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Predictions For The New Year

on January 2, 2013


The new year has been rung in and replacing the “Year In Review” articles flooding my internet news browser are the “What Will 2013 Bring?” articles. Yesterday and today I have seen all sorts of predictions based on what the scientists and “experts” think is headed our way in the coming year. They want us to be informed. Really.  One of my friends posted this article  on social media which prompted an in-depth conversation about the upcoming spike in milk prices.  More accurately: the possibility of a spike in milk prices.  There is nothing like a good old foreboding article written by a doomsday-er prematurely to start a lively discussion about how bad things are going to get.  Not only were we headed over the fiscal cliff, a dairy cliff loomed as well and the predictions were that no deal would be reached on either proposal.    I am happy to report that all my lactose tolerant friends can breathe a sigh of relief.  The dairy price problem has been fixed.  So was the other one. Sort of. Despite the predictions to the contrary. Yeah…..maybe predictions aren’t so scientific.  Or needed.  With that in mind I decided to throw out a few predictions of my own.  Yes I know it’s already the second day of the year and I’m a day behind  but, hey, better late to predict than never right??  I promise not to predict anything about yesterday.  That would be cheating.

My Predictions For 2013

  1. The sun will rise and set every day this year.  You may not be able to see it through the clouds, but it will still be rising and setting. “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” (Thank you “The Santa Clause”)
  2. People will continue to invent revolutionary products and sell them to us for a low low price on television. They will even double our order if we call now.  I know this seems like a bold prediction in light such breakthroughs as  “The Ear Vac” and The Lint Lizard, but someone will come up with something even better than a tiny vacuum for ear wax and lint.
  3. The earth will continue to rotate on its axis.  Whether portions of it will be warmer of not I will not say but I guarantee you it will still be spinning and orbiting.  No wonder I get motion sickness so easily.
  4. There will be at least five new reality television series started this year.  That’s probably a pretty low prediction if you think about it.  Somewhere producers will find more people who make us feel better about ourselves by the mere fact that we aren’t as crazy as those people on television.  They’ll keep making them and we’ll keep watching them. (Note: that is the imperial “we”. I’m not implying that any of my friends and fellow bloggers would watch reality TV.)
  5. There will be a new heir to the throne born in Great Britain. There will also be a new Kardasian and Simpson.  (Yes – I’m cheating. So what? If you think about it all I am really doing is looking at “indicators” available to me.)
  6. People will continue to post, bicker and fight with each other over political and social views on social media sites. Thank goodness for the “hide” button.
  7. Somewhere in the midst of our packing and moving this year I will teeter close to a nervous break-down. I know this because it almost happened while putting away Christmas decorations this past weekend.  I can hardly wait until we get to the “main event.”
  8. Posting the fat and calorie content of each food item will not prevent more McDonald’s restaurants from opening this year.
  9. My daughter will graduate from high school and I will get weepy.  (Like money in the bank, that prediction.)
  10.  Apple will come out with at least two new versions of the iPhone.  (If sales are low – three versions.) And there will still be people waiting in line to get them.

There you have them.  My top ten predictions for the upcoming year.  I can hardly wait until this time next year to see how many of them come true.  I’m sure I’ll still be running a day behind next year too.  As much as things change over the course of the year some things are always predictable.

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4 responses to “Predictions For The New Year

  1. mindbender99 says:

    Could not have put it any better!

  2. Oh My God! How could I have missed the Ear Vac or the Lint Lizard? I feel another blog coming on!!

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