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Because We Love Our Kids

on October 8, 2012

We survived another fall weekend. Whew!  That is two jam-packed fall weekends down and only a few more to go.  This mom might actually make it with some semblance of sanity left. I must give a much needed shout out to my ever patient husband who is unaware that the quiet things he says to me have the most profound impact.  I’ve told you before: it’s the quiet ones!

This Saturday as our alarm went off at 5am I groaned, looked at my husband and sleepily said, “Tell me again why I’m getting up at 5am on a Saturday?”  5am is normal for me on weekdays (ok…5:15 if you count ‘snooze time’) but on a Saturday?  It takes a mighty important event, like a tornado siren, to get me out of bed at that time of the morning on Saturday.  My husband’s quiet answer: “Because we love our kids.”  He had no idea I’d be running that phrase through my head for the rest of the weekend.  

This weekend’s band competition took us to a town located a little over 2 hours away. We “had” to be there in time for the first event of the day: a parade at 8:30. I bid a sleepy farewell to our daughters who had to be there to load busses at 5am and headed to the coffeepot.  I would like to pause here and thank whomever invented the feature that lets you preset the coffeemaker so that your freshly brewed coffee is waiting for you when you awake. You are a genius whomever you are!  After two cups of the life-giving liquid I managed to pull it together and get ready to depart while coaxing our ten-year old to do the same. Did I mention I had to tell him more than once that his older sisters really aren’t evil and their goal in life isn’t to ruin his life?  I don’t think he bought it.  At any rate our sleepy trio piled in for our Saturday road trip. In the dark. While clutching a travel mug of coffee because none of the local coffee shops are even open that early around here.  I smiled at my husband and told myself, “I love my kids.”

I am normally a fan of parades. I love watching the bands and floats and enjoy the fun atmosphere.  Parades are fun. Until they are in a town you don’t know well and it takes you extra time to figure out where to park and where to walk to so you can see the parade.  Did I mention that the temperature at parade time was 25 degrees (farenheit. I’m American remember)?  Walking several blocks carrying chairs and blankets while dressed in winter coats to stay warm is invigorating to say the least.  Okay so maybe I love parades when it is over 50 degrees outside.  Anything below that temperature is just kind of miserable.  But I sat in my chair with my blanket and my fresh cup of coffee (Thank goodness we found a coffee shop in the unfamiliar town!) and smiled.  Why?  Because I love my kids.

After the bands had passed we caught up with our girls and took them out for lunch and shopping for a while just to give them a break.  Shopping in a mall filled with unsupervised band kids from all over the state. Thankfully we found a restaurant that wasn’t overly busy so we were able to warm them up, feed them and return them to the school so they could prepare for their field marching competition.  The temperature has warmed up to 40.  With the wind blowing at 10-15 mph.  After running to a store to buy new gloves we settled into the sunless cold day to watch bands compete.  At some point I quit feeling my toes.  At one point our son leaned over and said, “Mom I think my butt is frozen to this bench.”  But we stayed and applauded and watched the bands until the very end.  We thawed out as we drove back,  arriving home just as it was getting dark again.  I didn’t accomplish one thing Saturday except supporting our daughters’ band. None of the chores on my “to do” list got “to-done”. Why? Because we love our kids.

Sunday dawned brighter but not much warmer.  Our son had a football game at noon.  While I was thankful that we were able to sleep a little later I wasn’t looking forward to more time in the “refreshing” Nebraska wind. None the less I bundled up and we went to his game.  I will say the sun shining helped it to at least feel a little warmer. Not much, but a little.  As I was tucking my blankets around myself I realized that we had placed ourselves by the other teams parents again.  I really have to start paying attention to where I’m planting my chair.  Oh well, I figured, it was too cold to go moving around again so we settled in for the game.  I ignored the wind and got ready to cheer.  Why? Because we love our kids.

 About halfway through the game it started. We had sat next to the family of the little boy who was playing line opposite our son.  The little boy who our son was beating. It soon became apparent that the people next to us were not liking our son at all.  How do I know this?  They started talking about him.  Rather loudly.  When grandpa piped up with “Someone needs to work that #52 over a couple of times. He wouldn’t be such a bully then!” I almost lost it.  This would be a good place to mention that our son is many things but “bully” wouldn’t make the list.  He’s more like the “anti-bully” as evidenced by the fact that he kept helping their grandson off the ground and making sure he wasn’t hurt.  Yeah he’s a big bully.  No – he’s just big so people think he’s a bully. I turned my head and looked at my husband who said to me, “Just ignore it.” Ignore it.  Right.  He is so not a mom.  I did manage to watch the rest of the game without saying a word to the grumbling family next to us.  I didn’t point out that #52 wasn’t the only kids holding.  It’s 4th grade football and they are just learning.  They ALL hold once in a while.  I didn’t tell them that – no – he wasn’t held back a grade. He’s big because his dad is big. I didn’t say a word. Mostly because I didn’t want to embarrass my family. Why?  Because I love my kids. (and my husband)  

I was upset and cold and almost in tears as we walked to our car.  My husband asked me, “They are just grumpy old people whose grandson’s team was losing bad.  Why did you let it bother you?”  I looked at him and said, “Because I love our kid. I don’t like people talking about him that way.”  After he reassured me that our son was, in fact, not a dirty player, he smiled at me and said in his quiet manner, “Guess it’s a good reminder to be careful when saying things at games.  You never know who you are sitting by and….Everybody loves their kids.”  

Told you he is profound sometimes.



8 responses to “Because We Love Our Kids

  1. gmapple says:

    I’m proud of you ’cause this grumpy old person, who happens to be his Grandma may have said something I would regret “cause I love that kid!!!!

  2. I’m with you on the quiet ones, they can be quite profound!I’m wondering if we were at the same band competition on Saturday, were you in Lincoln?

    • wedelmom says:

      Still waters run deep. We were in Grand Island. Omaha the next two weekends. ‘Tis the season for band competitions! Hope yours went well – despite the cold. 🙂

  3. Love it!!! Good restraint mama!

  4. Janelle says:

    Ya, moms aren’t so good with the ignoring! I hear you.

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