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Weekends That Go Too Fast

on September 25, 2012


As we were turning in last night my husband smiled at me and said, “Good weekend.”  Yes it was I agreed. It just went by way too fast.

Friday afternoon saw my parents arriving to spend the weekend with us.  They don’t mind that the deluxe accommodations at our house are an air mattress on the floor of the living room.  Before you call to report me for Senior Abuse let me explain. I still have too many children in my house to actually have a guest bedroom and my husband and I still sleep on a water bed.  We’ve offered the water bed to my parents.  They prefer the air mattress.  I don’t blame them really. We’ve even offered them the children’s beds but they prefer not tackling the stairs to the upstairs of our house.  They also prefer not to tackle the mess in the kids’ rooms.  Smart people.  I love spending time with my parents so I was excited for the weekend.

We attending the homecoming football game Friday night.  It didn’t matter that our team didn’t win. I won’t remember the poor defense or flat offense that was played (Okay…well…I guess maybe I will.) but I will remember the fun of listening to my dad analyze the game with the fellow sitting behind him.  I’ll also remember him getting whipped in the face a few times by the pom poms being vigorously used by the little girl sitting in front of him.  He’s such a grandpa he didn’t saw a word. He just chuckled and kept trying to duck.  I will also remember the sight of my husband pulling our drum major daughter’s stand out on the field for her and then kneeling to watch the show from the sideline.  Our ten-year-old turned to me and said, “Mom – look. Dad is Tebowing!” I’ll remember the pride on his face when he returned to his seat.  He loves both his marching band girls.  I’ll remember the warm coffee and fun once we arrived home.  I’ll remember my dad innocently saying something that made my 18-year-old laugh for 10 minutes.  She loves her grandparents.  All our kids do.

Saturday saw us off bright and early to watch the annual parade downtown.  The parade that used to be called “LaVitsef” (festival backwards. Clever – no?)  and has now been dubbed “Oktoberfest”. My mother quickly pointed out that it isn’t October yet. She’s so in to details.  As we sat shivering in the Nebraska “breeze” we watched the bands march and the politicians go by. (Note to self: skip the next election year parade.)  We watched the “floats” go by.  I might mention here that in our town a “float” is usually a car with a company logo and a few people throwing candy.  We aren’t rivaling the Rose Bowl Parade here. At all.  It didn’t matter because we enjoyed it anyway. Just being in the crisp fresh air and watching the people.  Well except for the junior high age boys on their bikes.  You know the ones. They are the ones who think they are going to grow up and join the BMX Stunt Team.  They weren’t part of the parade but they sure kept riding in front of us.  And then stopping to talk.  While standing in front of our chairs.  At one point I looked at my mom and asked her if I should say something.  “Behave yourself.” she said.  Turns out I got to behave.  The little lady sitting on our other side told them to move along because they were blocking everyone’s view.  We came home smiling – although candy-less. We let the small children dive for the candy in the street and then we bought my ten-year-old a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.  It was his reward for not taking out kids smaller than he in an effort to score free candy.

After a lazy afternoon watching our beloved Huskers and napping my well planned dinner fell a bit flat.  I didn’t plan as well as I thought.  It didn’t matter because my family loves me anyway.  The evening saw more visiting, football analyzing by the men and a rousing card game between my mother and our 14-year-old.  She still doesn’t feel bad she beat her grandma.  I raised her right.  More coffee. More laughing.  It was a great night.

Sunday brought us to our youngest son’s football game.  He got in on five tackles.  While we girls were commenting about how cute he is the men were talking about how much better he understands the game this year.  At some point I got text-scolded for telling his big brother that he was cute.  “Scary mom.  He’s supposed to be scary.”  Yeah. I forgot football players aren’t supposed to be cute.  Even when they are ten.  My bad. (He’s still cute – so THERE!)  After the game we returned home for lunch, which I forgot to thaw out.   I am thankful for my understanding sweet parents who don’t mind take out pizza.  As they pulled away after lunch I found myself being thankful for the time we had together but sad that it went by so fast.  It always does.

After a quiet evening puttering around, checking homework, making lunches and preparing for the week ahead I came to a conclusion. Things don’t have to always go perfectly for a weekend to be a success. You don’t have to have the best house or  perfect meals.  Things don’t have to work exactly as planned. You just have to have love and laughter and time together.  For those things I am so very thankful. Those things make for a perfect weekend like the one we had.  Even if it did go by too fast.


7 responses to “Weekends That Go Too Fast

  1. momshieb says:

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I hope to be something like your parents when my turn (finally) comes around to visit my grandkids!

  2. It does indeed sound like a perfect weekend!!! About the whole waterbed thing though….my daughter came home from school the other day and said, “My teacher told us a long time ago people used to sleep on beds that had water in them!” I’ll have to tell her people still do!!!!

    • wedelmom says:

      Ah yes….we do still sleep on a water bed…purchased a long time ago. The intention is to retire it soon because my husband swears he isn’t movig it again. That and we’re getting too old….

  3. Such a sweet portrait of a loving family. I think you do a wonderful job describing what though “normal’ to you would be a dream to many. It paints a picture people can learn from that haven’t been blessed with a forgiving and relaxed family.

  4. Lots and lots of football action. That will make any weekend go by fast. Sounds like it was some quality family time. I think with kids weekends always happen to zip by.

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