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More Monday Musings

on November 5, 2012

It’s Monday so of course that means my head is spinning with way too many thoughts.  It’s almost as if my brain goes into hibernation for the weekend and then comes out a-cranking on Monday morning.  Okay so honestly my brain never really comes out a-cranking. At best it sputters and putzes along. I suppose that it can’t really ever go into total hibernation on weekends either because it still has enough function to cook, clean, do laundry, watch the Husker game and, this weekend, go visit my family.  At any rate I find myself musing again today.  It may be my natural self-defense against falling asleep.  Yeah…..that’s probably it.

  • I have long thought that I am very fortunate not to live in a “swing state” during an election year.  Nebraska is pretty much a “gimme” as for whom the majority will vote.  The interesting thing is that we are one of the few states which divide their electoral vote, something most national politicians over look.  That may have something to do with the fact that we only have 5 measly electoral votes.  It occurs to me today, however, that it might be fun to be a swing state.  All those people trying to “woo” you.  It would kind of be like being the girl all the boys want to take to the homecoming dance.  Yeah….that would be cool! Wait….Robo calls….never mind.
  • Speaking of robo calls: our house received not less than four of them this weekend.  (Not that I answered any of them.) While everyone assumes they know to whom our presidential vote will go, there is a hotly contested race for Senate in our state.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if I get one more call about the senate race I’m writing in “Neither because you have all now officially annoyed me.”  
  • Why isn’t there a “None of the above” choice on the ballot?  Oh….because “None” would win every time.  Right.
  • You can’t get on the internet without the latest poll results flashing in front of your eyes.  Really?  Can’t we just wait and see what happens tomorrow?  We need a bazillion polls to tell us what you think might happen?  Note to self: stay off the internet news.  Or the radio news.  Or the television news. Just avoid news today.
  • Is it Wednesday yet?
  • I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling restless because my life seems to be in a holding pattern.  It occurred to me this weekend (okay so my brain does function on the weekend) that holding patterns are a good thing.  They almost always occur to ensure that you will land safely. 
  • If there is not one other thing that has been good about waiting for 17 months before moving I hear it every day when my girls are together giggling and being silly.  They have become pretty good friends since school started.  That wouldn’t have happened if we’d have moved and left our oldest daughter here to live with our friends and finish school. 
  • There is a reason for everything whether I see it or not.
  • Daylight Savings Time is actually just a plot to screw up my internal clock twice a year.  No matter what the clock says there are still the same number of hours of daylight each day. Why must we make me this sleepy for two weeks out of the year while I adjust to the “new time”?
  • Some days there just isn’t enough coffee in the world to make me quit yawning.
  • It is impossible to stay annoyed at someone whose eyes sparkle. My boys are totally safe and they know it. The youngest proved it again this morning.
  • The rate at which people annoy me is proportionate to how sleepy I am.  Today isn’t a good day to cross me. Just warning you.
  • I wonder what all the news agencies will report on after tomorrow.
  • Is it Wednesday yet??

While I am not interested in endorsing one candidate or another I am encouraging you to exercise your right and celebrate your freedom to vote.  There are so many who are not so fortunate.


One response to “More Monday Musings

  1. javaj240 says:

    Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

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