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Merry Christmas Blogging Friends

on December 24, 2012


I received this note and two cross stitched pictures from our oldest daughter (now eigthteen) last year.  I share it with you today as a reminder that it isn’t always about making sure that everything is “perfect” for your children for Christmas.  We never have. While our kids know beyond anything else that they are throughly loved, they have never gotten all the “best” gifts nor has our home ever been perfect. Our house is filled with love and laughter and the importance of spending time together.  Those are the things she remembers now. That’s what has made Christmas magical to her. I kept the note as a reminder for myself:  “magical” comes from the heart.

May your holiday be  “Magical” and filled all the things that make you happy: love, laughter and the ability to let not things be perfect.

Merry Christmas from our House to Yours!



3 responses to “Merry Christmas Blogging Friends

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I definitely needed to hear this today! First of all that is absolutely priceless! I can only hope someday one of my kids writes a letter like Britti did for you! Truly amazing! Yesterday, we got together with some friends and they bought Bency a present….a present that I’m sure Santa is going to be bringing him too only they got him the more deluxe version! With no time to rethink his gift and go shopping Santa is going to have to look like a cheapskate. My kids are well acquainted with non-deluxe things and sometimes I feel bad but you have proven by this letter it just doesn’t matter! Merry Christmas and may your house be filled with laughter!!

    • wedelmom says:

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I remember being in the same predicament as you one Christmas: Santa being a cheapskate. I’m sure it worked out and – hey – at least it was Santa and not you – right?? 😉

  2. Merry Christmas to you, too!! I agree those memories are about time spent with family and friends. Not about things. Have a great holiday!

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