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Monday Musings

on October 29, 2012

I find myself at the start of another week again and yet I can’t seem to get my brain to go into forward motion.  It isn’t lack of coffee – trust me – so all that I can figure is that I must have too many things running through my head today.  In a sudden blast of inspiration I decided to purge them all here so that perhaps my head will clear and I can function like a human again.  If this doesn’t work I’m going straight to plan B: go to bed and wake up on Tuesday.  Here goes nothing…..

  • Today isn’t a good day to have the name “Sandy”.  I keep seeing headlines like “Why is Sandy So Big?” and “Sandy Even Scarier From Space”.  That could be enough to make you paranoid.  I’m so thankful that the last storm sharing my name remained a tropical storm and didn’t scare too many people – just fish.  Funniest part: my bosses wife’s name is Sandy.  Good thing she’s a fun person. (Not that I personally have made any of the obvious jokes).
  • The good part about a major storm threatening the eastern part of our country is that political campaigns have been suspended.  Does that mean the robot calls and commercials will stop too?  One can hope right?
  • Why do they send all those reporters out to areas that are being evacuated?  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?  And while I am on the subject how much do you suppose those reporters make to stand out there in a hurricane?  I’d like to be paid for being an idiot too.
  •  What is it about four way stop signs that confuse people so badly? Maybe it’s just people where I live but no one seems to be able to decide who goes first.  Not that I’m not all for free entertainment but I don’t have time to sit at an intersection forever while people look at one another.
  • Roundabouts are worse than four way stop signs in Northeast Nebraska. No one knows what to do when they get to one.  Seriously.  I propose that since the town where I live has decided to put in three of these traffic wonders that no one understands,  the city should pay for every citizen to fly to Europe and learn how to use them from people who do understand how to use them.
  • I’m not really big on “Appreciation Days” – I think they were manufactured by florists and card companies to boost year long sales.  My personal theory is that I should probably show people I appreciate them year round rather than having to be reminded by a “national day” on a calendar. It just kind of means more that way. Personal opinion.
  • That being said, it’s nice to be appreciated once in a while.  This month is clergy appreciation month.  I think clergy should be appreciated (see above thought) and I obviously work with a few here at my job as a church secretary.  A couple sweet ladies have blown me away the last couple days by bringing me a little treat to let me know that I too am appreciated. Aw!  (So much better than on Secretaries day.)  It’s amazing how thoughtfulness from a couple of people can brighten your whole day.
  • The way to my heart really is with a caramel mocha.
  • It really is hard to type with numb fingers.
  • Why is there always one thing that I forget to buy when I shop?  Am I the only one who does this even though I have a list? Does anyone else then go through the grueling debate of whether or not the one thing you forgot is worth braving the store – again – to get? 
  • Rule of thumb for above thought: Toilet Paper – yes.  Anything else is up in the air.
  • I’m not buying the words “Easy Open” ever again.  Nope.  Going straight for the hatchet.
  • Squirrels are really freaky. Particularly ones that keep jumping onto your kitchen window screen and hanging there. Seriously? Is he a spy or does he think we’re going to throw him some food just to get rid of him.  Maybe he’s plotting an attack. I’m not sure. Creepy.
  • If you are every really bored go to one of the presidential candidates Facebook pages and watch people fight with each other in the comments of every post.  No don’t.  It’s really rather pathetic.
  • I did the above activity quite by accident and didn’t hang around long but it does have me asking: Who has time to spend all day fighting on a candidates Facebook page?
  • Who thought this was a good idea? Did no one get the memo that horizontal stripes make you look heavier? Wait.  That could be a good thing in football.  Ok – bumblebee suits it is I guess.

  • Does anyone else wonder if there is some sort of time warp that takes hours away from Sunday night and magically adds them to Monday morning? 
  • I could live to be 122 and there are just some people I will never figure out.  People who think they need to call attention to themselves are at the top of the list.
  • At what age should a person stop posting a “countdown to my birthday” every day? (See above thought.) 
  • The great thing about Mondays? They end eventually!

Happy Monday All!  Thoughts going to those of you in the path of the storm.  Stay safe, dry and warm!



15 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Always happy to see a post from you pop up in my reader! I love the lists…funny but enough substance to make me think.

  2. momshieb says:

    Ha! I just wrote about those idiots who stand out there on the sea walls telling us how incredibly dangerous it is to be out in the storm! I can’t look away from all this coverage….like watching a trainwreck!
    Hope your Tuesday is better!

  3. Ha! You have a lot of funny thoughts going through your head. The four way stop and roundabouts…I can relate. There’s one four stop I go through often, and I dread it every time. I’m sure a signal is going up soon. I always forget something at the store! It never fails.

    • wedelmom says:

      All the things running through my head are going to get me chased down by people with a jacket that straps in the back one of these days.
      Maybe you’ll get luck and they’ll put a roundabout where your 4 way stop is. Oh…wait….

  4. Janelle says:

    All true! Thanks for brightening my insomnia!

  5. So funny!!! I just pulled the grocery list dilemma this past weekend. My daughter needed candy corn for a school party so I thought I would grab that and a few things I had on my grocery list (milk, brown sugar and raisins)….I forgot the candy corn!

  6. ahaha…I never really thought about the human implications of giving hurricanes “people” names. I was once friends with a girl named “Sandy Box” and she endured endless ribbing. I can only imagine what she is going through now.
    We are expecting Sandy to arrive tonight. The storm, not the person.
    Why are your fingers numb?
    Is the opposing team on the ground laughing at the bumble bee team or what?

    • wedelmom says:

      “Sandy Box”? Now that is just mean. Some people’s parents….
      I’m not sure what they would name storms without using someone’s name. “Hurricane 32554” just doen’t sound as catchy. It’s just funny if you know someone who is named the same as the current storm. I’m going to venture a guess that “Katrina” fell off the popular name chart a few years ago. Sandy is bound to be next.

      Stay Safe!!

      My fingers are numb because my boss is trying to freeze me with the air conditioner which is still on though it hasn’t gotten out of the 50’s for the past week. I seriously threw my wedding ring across the room the other day. Not on purpose: it flew off because my hands were so cold. I’m wearing gloves (not even kidding) today. He got the message.

      I think that guy actually got blocked but that is a valid point. Maybe that is why they won. Their uniforms distracted the other team too much.

      Did I mention stay safe? You’ll be in my prayers!

      • Thanks! I think our main thing will be the wind. No major bodies of water, so shouldn’t be flooding. Prayers are greatly appreciated!!
        I have to say that I am impressed with your ability to type with gloves on. I’d be in a real fix because I wear mitts. lol.

      • wedelmom says:

        Even without flooding that is one scary storm. You’ll most definately be included in my prayers today.

        They aren’t very bulky ones (or overly warm really) and I cut the fingertips out. I was mostly trying to make a point. 😉

      • Very Michael Jackson! haha

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