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This Week’s Headlines #15

on November 9, 2012

I was so looking forward to the election ending this week. I thought there would be way fewer political headlines and  more fun things to find.  I forgot about the fact that we are going to have to analyze everything to death. Then we must predict what is going to happen now that the election is over.  After that we will talk about how what we thought would happen really did or didn’t happen after all.  It’s never ending really. In the midst of the still churning political headlines I saw an article about “Post-election Depression.”  Seems many people will be depressed because they have spent so much time anticipating the election they will now feel let down that it is over.  Really?  It isn’t over.  It’s just being presented in a new form.

I’ll start off with one “political” headline that I found interesting.

  1. “Virginia Cat Gets Thousands Of Votes In Senate Race” – Much more creative than writing in Mickey Mouse.
  2. “The Best Age To Be Single And Dating” – I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess any age over 16.
  3. “When To Refuse Your Year-End Bonus” – Isn’t there a saying about a gift horse.?
  4. “What Workers Want Most” – Days off.
  5. “How Facebook Could Be Making You Fat” – Now we’re blaming Facebook?  How about ‘How Facebook is the new excuse for being fat’? Get up from the computer and jog….come one people. Facebook is totally mobile.
  6. “Unusual Places To Pick Up A Date” –  Probation office springs to mind.
  7. “Kitchen Must-Haves” –   Aside from a stove, refrigerator and sink which distinguish the kitchen from any other room in the house, define ‘must have’.
  8. “New Workout Lets You Hit All Muscles In Five Minutes” – and the heating pad for twenty….
  9. “What To Know To Start Your Black Friday Preparations” – People are insane.
  10. “Glow In The Dark Roads” – Handy for those people without headlights.
  11. “How To Make The Gas In Your Car Last” – Park it?
  12. “21-year-old Imposter On High School Football Team” – Okay I understand not wanting to grow up but really?  Why would anyone want to go to high school longer? You couldn’t pay me to go back.
  13. “Poodle Cats Could Be The Next Big Thing” – Poodle cats?  I don’t even want to know how that happened.
  14. “Original ‘Star Wars’ Actor Open To Role In New Film” – The Geriatric Jedi?
  15. “Gifts No One Actually Wants” – Four words: ‘as seen on tv’.
  16. “8 Beauty Tips That Work While You Are Sleeping” – #1 – Plastic surgery….
  17. “The End Of An Era: Are Uggs Over” – One can only hope.
  18. “8 Topics To Discuss Before Deciding To Have A Baby” – #1 How attached are you to sleep? #2 How attached are you to money?….
  19. “Breastfeeding Baby Doll: Creepy or Groundbreaking” – I’m all for breastfeeding but I’m not sure you need to start practicing at age  2. I’m going to go with creepy….
  20. “Pro Cheerleaders Outfits Too Skimpy?” – Ummm….DUH!


7 responses to “This Week’s Headlines #15

  1. ~Rose says:

    See #5 a microwave… PLEASE!!! lol

  2. javaj240 says:

    Usually we agree, but I have to tell you that I love my Uggs…. LOL!

    Great stuff, as per usual!

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