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Kids Quotes #14

on December 10, 2012


This weekend while baking cookies “Jingle Bells” began playing on the radio in the kitchen.  I was suddenly transported back in time to a similar scene several years ago.  That year Jakob ,  3 at the time, was sitting in the kitchen “helping” me when Jingle Bells started playing.  Suddenly he asked, “What’s a Bop Tail?”  In my head I was debating whether I wanted to explain that it was “bobtail” and what that meant exactly.  Every answer was followed with another question at that time in his life.  Before I could formulate my answer Brittnie, who was twelve and knew everything then, answered very matter of factly, “It’s BOB’S tail.  Bob is the horse’s name.”  J seemed satisfied and I didn’t have to explain docking horses tails so I let it go.  I still laugh every time I hear Jingle Bells though.

The girls were being girls and bickering. At one point Brittnie, 18,  looked at Lyndsie, 14, and said, “Geez. Hormones much? Eat some chocolate!” L’s retort: “You eat some chocolate!” Quietly from his chair poor 10-year-old Jakob said, “Why don’t you both eat some chocolate?”  It isn’t easy being the little brother some days.

Jakob was “negotiating” with me as usual. Me: “Please take your pile upstairs.” J: “Why don’t I just take it up when I go to bed.” Me: “Why don’t you just take it up now like I asked you?” J: “Why does it need to go up now?” Me: “Why don’t I just poke you in the nose?” J: “Hey! My nose is precious!”  He did get the message though and took his stuff upstairs.  Good thing.

Lyndsie had a particularly bad day at school one day and came home a bit cranky.  And snippy.  I must have raised my eyebrow at some point because Brittnie, who honestly believes that she never acts the same way said, “It’ll be okay Mom. She’s just been in a bad mood for about two years. She’ll grow out of it.”  Wisdom from the 18 year old.  Gotta love it.

Dropping Jakob off at school one morning I noticed he still had a ‘sleepy bug’ in the corner of one of his eyes.  Me: “Close your eyes for a second.”  He complied but I couldn’t reach the offending eye. Me: “Look at me.”  Jakob: “How am I supposed to look at you if my eyes are closed?”  Had me there didn’t he?

Another cold morning before school. J: “Is it really only 2 degrees outside?”  Me: “Yep.  I suggest you don’t dawdle while you walk in.” J: “Why do you hate me?”  Me: “Hate you? Because I’m taking you to school?” J: “Yes.” Me: “I’m just doing my job.I don’t hate you.  I don’t control the weather.” J: “Well I think that there should be a law that there is no school when the temperature  is under 20 degrees.”  He may have a point but I wonder if he knows just how many days of school he would miss in the winter.  Enough to take away summer vacation I’m sure.

Walking into the kitchen yesterday afternoon Jakob said to me: “Mom have I ever told you how wonderful you make things and how great Christmas is because of you.”  Me: “Trying to get a cookie?” J: “Yep.”  I wish he’d just ask but it wouldn’t be nearly as funny.  He’s my charmer.

We were watching “The Muppet Christmas Carol” as a family the other night.  Toward the end of the movie while Scrooge was pleading with the ghost of Christmas yet to come Lyndsie suddenly yelled at the television, “Oh for pity sake just go look at the tombstone so you can change so you can get on with your life already!!”  She doesn’t like other people’s drama obviously.  Just her own.

My girls were standing with me when one of my friends mentioned that she was getting a kick out of watching my husband and I flirt back and forth via Facebook.  Me: “Well we don’t see each other as much so we have to flirt somewhere.” Lyndsie: “Yeah it’s much better when they are like that on Facebook and not in person.” My friend: “Oh I think it’s sweet your parents still like each other that much.” L: “It is sweet I just don’t like it when they make noises.”  Now I knew what she was talking about (See here if you’d like to know)  but the look on my friend’s face before she said “Umm…T.M.I. Lynds” and the bright shade of purple that my child turned was one of my favorite things all week!

Dear God 9


9 responses to “Kids Quotes #14

  1. Kids say the darndest things. Your kids sound very bright, indeed. I like the “She’ll be in a bad mood for two years.” Advice from an 18-year-old. They know best, huh? I love that one!

  2. Valerie says:

    Haha, I especially like the chocolate and hormones conversatioin!! 😀

  3. Oh gosh! I can’t believe L said, “I don’t like when they make noises.” Oops! Oh well, we can’t be perfect and quiet parents ALL the time, right?

  4. Valerie says:

    Merry Christmas, you’ve been tagged!! 🙂 If you want to participate, you can check out this post:
    Have a great week! 😀

  5. Awww…Jakob is so sweet…even if he was just trying to get a cookie…I’m sure he meant it!! Cute post!

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