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Yard Work Thoughts

on October 3, 2012

It’s that fabulous time of year again – fall. I love fall: the crisp days, the football games, headed back into “winter food”, the fuzzy clothes come out and the air conditioner shuts off. The one thing that doesn’t make my fall “happy list”  is fall yard clean up time.  I believe I have mentioned before that I don’t enjoy yard work.  I know many people find it therapeutic and relaxing but I am not one of those people. I do yard work because I don’t want our yard and flower beds to look bad.  Period.  I want them to look pretty so I do the work. Okay and because I can’t afford a gardener.  Yesterday I began the job of clearing out the flower beds for the winter. It was a lovely afternoon and since we live in Nebraska who knows how many of those we are going to get.  It could snow this weekend. With that in mind I set out with my pruning shears, shovel, gloves and great big trash bags.  As I cleared away spent plants and…well…weeds (lots of them) I learned several things.

  1. The snowball bush, though beautiful, is a pain to prune back.  I have the scratches all over my arms to prove it.
  2. I should wear long sleeves when doing yard work. (See above thought)
  3. There are somethings even my handy dandy pruners will fix.  I need a chainsaw.
  4. Were did all these trees come from?  I didn’t plant them.
  5. The only plants that truly thrived in my flower beds this year were dandelions. Maybe they are a maligned weed after all.
  6. It isn’t a good idea to try to pull out fall blooming asters until after the bees think they are done with them.
  7. I am never planting another perennial that spreads again. Ever!
  8. Rabbits really do like rose bushes.
  9. I don’t know what left its skin in the front flower bed multiple times but I hope he moved to a different home.
  10. When clearing out the leaves from spent day lilies one should keep an eye out for snakes who are disguising themselves as foliage.
  11. It is not a good idea to sprinkle “Snake B Gone” around the deck right after a snake slithered under there.  He’ll get stuck.  Glad that occurred to me before I actually did it.
  12. I am in horrible shape. I don’t care what work-out I do I still can’t move after I’ve done yard work.
  13. Hole digging squirrels really are from the devil.  It’ll be interesting to see where some of those bulb plants pop up next spring.
  14. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to not let it happen someone always drives by when your fanny is sticking straight in the air facing the street.

I have to admit as I was cleaning up and preparing to wash and pack away all of our summer outside things a bit of nostalgia hit me.  This will be the last fall clean-up I do in this yard.  Next fall we will be somewhere else. After 13 years of pruning the same bushes and tucking in the same roses for winter I won’t be here to do it again.  I got sad for a moment.  It’s the end of an era.  I know the era is ending because there is no way we are moving into a new home that requires this much yard work.  Not unless the place comes with a gardener!


5 responses to “Yard Work Thoughts

  1. We are doing our yard clean up this weekend…not looking forward to it either! Now I’m trying to remember…are you staying in Nebraska and just moving closer to your family??

    • wedelmom says:

      You have my condolences. ;). We still have more to do I was just trying to get a jump start. Never ends does it?
      We are staying in Nebraska. We currently live in Norfolk, a mid-sized town in Northeast Nebraska, and are moving to Fremont, a mid-sized town near Omaha. I grew up in that area (Blair – tiny town) and my husband’s family moved to there when he has in high school. He actually grew up in south west Nebraska – North Platte. Aren’t you glad for the Nebraska geography lesson?? LOL!

  2. Wow, you have so much wildlife around there. Be careful of the snakes! It’s true yard work is hard, grueling work. I’m always sore from it as well. I think it can therapeutic but I can only take it in small doses! Good luck in your new home.

    • wedelmom says:

      We live next to an open field and in front of a shelter belt. While I love the fact that it feels like the country in the city and it’s pretty quiet, we have more than our fair share of “critters” who visit. Snakes I can handle as long as they are outside. We don’t have poisonous ones here.
      You are right – it can be therapeutic at times. Other times I just need physical therapy when I’m done.

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