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Oh My Word – They Are Watching!

on January 25, 2013

Just two days ago I confessed my hidden hoarding problem.  If you missed it you can read about it here.  Today I came home to discover this outside my home:

garbagecansYes – that is a truck loaded with dumpsters. Is there a new reality show called “Smile, You’re on Hidden Hoarders?” or “Surprise Hoarder Intervention”??? How did word get out that fast??  Wow – blogging really does put you out there doesn’t it?  Now I’m paranoid……great!


–I usually don’t double post on one day, but this was too funny not to share.



5 responses to “Oh My Word – They Are Watching!

  1. be very careful what you say (ha ha)

  2. Anka says:

    Can you imagine? What if there really was a “surprise” ambush on your house. Yikes! I would probably run and hide. 🙂

    • wedelmom says:

      Kind of like a hybrid of “Hoarders”, “Intervention” and “What Not To Wear”? As much as I’d like my home to be professionally cleared, cleaned and redecorated…um….yeah…I’d be running too! 😉

  3. That is sooooo funny!!! I think my house would require a few more bins! Kidding! Well, maybe not!

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