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Wednesday Wonderings

on January 9, 2013

WonderingWednesdayI noticed yesterday that a few of the blogs I follow are participating in something called “Ten Thought Tuesday”. In case the title of that is not explanatory enough, the point of “T.T.T.” is to post ten random thoughts that pop into your mind on Tuesday.  (As opposed to the un-random thoughts  that pop into your mind.)  I contemplated for a moment joining in but I already had such a lovely post about declaring which kind of dog each of my children would be almost done so I plunged ahead with my original post for the day.  Today I’m thinking I missed out on some real fun so I decided to start my own “thought day” with “Wondering Wednesday” or WW for short.  No.  I am not committing to do this every Wednesday.  That would require me to actually remember the commitment and I’d feel awful if I skipped a week.  Aside from that, the way things work in my life the moment I’d declare that commitment the way my mind works would suddenly change and I wouldn’t have squat to share.  Since I have kind of gotten used to the “twist” of my view I wouldn’t want to risk a major personality shift.  It might scare people.  Or please them.  One of those. So without any commitments or real reason for sharing I present the wonderings pinging about my head the last few days:

  1. Why is it that the fog we had yesterday morning makes everything look so frosty beautiful but freezes you to death?  For my warm climate friends: fog outside when the temperature is 18 degrees Fahrenheit condenses on everything and makes it look really pretty. Like this:   

    That is beautiful on trees but not so pretty on streets by the way. It also produces that “damp cold” which soaks all the way to your bones.  I guess there is truth to the saying “Beauty is painful” – or whatever that saying is. Nope.  I’m not much of a philosopher. 

  2. Why did inserting a picture scrunch all the spacing of the above paragraph together and why can’t I figure out how to fix it?  I’m a secretary for pity sake. I live for well spaced paragraphs.  And fixing ones that aren’t. That’s annoying on several levels.
  3. Why do I always park next to the one icy spot left in the parking lot at work?  The entire lot is clear and there are usually only two other cars around during the day but I must park next to the ice patch and walk across it in my heeled boots. Every day. For the last week. (okay – I haven’t worn the same boots every day – but still….)  Oh! I know.  Because that is “my spot”.  It isn’t marked with a sign or anything formal like that but it is MY spot.  I can’t park over one spot to avoid walking on ice because then I wouldn’t be in my usual spot.  That would be wrong. I scare myself sometimes.
  4. Should I be concerned about that spot on the wall above my paper shredder that kind of looks like it could be blood?  I know it isn’t my blood.  I know I didn’t put anything that bleeds in there. Now I’m afraid that I’m leaving my DNA in the area and I’ll get busted.  They always suspect the person who works next to the paper shredder.
  5. You would think that the large stack of mail sitting next to me on the seat would remind me to turn in to the post office wouldn’t you?  I hate circling back.  What is that statistic about distracted drivers??
  6. Why is it so easy to get used to a bad schedule and so hard to get used to a good one?  For the past two weeks I have worked a day or two and then had a day or two off.  Working five days this week seems like a marathon and it’s only day three.  Over break I let myself sleep in until 6am because I didn’t have to drive kids to school.  Getting up at 5am this week, which I have done almost every weekday for two years now, is about killing me.  How does that even happen that fast??
  7. Am I the only person who has to resist the urge to stick out my tongue at the driver who went flying past me in the other lane and I catch up to at the stop light?  I mean really: almost rear ending me before you changed lanes so you could speed really worked out well for you didn’t it?  We’re both sitting at this light and I’ll be sitting here for less time. HA!
  8. Why is it that kids are pretty cheerful and excited in the morning  to go back to school the first day after break but are a bit cranky after school gets out that afternoon?  Why do they take it out on their mother?  I didn’t assign their homework. I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s life by forcing them to go to school.  Geez.  Take a drama class.
  9. Along the same vein as above: Why is it like trying to rouse the dead the second day back to school?  Excitement wore off that quick?  Really?  I hate getting back into routines. (See #5)
  10. Why is it that one of the few times my oldest kid reads my blog I happened to make fun of him that day?  BUSTED! And why is it that the same child (the one who accuses me of stalking him)  can announce  to the world via his Facebook that I made fun of him in my blog and tag a link to me?  How does that work?  Do you want me to be your anonymous parent or what?  (This should get another post….watch.  Kind of like a new game I’m playing.)

There you have it.  The top ten things I’ve been wondering about so far this week.  I’d love to hear some of your wonderings too.  Come on. Share.  They can’t possibly be any weirder than mine.



14 responses to “Wednesday Wonderings

  1. Favorite: #7. No wait…#9. You’re awesome.

  2. Valerie says:

    Number 7 cracked me up. Truth! I always internally laugh when that happens! Or, better yet: when they get behind someone who is even slower than speed limit-abiding ME! 😉 Loved reading your thoughts even if it wasn’t on a Tuesday!

    • wedelmom says:

      Thanks. I just don’t understand why people are in such a hurry all the time. Particularly in our town where the lights are timed to the speed limit: if you stay a constant speed on the main streets once you get a green you’ll get green all the way through. Not even kidding….

  3. Oh, that’s so funny that your oldest son busted you with that post!! I’m sure you didn’t hurt his feelings too bad!!!

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