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Here Comes The Curve Ball!

I’m pretty sure by now I have mentioned a few hundred times that I am a woman who likes a plan.  I work at the plan…live the plan…the plan owns me.  As hard as I have tried to become more flexible and “go with the flow-ish” there is a significant part of me that turns to liquid when my plans get messed up.  You may now call me “water woman.” My very observant readers may have notice that the countdown on my sidebar has drastically changed today.  If you didn’t I’m going to guess you have now because you just looked. (That’s what I would have done.) If you have no idea what I’m talking about….hang on.  I’m going to explain the giant-sized, ain’t-no-way-you-saw-that-coming curve ball pitched at me this week, destroying “The Plan” and turning my life on its proverbial ear.  It’s not a bad pitch really.  I just didn’t see it coming.

In order for this to make perfect sense I have to back up a little. I apologize to my followers who have already heard this story. Skim this portion okay?   In October of 2011 my amazing husband took a job in a town located about an hour and a half south of where we currently live.  It was a great opportunity for him and it seemed foolish to pass it up.  Our problem was that our oldest daughter was into her junior year of high school and wasn’t interested (at ALL) in moving.  We conferred,  plotted, prayed and hashed out until we came to the conclusion that he would take the job and the children and I would remain where we are until after our daughter graduates from high school.  His schedule worked out to four days there and then four days home.  He stays with his parents who live near the town where he works on his days “on” and then comes home for his days off. Pretty easy right?  Until you add extra shifts.  And overtime.  And weather.  And the fact that we have been doing this for 15 long months.  I have discovered that I am not wired for single parenting.  (I’m not actually a single parent – he’s always reachable – but it feels like it when he’s gone.)  I have learned a lot about myself, life and what is important over these months.  It hasn’t been all bad.  It’s just been very long. Recently it began to feel longer and longer and….well… drudgery.  But we had a plan.  A goal.  I could live with it because there was a plan in place.  I could pep talk myself though it because I knew where we were headed.  Until a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago my husband received the information about the spring outage at the power plant where he is an operator. Without getting too boring detailed, the outage essentially is a time when they shut things down to fix them. It means my husband works six days a week.  It’s great money but we only see him for that one day and then he goes back.  We survived the four-week outage last fall so I wasn’t concerned about the spring one until I found out it will be eight weeks long this time. Eight weeks of him only being home one day a week.  Oh….and the days will run up until – literally – the day before our daughter’s graduation.  The graduation for which  I am supposed hold an open house and then begin packing the very next day so we can be out of our house in a week and a half.  Suddenly I was not only concerned,  I hit my breaking point.  I can do a lot of things but this all seemed to be too much.  I knew somewhere in my head it wasn’t going to work.  I looked at my husband and said, “I don’t think I can do this any more.”  That’s what the curve ball set itself in motion.  My moment of coming to the end of my rope and realizing that my bloodied hands were about to slip off.  It turns out my husband was losing his grip on his rope also.  So were our kids.  It was most decidedly time to re-evaluate “The Plan.”   So that is what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks: Re-evaluating, exploring options, talking through things.  Without boring you with all the gory details of the very long story of our past few weeks I will tell you that the consensus was that it is just time to move.  The details of how we were going to do that were a little more tricky to plan out.  Seemingly impossible. I was ready to concede back to the original Plan. Then….BAM!  This week things lined up and the curve ball was pitched.

Now instead of moving the end of may we are set to move March 9th.  Our oldest daughter will live with some friends until she graduates.  While that makes my heart hurt I also know she is ready and it is only for 9 weeks. We get her back for the summer before she leaves for college.  We don’t have a house but we are fortunately will be able to stay in my grandparent’s house on my parent’s property until we can find what we want.  I don’t have a job yet but now I will be in the area and I can explore my options more thoroughly without the pressure of having to secure an income so quickly. We’ve been given a gift.  The gift of rest and refreshing and the time to do things the way we’d like to do them.  A few months ago if you would have told any of us that this is the direction we were going to head we would have laughed at you.  It wasn’t in The Plan after all.  Today this just seems like a better plan.  My notice has been given, the younger kids’ schools contacted and things are in motion.  No turning back now.

For the last few days I have gone from being wildly excited to completely overwhelmed depending on the moment.  My head is swimming with the million things that need to be done, both at my job and at our home, before we leave.  My heart is beating a happy tune at the thought of finally – FINALLY – moving back “home.”  My countdown counter went from 122 days to 43 in a matter of moments. My posts may (and probably will) become a bit sporadic in the next few weeks.  If you don’t hear from me fear not.  I am most likely buried in a sea of moving boxes or paperwork or busyness or last minute check-listing. I might be sitting in the middle of my floor crying depending on the day.  I’m going to guess both things will happen in the course of the next month but I’m okay with that.  I’m learning to just work the plan that is in front of me and know that it may change. What I’ve learned this week is this:

Curve balls can mess with your mind and are not easy to hit but if you connect with one chances are high that you’ll knock it out of the park.

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Another Wednesday – More Wondering


I’m seriously beginning to wonder how much longer my sanity (well – what sanity I have) is going to hold out.  I feel like I have been running the never-ending race at both work and home for several weeks now so it really is no wonder that I can’t seem to find the time or gray matter to pull together a coherent paragraph.  The amazing (yeah….we’ll go with amazing) part about my twisted mind is that when I am tired and have tons of things on my mind the more I find myself wondering about the strangest things. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse from here ….but I’ll tell you more about that later.  For now I’ll give you a glimpse at the things running through my over-crowded thoughts.

  1. Is there anything on the planet more annoying than someone who talks to you – an adult – like you have brain damage or are a toddler?  I may act as if I have brain damage from time to time but – really? Knock it off!
  2. Why is it that the people who seem to hold others to the highest standards never seem to hold themselves to the same standards? That may be more annoying than #1 now that I think about it.
  3. Why do people think they are free to give you an opinion you neither A – asked for or b – want?  If I want to hear what you think I’ll rattle your cage – ok?
  4. Am I the only one who sees a pair of shoes dangling from an electrical line and immediately looks down to see if there is a body nearby? Or at least a spot?  How do those things get up there anyway?
  5. Do people really think the answer “Well ‘grammar check didn’t catch it’ means it is actually correct?
  6. When the temperature drops below 15 degrees (F) why don’t they just simplify it by posting the temperature as “Not fit for humans”?  Do we really need to know the details?
  7. Do my kids really think I was just born old?  I had a life….long ago….before you were born.
  8. Is it really necessary to list “drowsiness and fatigue” as side effects for a sleeping pill? Doesn’t that mean it’s working? And do people really need to be told not to operate heavy equipment after taking one?  That scares me on levels I don’t even want to consider.
  9. Does anyone else read those lovely testimonials of human kindness floating around that were supposed to have happened at say…. Walmart…and think “Yeah right.  I wonder how much they paid an employee to write that?” No? I’m the only cynic here really? Hmmmm…..
  10. Why do people start conversations with, “Got a minute?”  Like I’m going to say no?  What I really want to say is “One minute exactly….GO!” and start timing them.


And just because I don’t want to let this go yet…..


Can They Pull Your Mom Card?




I truly did used to believe that saying.  While I’d like my kids (and their friends) to think I’m cool it isn’t my life goal.  I figure they’ll figure it out eventually just like I did.  No I have never been interested in being friends with my children but I always thought I was a pretty good mom.  Until last week.

Dropping of our son at school last Wednesday I told him I would be there after school to pick him up.  You see Wednesday is the day our local school district has chosen for the children to dismiss at 2pm so that the teachers can have meetings.  Meetings that every teacher I have ever talked to hates.  When they started the weekly meeting thing they dismissed the students at 2pm on Friday.  From a parental stand point that isn’t so bad. I mean who can be annoyed by a bonus weekend hour?  Why they moved it to Wednesday is beyond me but I suspect it had something to do with teachers taking a bonus weekend hour also.  Who can blame them?  At any rate Wednesday is the day my kids get out early every week. You’d think I would remember that after two years.  It is just a weird day for an early dismissal if you ask me.  Of course no one at the administration office asked me.  Or any other parent in the district as far as I can tell but I digress.

We don’t live very far from our son’s school so normally he walks home from school unless the weather is bad.  This is especially true on Wednesdays since I don’t get off of work until 3pm. Since the high last Wednesday was 10 (F) and the wind was blowing 20 – 30 miles an hour making the wind chill below zero I deemed the day as a “bad weather” day. (For my warm climate friends wind chill is just like heat index…except you need more clothes.) I worked through my lunch hour so that I could leave early to pick him up.  The plan was in place and working well until the phone rang right as I ready to walk out the door. As a result I arrived about seven minutes late.  Our son was not where I pick him up.  Nor was he waiting with the crossing guard across the street.  I decided he had probably given up on me and started walking home so I drove the path to our house.  Still no son.  Odd.  Maybe they kept him at school because I wasn’t there on time.  I drove back to the school to the door where they gather the children of tardy parents.  Nope.  He wasn’t in that group.  Maybe he walked up a different street.  I drove that.  No sign of the boy.  Okay. Maybe I was later than I thought and he’d made it home already. I drove to our house.  No one home.  By this time my mother’s heart was wildly beating. Where could he be?  I got back in my vehicle and started out of the garage. As I turned into the street I spied his Denver Broncos stocking hat walking around the corner.  WHEW!  He claimed that he hadn’t heard me tell him I would pick him up.  Next time I’m going to make him repeat it back to me.  (Of course he still might forget.) As I fixed hot chocolate to thaw him out he explained to me that he always walks a different route with one of his friends on Wednesdays. A route that goes right up one of the main streets in our town.  The same street I drove down to get to the school.  You’d think that I, the child’s mother, would have seen him.  Nope.  I must have driven right by him.  Relieved that he was ok and none the worse for his frigid trip and feeling somewhat like a neglectful mother I posted to Facebook that I had finally lost one of our kids.  With four children it was bound to happen eventually.  And then my sister-in-law commented and reminded me that this, in fact, was not the first time I have lost a kid.  I lost our youngest daughter several years ago. One of the scariest days of my life.

For several years we went on an annual school shopping trip with my husband’s mother and sister. It was great fun and a great blessing to me and my girls loved it.  Well….the youngest loved it until she got tired of shopping.  Our oldest daughter never in her life has gotten tired of shopping but our youngest….well….she was four at the time.  What can you expect really.  Stopping in one last store before calling it a day I told my somewhat whiny tired daughter to be patient for just a little while longer and we’d stop and get a treat.  She wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of another store but she drug herself along, dreaming of her treat.  Sifting through some racks with my sister-in-law my mother in law walked up with our oldest daughter and asked if we were about ready.  Sure.  We were tired to. As we gathered to go we all noticed our youngest daughter wasn’t standing there.  I thought she’d been with her grandma.  Her grandma thought she was with her mother.  She wasn’t with either.  We walked around softly calling her name.  No response.  I got nervous.  More searching and louder calling.  Still no daughter.  My mother-in-law went to have a store employee page her.  No daughter.  I was near tears when my oldest daughter called out gleefully, “Found her!”  With relief washing over us I looked to where my daughter was pointing.  There propped up against the center of a clothes rack fast asleep and now just waking up was my curly red-headed little spitfire, her legs short enough you couldn’t see her unless you crouched down and looked under the clothing.  She looked at me, blinked twice, and said, “What?”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…whether to scold her or tell her how much I love her.  I decided to tell her how much I love her first and save the scolding for later.  That was perhaps the longest few minutes of my life.  And I had forgotten about it until last week when I lost one of our kids….AGAIN.

While I’ve always figured I’d never be nominated for mother of the year I still kind of always saw myself as a good mom.  Now I am now kind of worried that I might just win the title, ‘Woman most likely to misplace her children’ and  I’m wondering: can they pull your “mom card”??






This Week’s Headlines – #26


Once the dust settled from Monday’s inauguration and all those fascinating articles drifted to the back of my internet news browser (Does anyone really care who designed anyone’s clothes? Yes – I know. The designers care.) and everyone decided they really don’t care if a football player from Notre Dame lied about a girlfriend there were some really great news tidbits this week. Happy Friday Friends!

  1. “Don’t Talk About Your Love Life Here” – please let this article be about Facebook.  Oh please oh please oh please!!
  2. “Annual ‘Food-Porn’ List Published” – What list???? I don’t even want to know the qualifications for this one.
  3. “Woman Crashed Train Into House” – How close to the train tracks does the house need to be for this to happen? Talk about living on the wrong side of the tracks.
  4. “Robot Baby Expresses Human Emotion” – Ah yes….but it still has an “off” button.
  5. “Giant Goldfish Caught” – How in the world did he escape his bowl?
  6. “Michael J. Fox Would Not Approve Of Son Dating Swift” – Well what parent in their right mind would?  I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t enjoy listening to my son being trashed by a bitter person.
  7. “Teacher Has Phobia Of Kids” – That ought to be a fun classroom.
  8. “Do Your Clothes Send The Wrong Message?” – Now that would depend. If the message is “it is really really cold out” – then no.
  9. “8 Medication Mistakes Parents Make” – #1 – Buying “non-drowsy”…..
  10. “Could You Beat This Ex-NBA Bench Warmer?” – With what? If it’s on a long enough stick so I can reach his head – you bet.
  11. “10 Things Never To Say To Your Boss.” – #1 – “That isn’t my job.”  #2 – “Wow. You look cranky today.” #3 – “What does the handbook say about mental abuse?”….
  12. “Bucket Burglar Caught” – Oh I am so relieved. I can take my buckets out of the safe now.
  13. “Men Take On Excruciating Pain Of Child Birth” – They are kidding right?  I don’t care what they do to simulate it, if you don’t have the correct parts it isn’t the same thing.  Quit trying to make them “get it.”
  14. “Woman In Photo Speaks” – I bet that startled someone! “My wallet is talking….”
  15. “U.S. Not In Top Ten Happiest Most Prosperous Countries” – This is news?  Look around. Not hard to figure out.
  16. “Cold Weather Style Tips” – Layers. Layers. Layers.
  17. “What Americans Lose By Sitting In Traffic” – Their minds? Duh.
  18. “NASA Beams Mona Lisa To The Moon” – Museum get tired of paying for security? Well I guess no one will steal her there.
  19. “Bank Informs Man He Passed Away” – Do you ever feel like you are always the last one to know things?
  20. “Annoying Parenting Tips” – Wait…are those tips that are annoying, tips from people who are annoying or tips about how to be an annoying parent? I’ve got the last one covered.  And the first two now that I think about it….

And some days it is all about the words we chose to use…..


Oh My Word – They Are Watching!

Just two days ago I confessed my hidden hoarding problem.  If you missed it you can read about it here.  Today I came home to discover this outside my home:

garbagecansYes – that is a truck loaded with dumpsters. Is there a new reality show called “Smile, You’re on Hidden Hoarders?” or “Surprise Hoarder Intervention”??? How did word get out that fast??  Wow – blogging really does put you out there doesn’t it?  Now I’m paranoid……great!


–I usually don’t double post on one day, but this was too funny not to share.



I’m Versatile! Who Knew?


Imagine my delight when I logged on today to discover that sweet Valerie at  Atlantamomofthree nominated me for the Versatile Blog Award.  Though I had something else in mind today I decided to post this lovely acceptance and nomination blog today…..before I forget…..which I do  a lot…. especially if I don’t write it down or get it on my phone task pad.  (I swear if I ever lose my phone I won’t know where to go or who my friends are. Seriously.)  This might explain why Valerie hasn’t received a post card from me for her postcard blog.  I keep forgetting to put it on my shopping list.  The one on my phone.   If I were truly versatile I would carry both a paper list and the one on my phone.  I’ll work on that.  In the mean time I appreciate the nomination and shout out from a truly lovely blogger.  Check out her blog which really is versatile and one of my favorites.  She is one of those women who honestly lives her faith.  I love that!

Okay – on to business – before I forget….

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Nominate other blogs for the award.
  3. List 7 random things about you.
  4. Put the award pic on your acceptance post

1 and 4….check!  Now to tackle the center of the award.

Now for the nominations.  I always struggle with this because there are so many great blogs and I follow and love many of them. I am going to try to limit myself to a few that I feel fit the definition of versatile.  Well….my definition of versatile.

Motherhood Is An Art – is one of my favorites.  I look forward each day to this great lady’s offering.  You never know if you are going to get a craft idea, a sweet memory or a funny anecdote from daily life.  I feel like I have been invited to be a part of this family.  Love it!

Behind The Mind’s Ear  – is married to the lovely lady above.  Fairly new to blogging he has already tackled a variety of thoughts and linked them all to GREAT music.  He recently divulged that he may have a dark side….I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

The Return Of The Modern Philosopher – I recently discovered this blog and it quickly became one of my favorites.  This truly gifted screenwriter shares his “deep thoughts” which will have you laughing until you can’t breathe. No subject is off limits to his quick wit and hilarious spin.  Great fun!

Post Departum Depression – is another of my long time favorites.  This wonderful teacher shares not only her life as she adjusts to her empty nest but her passion on a variety of issues.  Great reading – great blog – great lady!

Ambling & Rambling – is another favorite. You never know what this Jersey-girl is going to share but you can be sure she’ll tell it like it is.  A delightfully real look at life from a delightful lady.

The Embiggens Project – is one of the first blogs I found and remains one of my all time favorites.  This wonderfully crazy woman may be the closest thing I’ve ever found to a kindred spirit. You never know what subject she will tackle in her blog but you can bet that you will laugh until you hurt.  I have no idea where she finds her material but I’m so glad she shares it!

Finally – seven random things about me.  How hard can that be? I’m pretty random.

  1. I have very little feeling on the ball of my right foot. While on a camping trip to celebrate my 6th birthday I ran, barefoot, through the remains of the previous night’s campfire.  I distinctly remember blowing out the candles of my Holly Hobby cake while my foot was in a bucket of ice.
  2. I collected Smurf paraphernalia while in junior high and high school.  I have no idea where it all went because I left it when I moved out. (Bad kid.) My daughters recently made me a  fleece blanket with Smurfette on it. Best. Gift. Ever.
  3. My sister and my husband’s sister both played the flute.  Our oldest daughter plays the flute.  My husband and I both played the trumpet.  Our youngest daughter plays the trumpet. (You’d think we could have saved at least one of those instruments wouldn’t you??)  Our youngest son recently announced that he wants to play the trombone.  Guess what my brother played?  I have no idea why our oldest son chose the bass guitar.  No genetic connection there.
  4. I loved the cartoon Grape Ape when I was little.  As a result my favorite color was purple and I would only chew grape gum, drink grape pop, eat grape Popsicles…you get the drift.  I still have an affinity for grape juice.
  5. My paternal grandfather belonged to an old-fashioned  Muzzeloader’s  club. He believed that each of his grandchildren should learn how to shoot one so he taught us. (Except for my sister maybe.  I’m not sure how she got out of that.) I still have the handmade seed bead “native american” necklace I won for taking first place in the 8-12 year old division of the one and only tournament I went to with him.  (Yes – that was the last time I fired a gun.)
  6. I have to sleep with a blanket covering the bottom half of my ear.  I blame my mother who to this day runs around and covers nappers with blankets – up to the center of their ear. (I think I shared this in a comment somewhere….is that cheating?)
  7. Don’t ever say the words, “Tomorrow is another day.” to me or you will spend the next hour listening to quotes from “Gone With The Wind“. I scare myself sometimes….

I think I got it all so I’m off to notify my fabulous nominees!  Before I forget……



Wednesday Wonderings – Take 3

Three weeks in a row….this may be starting to be a trend.  I hate to say “habit” because that tends to have a negative connotation.  Particularly if you have an obsessive addictive personality like mine.  I never tried drugs because I know myself too well to think I can experiment with something and walk away.  (Please – after one game of Bejewled 3 I had to download it and have wasted more hours than I care to admit playing it.)  The other reason I’m hesitant to call this a habit is because the idea was birthed from the fact that I was running a day behind.  I wouldn’t want to get in the habit of being a day late and a dollar short.  Wait…..have I already done that?  Maybe. Okay….yes. But I always have good intentions. While I’m thinking about that:

  1. Why is it that people think they can make everything better by saying “I didn’t intend for that to happen.” or “That wasn’t what I meant to do.”?  That doesn’t change the result or the damage that was done.  I may not have intended to hit something with my car when I got in it this morning but that isn’t going to make my bill at the body shop any less expensive.
  2. Why do some people think it is okay to bash their spouse, or their spouses gender in general, on social media sites? Please. If your “significant other” did that to you it would restart the cold war.  Unless you are actually in Jr. High – knock it off!
  3. Why does the street department in my town think it’s a good idea to spray de-icer on the top of a half-inch of snow – when it is ten degrees outside? Do they not notice that all that does is make ice?  Just leave the snow alone.  We can handle it.
  4. Why do people lose their minds when white stuff is falling from the sky? Seriously people – this is Nebraska.  It snows here.  Learn to drive in it or move.
  5. How many times can a ten year old say, “Hey Mom?” in a ten minute period?  I think I should nominate mine for a world record.
  6. Why is it when you are up to your elbows doing something someone needs your attention right away?  And why do they always ask, “Are you busy?”   Ummm… I’m just pretending.
  7. Does anyone else have to practically sit on their hands to keep from correcting people’s Facebook posts?  Or posting something to the effect of “Once and for all friends: People are ‘who’ or ‘whom’ NOT ‘that’ or – heaven forbid  – ‘which’! (Even if you are talking about someone upon whom you wish a house would fall!)”  Don’t even get me started on their, there and they’re.
  8. Why do people think I know (or care) who is going to take my job when I leave?  Replacing myself isn’t part of my job.  Really.
  9. Why do the four days that my husband is gone for work seem a lot longer than the four days he is home?
  10. Do companies really think that saying “Thank you for your patience” every once in a while really makes you less annoyed when you are on eternal hold? The least you could do is play some good music…..



Confessions of a Hypocritical Hoarder

embarrassed-chimpThere was a time in my life when I considered becoming a professional organizer.  Seriously.  I just think that way so it seemed like it might be a good profession for me.  I am not typically a “keeper.”  The general rule at our house is that if it doesn’t fit or you haven’t used or worn it for a year it needs to go out the door.  I like things to be neat: a place for everything and everything in its place. (Yes you may start to feel sorry for my family now.)  Then I started watching episodes of Hoarders on A&E and decided I wasn’t “called” that direction.  I haven’t got enough patience to be that nice to people.  I also have a fairly low gag reflex.  Yeah.  I couldn’t walk into some of those places.  So I set aside my grand dream of professional organizing and continued to watch the show, fascinated by how crazy (and gross) people are about keeping their stuff.  It’s just stuff – right?  That’s what I always thought in my analytical little brain anyway until  this past weekend.  That’s when I discovered that I may, in fact, be a hoarder.  And maybe a hypocrite. Wow!

As I have mentioned compulsively  a few times I have been going through our belongings and downsizing as much as possible before our move this spring.  This weekend was another “sort and purge” weekend at our home.  We successfully attacked my husband’s side of the closet and removed a 33 gallon trash bag full of clothes for donation. My mantra to him was, “If you aren’t going to wear it then get rid of it.”   We finally got rid of the dress clothes that have been hanging there from twelve years ago when he had an “office job.”  Out the door. Yeah! I discovered my husband doesn’t like crew neck sweatshirts – who knew?  Well….I guess he knew.  He just never said anything.  We sorted and tossed and bagged.  Then I turned my attention to my side of the closet.  I am usually pretty good about getting rid of stuff that I no longer wear so I was confident that this would be a quick job.  Since losing weight I had already gotten rid of a lot of my clothes.  As I was sorting my husband looked at me and said, “Why are you keeping that sweater?”  I responded, “This is a great sweater.”  His reply, “It is a great sweater.  It is also at least two sizes too big for you now.”  Busted.  I’m a hypocrite.  The more I looked I realized that I had been keeping back some of my “big” clothes….you know…just in case I decided to go on a binge and gain that fifty pounds back.  After my husband’s reassuring, “Honey it has been two years.  You aren’t going to gain the weight back” speech I let that sweater go.  And some other “fat clothes” I had hidden in the back.  I am happy to say they are all gone now.  Mostly.  Who in their right mind gets rid of a really warm cozy sweatshirt that is three sizes too big?  That’s like heaven on your back.

Later that day I decided it was time to go through my collection of cake pans.  I used to love to decorate cakes when I had the time but I just don’t have much time any longer.  I knew in my head that I needed to get rid of some of those pans. We are downsizing after all.  As I started in on the shelves I discovered pans that I used for my kids: Pooh, Blue’s Clues, Barbie, A Bug’s Life, Tweety, Wall-E….you get the drift.  Suddenly my head was full of images of my children when they were young and their excitement over their  cakes.  Here are a few memories:

Youngest Daughter Lyndsie with her Teddy Bear Cake

Youngest Daughter Lyndsie with her Teddy Bear Cake


Oldest Daughter Brittnie and her Tweety cake.

Oldest Daughter Brittnie and her Tweety cake.

Oldest son Erik with his Flick Cake

Oldest son Erik with his Flick Cake

Youngest son, Jakob, with Wall-E

Youngest son, Jakob, with Wall-E

Before you ask – yes those really are two different boys. (Scary – isn’t it?)  And – no – I have no idea why I don’t have a picture of our oldest daughter with a cake.  I made her a Blue’s Clues Cake 3 times for her 5th birthday. (One for school, one for her family party and one for her friend party.  Yes.  I was nuts.)  There has to be a photo of that some where. **UPDATE – I couldn’t find Blue’s Clues but I did find Tweety!  YAY!

As I was standing in our storage room staring at those pans my husband walked in.  Instantly he understood my mother’s heart dilemma.  “You know,” he said, “You could save those.  We might have grand kids some day.”  He threw me a life line. Whew!  Okay.  I packed those. Who cares if my grandchildren won’t know who Wall-E was? They might need a cake some day!   I moved on to the pans that used to belong to my grandmother.  Surely it would be easier to purge some of those.  And it was.  At first.  And then I stumbled across this:


and this:


Suddenly I remembered the cakes that my grandmother made for my younger cousins in these pans.  And the cakes she made for me in different pans.  I remembered birthday parties and family and fun.  Suddenly I couldn’t get rid of these pans that are connected to my childhood.  At the very least I should offer them to my cousins’ wives but I don’t even think I am going to do that.  Nope.  I’m going to pack them in a box and some day make a Bert and Ernie or Cookie Monster cake for a grandchild.  Yep. That’s what I’m going to do.  Yep. I’m a hypocrite.  I intend to find a group for cake pan hoarders soon so that I can join.  I kind of understand where they are coming from now.



This Week’s Headlines #25


It’s Friday. Fabulous Friday! My favorite day of the week.  For me Friday means a half day of work and a few “kid free” hours. This week it means a NAP! (It’s been one of those weeks both in and out of work.)   My other favorite part of Friday is this post.  Even though it’s been a crazy week and it wasn’t an easy task picking through headlines about gun reform and doped (insert gasp of sarcastic amazement here) cyclists, here is this week’s offering. Enjoy!

  1. “Not Quite Ready To Retire? How To Get An ‘Encore Career’ ” – Are they kidding?  Who asks for an encore of something that stunk to begin with?
  2. “Man Crashes Car Into Pizzeria” – Don’t they deliver?
  3. “What’s In ‘Secret Sauce’?” – There are just some things we are better off not knowing.
  4. “Argue Like A Grown-up” – I’m going to guess sticking out your tongue and calling someone a doody-head isn’t encouraged.  Bummer.
  5. “Home Upgrades That Are A Waste of Money” – I used to think heated toilet seats would fall in this category but this winter might be changing my mind.
  6. “Lies To Quit Telling Yourself By Age 30” – ‘You can totally rock those skinny jeans.’
  7. “Dog Mistaken For A Lion” – Well the similarities are endless.  No wonder….
  8. “NFL Player Finds a Dumb Way To Get Arrested” – As opposed to finding a smart way to be arrested.  That’s so much better.
  9. “Where The Flu Virus Hides” – Everywhere.  And I don’t think it is hiding.
  10. “Dumb Dieting Ideas” – Where would one even start this article? And why?  People don’t need help being dumb.
  11. “What’s Getting More Expensive in 2013?” – Everything?
  12. “Ten Ways To Make Yourself Look Older” – Wait – on purpose?  Why would I do that?
  13. “Essential Item For Eyes” – Tears?  I hate dry eyes.
  14. “New Life For Jimmy Hoffa Murder Mystery” – Oh my word – let it DIE already! It isn’t like this was a great guy and society was worse off without him.
  15. “New Surround Sound Coffin” – Please. I don’t even have surround sound in my family room.  (But as a note to my family – if you are going to do that be sure to get the 55″ flat screen to go with it okay. )
  16. “It’s No Mistake – You’re Paycheck Is Smaller” – Now that is a matter of opinion.
  17. “The Top Four Reasons You Are Frustrated At Work” – #1 – People.  #2 – People.  #3 – People….
  18. “75 Things Men Don’t Know About Women” – Someone actually started a list?  And it only went to 75?
  19. “GPS Chips On Pill Bottles” – They want to track you by your meds now?  Perfect. Assuming you carry your prescription in your pocket.  If it’s my prescription it’s going to look like I never leave my bathroom.
  20. “Horsemeat  Found In Burgers ‘Completely Unacceptable’ ” – Ya think?!?!  Unacceptable?? Let’s try “May be the most disgusting thing ever.”

Have a great weekend my friends.  I leave you with this great piece of news :


Wednesday Wonderings – Act 2

I am aware that just last week I clearly stated I wasn’t committed to posting my “wonderings” every Wednesday but, wouldn’t you know it, today there are yet more things that I just can’t seem to find an answer for running amok in my head and crowding out intelligent thought.  Perhaps by sharing them all I will clear my head and once again return to my normal sane intelligent self.  Quit laughing. It could happen.

First things first: I neglected to mention in my post yesterday that the thoughts inspiring that post came after reading a wonderful new blog Behind The Mind’s Ear.  The husband of one of my favorite bloggers, Motherhood Is An Art, mindbender has just begun to blog and is already one that I look forward to reading each day. (The fact that he always adds great music to each post may have something to do with it.)  Check him out – you won’t be sorry.  I wonder why I forgot to do that yesterday…..

On to today’s craziness.

  1. After going to see  “Lincoln” with my husband (highly recommend it by the way), why was I so quiet and sad on the ride home? It isn’t as if I didn’t know how it was going to end.
  2. Does anyone else have to fight the urge to say something completely juvenile when your kids ask a stupid question?  For example: child – “Have you seen my fill-in-the-blank”  Me – “Of course I have seen it.  I bought it for you.”
  3. Why do kids think mothers run around at night and hide their stuff?  Do they really think that I don’t have anything better to do with my time? Please.  Half the time I am in bed before my teenagers are.  I’d have to set my alarm to go off earlier in order to accomplish the great hide-and-seek game they think I’m playing.
  4. Where in my son’s upbringing did I miss the part where I teach him that the very worst thing he can do is nod his head in response to my statement, “I’m turning into an old lady”?   How did I not convey to him that the proper response is to hug me and say, “You aren’t old Mom – you just work really hard and are tired.”  It’s a really good thing he’s cute.
  5. How fair is it that my awesome husband who committed to being more conscious about eating healthy lost five pounds in a week?  I have to sweat, strain and starve to lose five pounds.  sigh….
  6. Have you ever noticed the tiny print at the bottom of diet plan ads that say “Results Not Typical”?  Why don’t they use “typical” results? Wouldn’t that be more honest?
  7. Why did visions of the television show “Hoarders” fly though my head today at the store when the lady ahead of me was checking out with eight giant bags of cat food?   She may just be a nice old lady who feeds all the neighborhood cats.  Okay….the smell may have given it away, but….
  8. Do you ever wonder what the homes of the “extreme cleaning specialists” and “organizers” look like from day-to-day?  Do you suppose they have maids to do their housework while they are out cleaning other people’s homes?
  9. Why is it that when you step forward to put something in your shopping cart after check out that some people take that as the sign to push their cart further forward in the checkout line?  Ummmm…..I still need to get to the credit card reader….
  10. The Burger Kings in our town are both remodeling to the new “sophisticated” look.  Do they think that this is going to make the food healthier?  Or taste better for that matter?