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Some Days You Just Have To Shake Your Head

on November 14, 2012

I’ve come to the realization in life that I can let things irritate me into a bad mood or I can just shake me head and move on.  I try to choose the latter more often than not.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that people are amazing.  Amazingly funny.  If you take the time to step back and think about it for a while.  It seems I’ve been shaking my head a lot the last couple days.  I obviously live around hilarious people.  Yeah….we’ll go with that.

This morning as I was driving our younger daughter to school we witnessed one poor woman in a gray van almost get hit not once, but twice, by people changing lanes without looking.  Shaking my head I asked my daughter, “Did you see that?”  She nodded, “Yes.  That poor lady. I’d be afraid to drive down this street ever again.”  I grinned and nodded this time. “Kind of like watching bumper cars isn’t it?” Her turn to head shake, “Yeah but without the padding.  What is wrong with people??”   If I knew that my dear…..

Last week a lady I know asked me if I would be willing to do a cake for her mother’s 90th birthday. I am not trained nor am I amazing at it but I do enjoy doing things like that once in a while. I’ve done lots of cakes for this gal in the past.  Basically I let her know how much it costs me to make the cake and she gives me a little extra for my time.  No problem.  I help a friend and get a little spending money. Nice deal.  This time, however, when she came over to talk to me about what she wanted she had a new idea.  She thought I could just make a “9” shaped cake out of chocolate and a “0” shaped cake out of white – enough to feed 50 people each.  “That would be cool wouldn’t it?”  Sure….if you could find pans in those shapes and sizes.  Otherwise you have to cut the cakes a piece them together.  and then crumb coat them before you actually frost them. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever done that, she obviously hasn’t, but it  requires a ton of work. Particularly if you need enough to feed 100.  A lot more work than I am willing to do for the extra $10 I’m going to get for my efforts.  Although I think I kind of ticked her off I finally talked her into cupcakes arranged to make a  90 and simple sheet cakes to cut.  Yeah….I’m still shaking my head over that one.

This upcoming Sunday is the Thanksgiving dinner at our church. I dutifully put out a sign up sheet three weeks ago announcing that people needed to be signed up by last Sunday so that we could call numbers into the caterers. Simple enough right?  Three weeks to sign up.  Apparently not. I’ve worked here a long time so I kind of knew what was going to happen.  Sure enough right after I called the caterer Monday afternoon the phone rang.  Someone forgot to sign up.  Was it too late? Shaking my head I said no and added the family to the list.  I’d padded the number a little because I knew we’d have some last minute add-ons.  Tuesday morning, an e-mail and a phone call.  Today another e-mail.  All explaining how they just forgot because they have trouble remembering things or were in too big a hurry.  It isn’t too late is it?  Shaking my head I called the caterer back and upped the number while my sweet grandmother’s voice rang through my head, “There is nothing more rude than not RSVP-ing or being late.  It is like telling people that you believe your time and plans are more important than theirs.”  My grandma was right.

Last night my oldest daughter came home with a finger swathed in bandages.  I think I’ve mentioned that she is a “smidge” accident prone. (you can check out some of her amazing feats here.)  After I looked at her bandages and arched an eyebrow she began to quickly explain that she had somehow gotten hydrochloric acid on her finger during her AP Chemistry class and didn’t realize it until she came home for lunch and noticed her finger was all raw and red.    I looked at her and said, “Ouch. Well keep it covered. Do we have enough band aids?”  After she informed me we did have enough band aids on hand she mentioned that most normal kids come home from school and talk about their homework with their parents.  Shaking my head I asked her what planet she is on.  Most “normal” kids don’t take AP Chemistry or talk about homework with anyone.  The kid cracks me up. The part about this whole story that is perhaps most unsettling is the fact that her burning her finger with acid didn’t even really phase me much.  I guess I’ve been her parent long enough to know not to get too excited over anything so “minor”. Either that or I’m an uncaring boob.  Now I’m shaking my head at myself….


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