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Spoiler Alert!

on July 31, 2012

I admit it. I have Olympic Fever. Bad. For those of you who know me a little, YES, the Olympic fanfare has been running through my head for days now.  Well, except for the short time my son distracted me for a little while with  this one , but that is beside the point.  Now I haven’t watched every minute of every sport that has been broadcast. I’m not a big judo fan maybe because I don’t understand it.  Fencing? Same thing. Honestly there are several events that I don’t understand or have never heard of before. I’m just not interested in them so I don’t watch.  Taking out the events of no interest to me still leaves several things to watch each day.   And I’ve been watching.  A lot.  Most of my family has. My husband accused our daughters of watching men’s volleyball and gymnastics the other day just because the guys are ripped. He’s probably partially right. The other part is because it’s the Olympics and they are like their mom.  It only happens every four years and we want to watch it. As much of it as we can because we’ll have to wait four years again.  That might explain the grittiness in our eyes each morning after having lost sleep staying up later than normal to watch the “prime time coverage” finish for the evening.   This is one of my Olympic fever struggles.

I’ve never been a fan of surprises nor do I do well waiting to see what happens. (Ok – that may have been the biggest understatement of the year.) I’m especially bad at waiting when I know other people know the answer.   I’m not talking about keeping gifts a secret.  You are supposed to do that. That is the way gift giving works. I’m good with that.  I just don’t like it when other people have information that I do not yet have.  Things like “did they approve the house loan?”  “What grade did you get on that test?” ….you get the drift.  I want to know when other people know.  I don’t care if nobody knows yet but if someone else has that information, I want it.  

I have discovered this week that “The events are already finished but we aren’t showing them until ‘Prime Time’  fit in this category.  It drives me crazy that events that are done now, 2pm my time, I can’t watch until 7pm or later.  I mean  we aren’t talking about an hour or two delay. I can live with those.  We are talking half the world knows and I don’t because we have to wait until Prime Time to broadcast it.   Besides I’m losing sleep.  I’ve been able to behave myself and wait for the broadcast in years past but this year I just can’t do it.  Nope. “Spoiler Alert”  just isn’t stopping me this year.   I feel so ashamed.  Of course I don’t feel ashamed enough to stop looking up results.  Ah well.  I guess when you look at the big picture knowing the results ahead of watching the event isn’t always a bad thing.  Well….until you have to sit down with your daughters and pretend you don’t know the outcome of the gymnastics competition today.  That might get tricky.  Of course that is assuming that they too haven’t ignored the “Spoiler Alert” and looked it up online too.  They are my kids after all.



3 responses to “Spoiler Alert!

  1. I agree it is challenging to stay up late and watch the Olympics. My schedule is all out of whack. My kids have staying up until midnight. But…it is the Olympics and happens once every four years, so I’m making exceptions! Good luck keeping the spoilers at bay. 🙂

    • wedelmom says:

      Wouldn’t you know I was good all day yesterday and while we were watching last night – BOOM – power went out during the women’s 4×200 freestyle relay. Sigh….

      • Oh, bummer!! I’m so sorry to hear that. And you were so good…. wouldn’t you know that’s the way things would work. But, of course. Better luck tonight 🙂

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