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Just When You Think You’ve Seen Every Craft….

on December 1, 2012

I taught children’s church, Sunday school and girl’s  clubs classes for many years and consider myself somewhat of a kids craft kind of person.  More specifically I know that part of Christmas means that you have to find some sort of craft for the children to make and take home to their parents.  Yes.  I am one of those teachers.  The more glitter you can include on a craft the better by the way.  I figure that I’ve spent years dealing with my own children’s Christmas treasures that it is only fair I pass along that experience with others.  For example: we have an ornament in our kitchen made from a Christmas bulb and a shellacked ice cream cone and lots of glitter.  I really didn’t think that one would make it too long seeing as how half of it is actually perishable food but there it is.  A 8-year-old ice cream cone hanging from the cupboard. YUM!  That was pretty creative I must say.  I also must say I am now afraid to eat an ice cream cone.  How long does that sucker stay in your stomach??  We have our share of puzzle piece wreath picture frames, pipe cleaner stars, angels made from spoons….you get the drift.  My house is a veritable kid Christmas craft utopia!  How could I not pass that gift along to the families of my students?

In my many years of teaching in churches I have run across my fair share of nativity crafts for Christmas.  There are the always popular toilet paper tube ones (because toilet paper tube crafts are a MUST for preschoolers.)


If you aren’t feeling the need to collect tubes you can always go for the simple Popsicle stick ornament. Actually they are now called craft sticks so you don’t really have to eat all the fudge bars to get the supplies for this craft.  I always liked that part of preparation honestly.


I personally had a penchant for pre-made craft kits because, well, I’m an underachiever.   I’ve made many crafts resembling this over the years. (In fact  we made this one!) Tis the season for craft foam and glue!


Yes,  I have served my time making seen my share of Christmas crafts but I must say I have never, ever, run across such a creative craft idea as the one my friend showed me this week.  Looks pretty cute doesn’t it? craftnativity

Then I looked at the page it was on:  Yes it’s a real page.  Yes that nativity is made totally of tampons.  Because nothing celebrates the season better than feminine hygiene products I always say.  Apparently someone has come up with all sorts of great crafts made from these little gems and created an entire web page of them.  You can make a tree top star an angel…even a menorah for those who celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas.  What inventiveness.  What creativity.  After my shock I must admit I was kind of impressed. It takes a special kind of mind to look at a box of those and think “Hey.  I bet I could make a nativity out of those!”  Special indeed. Martha Stewart has nothing on these folks let me tell you!

It’s a great reminder to me that there are some things that make me laugh – hard – but I’ll never quite get the mind that came up with them.  WOW!

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10 responses to “Just When You Think You’ve Seen Every Craft….

  1. That is absolutely hilarious!!! Thanks for letting me in on this special idea!!!

  2. Valerie says: LOL That tampon nativity is too funny!! 😀

  3. momshieb says:

    Something to do with all those “leftovers” after menopause perhaps? Yeesh. Glad that I didn’t have to explain those to my 8 year old!

  4. javaj240 says:

    It might be fun to make, but how would you explain it? LOL

  5. Mrs H says:

    that’s hilarious!!

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