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Lessons From This Weekend

on September 10, 2012

I am a true believer that you can learn something new no matter how old you are.  Whether you want to learn anything or not.  I’m getting older and older and yet I find that I’m still learning.  Sometimes the same lessons I learned before but – hey – when you’re old you start to forget stuff right?  This weekend reminded me that I still have some things to learn. Or at least be reminded of from time to time. Things like:

  • Any time a football team loses there are all sorts of armchair “experts” out there who know exactly what to do to fix everything.  Keep in mind that none of the “experts” have ever coached professionally nor did they ever even play football beyond high school, but THEY KNOW.  Just ask ’em.
  • Facebook is not a good place to be when you are from Nebraska, a majority of your friends are from Nebraska and the Cornhuskers lose the game. (See above point.)  I had to log off before I said something….okay lots of things….that would have ruined perfectly good friendships. I’ve known this forever I just forget every fall. You’d think that I would learn.
  • I am so very very very glad that my son does not play for the Huskers.  It is supposed to be every mother’s dream in this state but I’ve heard the way people talk about other people’s children when that child does something other than perfect on the field.  That may be why I had to log off Facebook.  I like to defend other people’s children too.
  • After logging off I flipped the television to the end of the Nascar race.  (Don’t judge.  My oldest son became a fan when he was around 7 and I, being the good mom I am supposed to be, watched a few races with him.  Then I got sucked in.  The strategy is fascinating.  Really.)  I was reminded why I have always used the mantra “Never ever EVER give up!”  Congrats to Jeff Gordon for shocking even me….the one who never gives up. The one who had checked earlier to see where he was running and gave up.  Yeah….THAT fan.
  • Sunblock is our friend.  I have spent half of my life nagging my kids about putting sunblock on their fair-skinned little bodies. Then I went to our son’s football game and forgot to put it on or even bring it along.  Oh well it was only for an hour right?  I now can’t even complain about my odd-looking sunburn that quite frankly stings in a couple of places because I never feel sorry for my kids when they get burned after forgetting their sunblock.  Being a parent sucks sometimes. Particularly when it backfires.
  • Bag Chairs are not our friends.  I have the scratch down my leg to prove it.  In the chair’s defense I am the one who put it in the bag wrong to begin with.
  • It doesn’t matter whether or not you take a Sunday afternoon nap you are still going to have a hard time falling asleep on Sunday night. Might as well get that nap in.  You are going to need it on Monday anyway.
  • Monday mornings would be so much more pleasant if they started three hours later.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!


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