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A Laugh, A Mug and A Tune

on December 6, 2012

Once again I find myself in the precarious position of having no brain energy left after a busy day at work. An actually busy day – not a busy work day.  A longish staff meeting followed by a trip to Walmart to pick up things for work may have had something to do with it.  Okay it has everything to do with it.  My brain goes numb at the threshold of that store.  Judging by many of the people I saw there today I’m convinced that it is a common problem there. Since I am afraid of what drivel might pour from my half-numbed brain if I try to explore any topic too deep I decided to take an “out” for today.

My friend posted this on Facebook last night:



Inappropriate? Perhaps but it made me actually “LOL” for several minutes.  I mean I belly laughed.  Out loud.  Really.  Since I have a kid in college and two kids in high school and I remain grand-childless I think I deserve a medal personally.  In all seriousness it is probably sad that this is so funny.  It is, however, true.  As much as I’d like to pretend we are still living in the 1950’s – we aren’t. I’m proud of my kids for staying true to themselves and what the believe. I’m also waaaaayyyyy to young to be a grandma. Just saying.

Next – my mug for today. Yes I did promise not to bore you with these every day.  I lied. Well I didn’t really lie.  I just didn’t plan ahead.  If I were more coherent today I’d have skipped this and written something…well….interesting.

mugThis little fella was given to me by my little fella.  He gave it to me the Christmas he was three.  My husband and I were directing the Children’s Ministries at our church during that time.  We had implemented a “Victory Store” for our children age 2 through grade 6.  Kids earned “victory bucks” to spend in the store which we opened once a month.  They got a certain amount for attendance, bringing offering, remembering the memory verse from the week before….you get the picture.  As Christmas season approached I stocked the “store” with all sorts of things that the kids could buy and give as gifts.  We reminded them to save their bucks and gave them more opportunities to earn more as Christmas approached.  We had older kids available to wrap the gifts for the kids to take home.  Our little J worked hard to earn and save his bucks so he could buy gifts for everyone.  I believe his father got a singing Christmas tie that year.  His siblings all got trinkets he thought they would like.  With eyes sparkling the way only his eyes can he stood by me as I opened his gift to me.  He was so excited.  After I exclaimed over how much I loved my new mug he told me confidently, “I knew you would Mommy.  You like that coffee stuff.”   I smile and think of those twinkley toddler eyes every time I use this mug.  They grow up way too fast.

Finally: the other night “Rudolph” was on television which means that Christmas has officially begun at our house.  I am all about claymation holiday movies. Seriously – love them.  One of my favorites is “The Year Without A Santa Claus”.  Not because it has such a great message or anything (it does but that isn’t why.) but because I LOVE these guys:

Told you I was twisted.



4 responses to “A Laugh, A Mug and A Tune

  1. Can you imagine a mug with the saying you found on Facebook??!!! I’m keeping my eyes open and seeing if I can find one for you!!! And I adore the story behind today’s coffee mug!! So cute!

  2. Janelle says:

    Aw, three-year-olds are the best. Love the story.

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