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The Holiday Hangover

on December 26, 2012

It happens every December 26th: the holiday hangover.  No – not that kind of hangover. I’m talking about the “wow Christmas is over and I have to go back to work” hangover. The “really I have to get out of bed at a scheduled time?” hangover.  The “I can’t take a nap in the middle of the day” hangover.  The “they expect me to work and be productive?” hangover. Following me now? I woke up with a double dose this morning.  My hangover actually started kicking in last night.  My husband went back to work, I was tired and….well….the hangover started.  Fortunately my children saved me by suggesting we watch a movie.  That helped.  Until I started thinking about the fact that our oldest son was leaving this morning.  Yes I am my own worst enemy most of the time.  As hard as I try to concentrate on the good things I always have to take a tip-tow through the stuff I don’t like.  We had a wonderful weekend and Christmas together celebrating our final time in this house.  I savored it.  I enjoyed every minute.  I didn’t want it to end.  Enter hangover.

This morning as I drug myself to work I evaluated why it was that my mood had turned “south”.  Part of it is lack of solid sleep I believe.  Though I miss having our oldest son at home I cannot say that I am going to miss having his furry friend in our office/guest room.  The little hamster who chews.  On his metal water bottle.  All night.  Clang….Clang….clunk. Sigh.  Only a mother’s love kept me from relocating little Buck/Baxter/Buford/Beauregard (whatever his name is!) to the freezing garage.  Or encasing his cage in plastic.  I might have left an air hole.  Okay – no I wouldn’t have.  Noisy little rodent.  Those who have followed me for a while know of my deep love for all things rodent.  Obviously my love for my son is stronger.  Barely.  I don’t do well on less sleep than normal so waking to the sound of hamster for a few nights may be contributing to my hangover today.  Probably.

No less a contributing factor is that this may well be the deadest week of the year in our office.  I officially had all my work done for the week two hours after I arrived today.  Seriously.  The phone has yet to ring.  If my experience is an indicator it isn’t going to ring any time soon.  So here I sit.  In a quiet office with not much to do.  I’d rather be at home taking down Christmas decorations and doing all the laundry that I ignored this weekend.  I can’t start the end of the year things because…well…it isn’t the end of the year. So here I sit.  Hung over. I’m beginning to think we should have kept “Boxing Day” even after we won independence from Great Britain.  It’s brilliant really. Taking a holiday the day after a holiday. What were our forefathers thinking? My co-worker compared coming to work on the morning of  December 26th to the day after the zombie apocalypse.  Roads empty, lights off, halls desolate. Yeah.  Well at least I have company in my misery.  He’s stuck here too.

There are a few good things about a hangover however. The first is that I am not out with all the crazy people trying to snatch up after-Christmas bargains.  I just don’t have the patience or energy for that today.  Probably the most beneficial thing about hangover day is that at least I am not home where the leftover cookies are.  It’s easier to detox when you can’t see the object of your lust.  I’ve had enough junk food and sugar to last me until next Christmas.  Hey! That can’t be what is causing my hangover can it?  Nah…..



4 responses to “The Holiday Hangover

  1. Tonya says:

    I purposefully took this week off so that I could be home with my kids. So by noon, I’ve worked out, got supper started, the laundry going and then by 3pm I sit down to watch Dr. Oz because I’m finished w/any thing I needed to work on I’m as bored as can be and with my children no where around I found myself thinking…Maybe I should have worked today and made some money. lol

  2. Valerie says:

    Oh no. Sorry today was no fun at all at the workplace! This was our last hurrah because my husband goes back to work tomorrow. :/ And we start back with school tomorrow. Oops, perhaps I should’ve been doing lesson planning a little this week (or today, at the very least!)

  3. My husband had to go back to work today also. I agree with you and think there should be “a holiday after the holiday.” Everyone needs time to recover. Hope you bounce back quick, my friend!

  4. So funny! I actually wouldn’t have minded a job to go back to yesterday! I couldn’t stand looking at the state of our house! I just couldn’t sit and relax so I ended up cleaning all day…seriously…ALL DAY…that’s how bad it was! I can only imagine your relief at little hamster with the name beginning with “B” being gone!!! haha!!!

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