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Truly Creepy Scary Stuff

on October 31, 2012



 I’m not a person who enjoys being scared.  Horror flicks are just not my thing. I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween: too creepy for me. However since today is Halloween it seems only appropriate to share a few things that have either scared or creeped me out lately.  

  •  Because we had planned to only live in this area for 3-5 years we rented our home.  Life happened and 14 years later we are moving next summer.  Last night I received a phone call from the people who are going to be moving in when we move out.  Yes – I know they are moving in. Why? The fellow works for our landlord so I see him quite often. He has mentioned the fact that he and his “fiance” are moving in after us , oh…..5,000 times?  Usually followed with “When are you guys moving again?”  They called last night because they want to come look at the house this weekend.  Ummmm…..we aren’t moving for 7 months, but ok?  There is nothing quite as creepy as the feeling that someone is hoping you leave early because you are in the way of what they want. I can almost see them drooling. The fact that the female in this relationship seems to be the one pushing to get in and see the house either indicates she’s excited or a psycho.  I’m hoping it’s the first.  I’d hate to be murdered over a rental property.
  • This morning I was waiting behind a semi-truck that was turning into the grocery store parking lot.  The first scary thing about that is that this city wasn’t smart enough to realize that there needed to be enough of a turn area for trucks to pull into the lot. As I watched the poor trucker block both northbound lanes of traffic to make his turn I noticed out of the corner of my eye that two seemingly impatient drivers were whipping through the office supply store parking lot to avoid the delay.  Not a bad idea really until you whip out in front of the turning truck to get into the adjacent grocery store lot.  These people have actual driver’s licenses?  Not that is scary.
  • Another creepy feeling is knowing there is someone – or a couple of someones – who would like your job when you leave.  Again – IN SEVEN MONTHS.  Not that I don’t enjoy the “So have they found someone for your job?” (Like I’d know that??) questions or the “When are you quitting again?” inquiries. Why don’t you just say, “Boy we’re going to miss you can I help you pack??”
  • I ran across this today:

         SCARY on sooooo many levels!

  • I think I shared about the squirrel who felt it necessary to continue to jump on our kitchen window screen and hang from it the other day.  That was slightly creepy. A rodent staring at you while you are doing the dishes.  Scarier still was that I’d shoo him off and he’d jump back on.  This went on for a while until the fella either gave up or decided to figure out another way into my home.  The next day I looked out onto our deck to see a fuzzy tail sticking out of my husband’s new grill.  Thankfully I just had a funny angle and the critter wasn’t actually in the grill. Yet.  I will admit for a moment I contemplated hitting the auto-ignite switch but then I decided the fur would make a big mess.  That evening I went to work with Cayenne Pepper and cooking spray on our deck and around the kitchen window. (Yes – this actually does keep squirrels away.) Yesterday I came home to discover this:

(No that isn’t a pumpkin with acne. It’s a gourd I bought because I thought he looked cooler than a plain pumpkin.)  The furry fiends have struck again!  Have I ever mentioned:

At this point I’m starting to get paranoid. I truly believe that these crafty rodents have decided their fluffy tails will disguise their true plot: taking over the world.  At the very least I’m now convinced that they are out to get me by either driving me completely insane or killing me outright. I’m serious.  If I ever turn up dead please check the squirrels in our yard for trace DNA evidence.   Or maybe the lady who is hounding everyone to find out how long it’ll take to clean up the blood so that she can move in.  Could go either way. 

Have a Safe and Fun Halloween Everyone!!


7 responses to “Truly Creepy Scary Stuff

  1. I hope that lady hasn’t been watching any of those crime shows or for that matter the squirrels!! But thanks to you, I’ll know what to look for now and I’ll clue the police in!!! LOL!! And yes, the picture of Honey Boo Boo and her mom IS the scariest!!

    • wedelmom says:

      Never thought of that – now I AM worried! 😉
      I truly do understand her excitement so I’m trying not to take it personally but it is a kind of crepy feeling.
      Honey Boo Boo and her crew scare me on several levels. How are these people famous? Sigh…..

  2. Squirrels are misunderstood little rodents. I’m sure they would be mortified if they knew that you actually thing they are plotting to hurt you. They probably just really want to be your friend. They want to keep your company (hence the screen climbing) and they wanted to help you “carve” your gourd (hence the teeth marks. They probably would have done a better job if you had lent them a knife). Next time you see your squirrel, open your arms and offer him a hug.

    • wedelmom says:

      Nice try – but I’m not buying it. I know that you have a special affinity for rodents so I’ll let you hug them for me. I do think they are cute – from a distance. A really long distance…

  3. by the way, I meant “think”, not “thing.”

  4. javaj240 says:

    Birds scare me far worse than squirrels, LOL!

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