nebraska so one never knows what the weather is going to do in December or January and everyone has to drive about two hours to see each other.  Two years ago we had a blizzard on Christmas Eve.  The snow blew around and kept closing roads until Memorial Day.  Ok….not really but it did blow around until mid-January when my husband had knee surgery and was out of commission for four weeks.  Then it snowed again.  We had Christmas in March that year.  That didn’t seem as odd to people I told I guess because it was still cold. And snowy. Really snowy.  Last year we celebrated in late January because of schedules.  My creative and wise mother-in-law decided she was tired of fighting weather and the general busyness of that time and year and proposed we have Christmas in July this year.  No fighting snow and ice.  Retail workers aren’t as busy.  Kids don’t have school functions.  Told you she was wise.

The more I’ve thrown myself into getting ready the more fun this has been.  Lots of new experiences.  I’ve never before wrapped Christmas gifts (yes – I used Christmas paper)  while wearing a tank top and flip-flops.  I usually like to tie candy canes in the bows of my Christmas gifts but that wasn’t possible this year.  I’ll make that concession. If I’d have been thinking I’d have tied sunscreen lip balm on them.  My kids have never gotten to swim in Grandma and PaPa’s backyard pool after Christmas dinner before. (I’ve mentioned we live in Nebraska right?)  I’ve never been asked to bring melon for Christmas dinner before.  (Good thing.  I don’t even know if you can find those things here in December.)  I usually bring the Christmas cookies.  Since my oven hasn’t been turned on for a few weeks that wasn’t possible. Melon is much healthier.  See not all things that are different are bad.  It’s the way you view it.

Since Christmas is the time of year I generally look back thankfully for everything in the past year I’m in a reflective mood this morning.  See. Another perk.  I get a “mid year” review this year.  This morning I’m thankful for many things, but on the top of the list are:

I’m so thankful that it is so important for this family to get together that we are willing to have Christmas with or without sunscreen. It’s more important that there is a time at least once a year when we all spend time together and enjoy the day.  I love that!

I’m so thankful that our summer Christmas means our college son came home for a mid-summer weekend.  We wouldn’t have seen him until fall otherwise.

I’m so thankful for parents-in-law who will do what ever it takes to make things work so they can bless their family and spend time with them.  I love these people more than they will ever know.  They are still teaching by example.

And lastly – I’m thankful that half of my Christmas shopping in done before August. WOO HOO!

I am headed out to enjoy my family and the best prime rib on the planet today.  May your day be blessed as well.  I just can’t end this post without wishing you….




4 responses to “Christmas In July

  1. The most important thing is that you spend the time together as a family. Great idea! Plus, no hectic holiday shopping. You could make it a luau! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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