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Kid Quotes #4

on August 4, 2012

It’s been a rather quiet week in our house. I told you once I decided to weekly post my children’s funny quotes they would quit being funny. Okay that really isn’t fair. The truth is our youngest is off visiting his grandparents for twelve days, our oldest went back to college and our girls have been busy at band camp all week. While I relish the quiet as any mom does it makes posting a week’s worth of funny quotes a challenge.  To kick off this week I’m going to start with a conversation that took place a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite Kid Quotes ever.

I was driving our youngest, Jakob to school after having dropped off his older sisters.  In route to his 1st grade class (he’s a 4th grader now) we drove by a building that proudly proclaims “1938” above its door.  Jakob asked, “Is that it’s address?” (He was learning about addresses at the time.) Me: “No. That’s the year it was built.” J: “Is that before you were born Mom?” Me: “Yes.”  Quiet from the back seat. I could almost hear the wheels in his brain spinning. Then: “Wow! I’m surprised it is still standing.”

As I said, we sent Jakob off to visit both sets of his grandparents for a 12 day stretch.  As he was getting ready to take off I was doing my mother thing: “Have a great time and make sure you behave yourself for your grandparents.” J: “Of course I’ll behave.  These are my grandmas!”

Our oldest, 21-year-old Erik, was leaving Monday to return to work and college.  I was doing my usual “Drive safe, text me when you get there, I love you” routine followed by the really hard ‘I don’t want you to leave clingy hug’ when he said to me in his best ‘I’m strangling’ voice: “This is where you let go Mom.”

Before either son departed Erik, who is 5’9″ tall,  was bemoaning the fact that his 10-year-old brother is already 5′ tall and wears shoes only three sizes smaller than his.  Short Me: “Sorry. That would be my fault. Jakob would be Dad’s fault.”  E: “Stupid gene pool!” Turning to his little brother: “Just remember that I’m always going to be the BIG brother who is going to try his hardest to stay the stronger brother.  Even if I don’t, I’ll be a cop so I’ll know how to take you down with tactics.”  J: “That wouldn’t be new.”

After reading my blog about our recent power outage, 17-year-old Brittnie walked into the room and said, “You really are evil. Does the whole world have to know that I thought you couldn’t flush the toilet when we don’t have power?”  I think she over estimates my readership….

The girls had a lock in the other night for band.  They arrived home before I got up for work.  I found the following note on the table: “Mom.  We went downstairs to sleep because it is cooler and quieter.  Sorry if that messes up your treadmill time. You can beat us later.”   I’m keeping that note for future use if necessary.

My favorite Kid Quote for this week came from someone else’s kid, but I am going to use it as a teaching point for my kids.  Reese Hoffa won a bronze medal in shot put Friday.  During the interview after the competition he was asked about having his mother there as a good luck charm.  Okay kids, I want you to listen closely.  I don’t care if you just won an Olympic medal. No matter what anyone asks you, you may never, EVER, respond as he did: “I think my mom was huge.”




4 responses to “Kid Quotes #4

  1. i ddnt know u had a blog, paula! nice!

  2. momshieb says:

    Ha! “I think my Mom was huge”! That is just priceless!
    I so identify with the “don’t go clingy hug”, too…! Great post, thanks for the smiles.

    • wedelmom says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad I could share some craziness and make someone smile. I seriously almost fell off the couch laughing when he said that. I knew what he meant, but….

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