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This Week’s Headlines #24

on January 11, 2013


I must admit that between this being my first full week back at work after a couple weeks of extra days off and getting my children back into school routine I haven’t taken a lot of time to peruse the news this week.  I don’t know why I kept telling myself things would calm down after the holidays. I must have been delusional.  Things never calm down at our house the chaos just changes form.  At least I never get bored!  Do not fear Faithful Friday Headline Friends! Despite the fact that my mind is going 100 different directions this week (usually opposite of my body) I still managed to find a few eye catching headline for us.  I am nothing if not a women who can operate in the middle of chaos. That might have something to do with often being the source of it…..

  1. “Make Calories Vanish” – Well that’s easy. I’ve been doing it for years.  Close your eyes. 
  2. “Can You Spot The Invisible Man?” – Ummm??  Isn’t the point kind of that you can’t spot him??
  3. “Why Some Facebook Users Constantly Update Status” – Overwhelming need for attention and just as overwhelming need to get a life?
  4. “Man Waiting For Trial Since 1980” – So much for that right to a speedy trial thing.
  5. “Pedicure Sidelines Tennis Star” –  How long did it take that polish to dry?  On a serious note I’m going to go out on a limb and guess she won’t be returning to that salon….
  6. “Hidden Causes of Acne” – Ummm…..oil and dirt?
  7. “How Parents May Be Making Kids Depressed” – By doing their job as parents?   No ‘making you happy’ is not in my parental contract – sorry!
  8. “Where Honey Boo Boo’s Money Goes” – While even thinking about that scares me a little I’m going to guess “McDonald’s”.
  9. “Man Attacked By Bobcat In His Garage” – Maybe he should have taken the keys out when he parked it.
  10. “Woman Deported After Winning Casino Jackpot” – If it weren’t for that pesky ID rule….
  11. “Do You Have An Annoying Voice?” – Would it be wrong to print this off and anonymously send it to a few people? Probably…..darn…..
  12. “Bikinis Going Out Of Style” – They really were never in style for many, many, MANY people.
  13. “Monster Black Hole Burp Startles  Scientists” –  Suppose it ate too many planets?
  14. “Words We Don’t Want To Hear In 2013” – #1 – No…. #2 – Declined…
  15. “Space Oddity: Astronauts Become Taller” – Sign me up!
  16. “Swift’s Cryptic Tweet Fuels Break-up Buzz” – Oh please people…..just wait for the really bitter song to come out.
  17. “Stranger Had Been Living Under The House” – And you didn’t notice him? Really? Does this sound like a tag line for the latest horror flick or one for a new reality series: “I Can’t Believe People Are So Clueless.”  It would work for one of those.
  18. “Prune Hands Explained” – Finally!  I’ve been wondering about this phenomenon my whole life!
  19. “Flintstone Replaced On Fruity Pebble Box” – WHAT??? There are just some things you don’t do and this is on that list.  Fruity Pebbles without Fred? Seriously?  Who are they targeting next? Tony the Tiger?  Toucan Sam? Stop the madness!
  20.  “Mom Gives Kid Botox” – So if it works on the kid she’ll try it herself?  Some people shouldn’t be parents….ever.

And because it is the beginning of the year and everyone is interested in eating healthier for 2013, here is a helpful tip for you:


8 responses to “This Week’s Headlines #24

  1. Ahaha! First of all, the Bobcat line made me laugh. My father is one of the only people who actually traded in the Bobcat runabout for a Bobcat wagon. Yup. He owned CONSECUTIVE bobcats. I think I’ll have to blog about that! lol.
    Black holes burp? And, yes, I so want to go to space if it will make me taller! OMG, the prune hand thing is in my post today too. Great minds, eh?
    Great post as always!!

    • wedelmom says:

      The bobcat joke kind of wasn’t nice considering that the man did really get mauled but – hey – it was too easy. Couldn’t resist. There had to be a better way to word that.
      We’ll book our heightening space trip together. That’d be too much fun!
      I just got done reading your post and laughed out loud when I ran into the prune hand part. Either great minds think alike or we are both just attracted to odd information. One of those…..

  2. I absolutely say go for #11 and #12 made me bust out laughing…for some reason I wasn’t expecting that!!!!

    • wedelmom says:

      I may just print them off and mail them right before we move. I really think it could be helpful to a few people….
      My brain went several directions for #12…..

  3. Anka says:

    Yay! Bikinis are going out of style. Never joined that trend to begin with!

    • wedelmom says:

      Neither did I much to the relief of any population who would have had to look at me in one. I’m just hoping this means it will be possible to find a decent suit in the near future. It’s been a rather difficult task in years past.

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