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Wednesday Wonderings – Take 3

on January 23, 2013

Three weeks in a row….this may be starting to be a trend.  I hate to say “habit” because that tends to have a negative connotation.  Particularly if you have an obsessive addictive personality like mine.  I never tried drugs because I know myself too well to think I can experiment with something and walk away.  (Please – after one game of Bejewled 3 I had to download it and have wasted more hours than I care to admit playing it.)  The other reason I’m hesitant to call this a habit is because the idea was birthed from the fact that I was running a day behind.  I wouldn’t want to get in the habit of being a day late and a dollar short.  Wait…..have I already done that?  Maybe. Okay….yes. But I always have good intentions. While I’m thinking about that:

  1. Why is it that people think they can make everything better by saying “I didn’t intend for that to happen.” or “That wasn’t what I meant to do.”?  That doesn’t change the result or the damage that was done.  I may not have intended to hit something with my car when I got in it this morning but that isn’t going to make my bill at the body shop any less expensive.
  2. Why do some people think it is okay to bash their spouse, or their spouses gender in general, on social media sites? Please. If your “significant other” did that to you it would restart the cold war.  Unless you are actually in Jr. High – knock it off!
  3. Why does the street department in my town think it’s a good idea to spray de-icer on the top of a half-inch of snow – when it is ten degrees outside? Do they not notice that all that does is make ice?  Just leave the snow alone.  We can handle it.
  4. Why do people lose their minds when white stuff is falling from the sky? Seriously people – this is Nebraska.  It snows here.  Learn to drive in it or move.
  5. How many times can a ten year old say, “Hey Mom?” in a ten minute period?  I think I should nominate mine for a world record.
  6. Why is it when you are up to your elbows doing something someone needs your attention right away?  And why do they always ask, “Are you busy?”   Ummm… I’m just pretending.
  7. Does anyone else have to practically sit on their hands to keep from correcting people’s Facebook posts?  Or posting something to the effect of “Once and for all friends: People are ‘who’ or ‘whom’ NOT ‘that’ or – heaven forbid  – ‘which’! (Even if you are talking about someone upon whom you wish a house would fall!)”  Don’t even get me started on their, there and they’re.
  8. Why do people think I know (or care) who is going to take my job when I leave?  Replacing myself isn’t part of my job.  Really.
  9. Why do the four days that my husband is gone for work seem a lot longer than the four days he is home?
  10. Do companies really think that saying “Thank you for your patience” every once in a while really makes you less annoyed when you are on eternal hold? The least you could do is play some good music…..



9 responses to “Wednesday Wonderings – Take 3

  1. I wonder a lot of those things too

  2. As for #5, I am nominating my children for the 7 year old and 5 year old division! Love this new trend of your wonderings! THEIR really awesome! hee-hee!

  3. javaj240 says:

    So true! Love your “Wednesday Wonderings”!

  4. Valerie says:

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! To accept it, please go to: 😀

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