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Kid Quotes #7

on August 25, 2012

Jakob and I were “negotiating” a chore in exchange for something you want deal. When both of us were satisfied with the terms I stuck out my hand and said, “Deal?”  He said, “I like hugs better Mom.”  Yep.  He’s still my little schmoozer.

Trying to get our kids adjusted to school schedules has been a process.  One night as I was chasing Jakob to bed he said, “I just don’t feel like I’ve spent enough time with you today Mom.  You are so fun to be around.” Me: “Jakob are you trying to get me to let you stay up later?” J: “Maaaaybe.” Me: “It isn’t going to work.” J: “It was worth a shot.”  Told you he was a schmoozer.

Brittnie was working on homework from one of her 3 AP classes this year and filling me in on her busy schedule for the next few weeks. Me: “What? You don’t have an overacheivers meeting this week?” B: “They closed that club at our school. I’m thinking of re-starting it though.”

Both girls were bickering about something silly. Jakob walked into the kitchen where I was and informed me, “Mom you don’t want to go in there. Trust me.”

Jakob was showering when suddenly we heard him blowing water out of his mouth. Me: “Was that Jakob?”  both girls, giggling, “Yes.” Me: “Did he just sound like a porpoise or was it just me?” B: “You don’t thing he’s developed a blow-hole in his back do you??”   Me: “Apparently he already has one.”  L: “Eeeeeewwwwwww! Mom!” Yeah. I wasn’t talking about what she thought I was talking about.

Jakob and Lyndsie were giving each other a hard time when it started to get a little more vicious. Me: “Let’s use our kind words children!” (Using my best Barney impression of course) J: “Those ARE our kind words!” Me: “Then you need to find new ones.” L: “Sorry. How about, ‘You are without intelligence.’ Is that better?”  Well at least it sidetracked them for a moment right?

Brittnie, who does not have a twitter account, found out that one of her “friends” had tweeted some not so nice things about her knowing that she wouldn’t see them.  Well she did. And she wasn’t happy. Me: “Sticks and stones may break your bones but tweets can never hurt you.” B: “Right. Tell that to Gabby Douglas.”

Every day after school Jakob asks me what we are having for dinner. When I tell him and it is something he likes he says, “Yeeeessssss!” in a quiet hiss-like voice.  One afternoon he didn’t do that. Me: “What? No yeeessssss today? You don’t like what we’re having?” J: “You can’t nail it every day Mom.”

Yesterday was a rough day at our house. Brittnie got a part in the musical at the high school, Lyndsie did not. One daughter excited, one daughter crying.  Brittnie, who worked right after school until 10pm, arrived home with cheesecake for her little sister. Hugging her she said, “Here Bugs. Nothing is so bad that cheesecake can’t fix it.” Sweet. And so true.

After the cheesecake as we were talking Brittnie was trying to downplay her part. “Think about it. I got the ‘anyone can do this part so let’s give it to a poor senior who has never gotten a line’ part. It just means I won the butt-kissing contest.” Me: “Brittnie quit downplaying your part. We’re excited for you. Lyndsie is excited for you, she’s just sad she doesn’t get to be in it with you. She loves you you know.” L: “Mom! You aren’t supposed to tell her that! It’s a secret!”  Yeah. She was feeling better by that time.  Must have been the cheesecake.

Going to bed last night Brittnie asked if we had anything to do this morning or if she could sleep in. Me: “Define sleep in.” From the living room, Jakob: “One?” Me: “Uh no. That’s a little late don’t you think?” J: “You said define it not tell you what time we wanted to sleep until.”  Caught by my own words….again.  They are masters at it.



2 responses to “Kid Quotes #7

  1. momshieb says:

    I love that you have a record of all this. You’re all going to be happy about that in a few years!

    • wedelmom says:

      Keep telling my kids that. They’ll say something and then look at me and say, “That’s going in the blog isn’t it?” Then they roll their eyes and walk away muttering about nothing being secret any more. I, of course, enjoy that part….. 😉

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