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It’s The Quiet Ones…..

on September 17, 2012

 I have to admit that I have never been accused of being a quiet person.  In fact people generally get nervous when I am quiet.   I don’t know if they figure I’m plotting something or whether they think I’m mad but it generally throws people off.  I guess you could call me outgoing.  Or a blabber mouth. Or obnoxious.  One of those.  The same thing could be said of all four of our children.  They are generally outgoing talkative people.  They all have their quiet moments (never at the same time of course….that would be too nice for mom) but for the most part they are talkers.  Funny talkers.  Have I mentioned they crack me up at least once a day?  Because their personalities are similar to mine I am the one who usually gets blamed for their warped senses of humor.  My husband is the quiet one.  That means people think he is either serious or grumpy.  He’s neither.  He’s just quieter than the rest of us.  How could you not be?  The truth of the matter is that the man is funny.  I can’t take all the blame/credit for our children’s senses of humor.  Their father is just as much a part of it as I am.  He’s just more selective about around whom he acts that way.  He’s probably the smart one.  He’s certainly been labeled “the quiet one.”

The other “quiet guy” in my life is my daddy.  He’s the soft spoken one.  The guy serious guy.  The quiet one.  Well.  He used to be.  Since he’s retired he’s broken out of that shell….well…..A LOT!  I guess shedding the title “engineer” freed him.  Perhaps it was just getting him away from all those numbers and grumpy coworkers.  Or it could just be that he’s always been funny but you had to be paying attention to notice.  Whatever it is the man plain flat cracks me up most of the time. He’s always thinking of something to do to “help” us all.

Last spring my oldest niece posted a short video of her younger brother studying.  In various voices the poor kid was bemoaning that he couldn’t find Argon on his periodic table.  My children and their cousins forget that grandpa gets on Facebook – or “face place” as he calls it. When my nephew arrived for the picnic dinner on Memorial Day weekend his grandfather had written out every possible fact about Argon there is to know and presented him with a complied list.  I know because I was around while Daddy took an hour looking stuff up on the internet.  He wants to be accurate when he is funny.  

He’s forever doing things like that.  Paying attention to what is going on in our lives and then doing something that fits in perfectly and is funny.  It’s his way of telling us that he loves us.  It’s also the way his “quiet” sense of humor works.  His latest?  As some of you may remember a week or so ago I had a little rant about the pencil that turned up missing from my desk at work.  For those of you who missed that – you are fortunate. (Or you can go here.) Yesterday my boss walked by me before church started and asked, “Do you have any idea why your mom would have mailed us two mechanical pencils?”  I truly thought my daughters were going to slide under the pew because they were laughing so hard.  “No.” I replied, “but I think I know why my DAD would.”   This morning I found these on my desk:

See? Not only does he read my blog but he pays attention to details.  Those are the exact same pencils as the ones I had that kept getting stolen.  He’s accurate in his humor.  He’s a total crack up.  No one looking from the outside would ever picture him acting like that.  They don’t picture my husband ever doing anything silly either.  That’s because they haven’t learned what both these men prove daily:

It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for!



8 responses to “It’s The Quiet Ones…..

  1. Such a nice glimpse into a warm and loving family. I enjoyed reading!

  2. That is so funny he sent you the pencils!!! I love that he calls it “face place”!!!

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