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Kid Quotes #10

on September 15, 2012

This week I am going to start with a few of the incredibly sweet things that my kids said to me this week.  Things that made my eyes “sweat”.  Tuesday was my birthday. I have never been one to make a big deal about my birthday but I have spent the last 11 years really down playing it for obvious reasons.  It just has seemed wrong to celebrate when so many people are hurting on that day.  This year Jakob, who wasn’t even born yet in 2001, looked at me and said, “Mom what those guys did was mean and horrible. It was a bad day.  But you let them keep stealing your birthday. It’s like they still win.”  Pretty profound for a ten-year-old. At dinner that night Brittnie was asked to say the blessing.  Part of it went like this: “Thank you for Mom today and just let her know how awesome she is and how much we love her.”  I wonder if she knows how awesome she is?

Okay…back to the usual silliness of our family!

I was explaining to our oldest, Erik, about the funny shift his dad is working for the next two weeks.  They are in a planned “outage” where he works so I was repeating the details my husband told me. Erik finally said to me, “Mom the fact that you remembered all that and can repeat it either scares or impresses me.”

Jakob and I were watching a football game on tv. Somehow we got on the subject of my kids not being intimidated by me at all. Me: “I’m scarier than you think!” J: “Mom you are about as scary as that bear.” He pointed at the tv. There was a Snuggle commercial on.

On a different night I jokingly threatened Lyndsie. L: “You don’t scare me!” Me: “That’s because you don’t have car keys yet.” L: “You won’t scare me then either.” Me: “Keep it up and you won’t ever get car keys.” Jakob: “I think she’s serious.  Quit now or start saving for a bike.”

One after noon I met the girls as they came in the house after school. “Please take your laundry out of the basket and put it away.” L: “Laundry in the basket?” Me: “Yes. Your laundry that has been in the basket all week. You know. The basket I can no longer lift because it is so full?” Brittnie: “Wow. You must have really wimpy arms.” Me: “Do you have a death wish?” B: “Then my laundry won’t get put away.”  Some days its better to just walk away.

I called to the girls who were napping in the living room that dinner was ready. Jakob: “They are probably both dead asleep.” Brittnie walked in. Me: “There’s one.  I think I just saw the other one’s arm move.” J: “Or she’s having a seizure.”

My lippy 14-year-old had pushed me enough so I gave her a ‘look’. Lyndsie: “Don’t hit me!” Me: “When have I ever hit you?” L: “That isn’t the point. You could start.”  Keep it up. I might!

I was at the computer while the girls were watching TV. Suddenly I heard, “I’ll blow your head off!”  Me: “What are you two watching?” Brittnie: “Criminal Minds.  What other show do we watch where people’s heads get blown off?”  I think that makes me feel better.

Jakob: “I have the super mario song from my game stuck in my head.” Brittnie: “Let me help!” She started singing “The Final Countdown”.  Yep. They’re my kids!!


6 responses to “Kid Quotes #10

  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! I agree with your kids, you are indeed awesome!! I’m sure not such a fun day to have a birthday. Your kids are hilarious! I love that they referred to you as the Snuggle bear!!! haha!!

  2. ~Rose says:

    I love the “Quit now or start saving up for a bike!” LOL!!!

  3. Haha…Love your kids. They are hilarious. And I like that your eyes “sweat.” Mine “sweat” at the TV all the time.

    • wedelmom says:

      They are pretty funny…when they aren’t driving me crazy. I have to admit that I stole “you’re making my eyes sweat” from my son’s high school football coach.

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