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Can They Pull Your Mom Card?

on January 29, 2013




I truly did used to believe that saying.  While I’d like my kids (and their friends) to think I’m cool it isn’t my life goal.  I figure they’ll figure it out eventually just like I did.  No I have never been interested in being friends with my children but I always thought I was a pretty good mom.  Until last week.

Dropping of our son at school last Wednesday I told him I would be there after school to pick him up.  You see Wednesday is the day our local school district has chosen for the children to dismiss at 2pm so that the teachers can have meetings.  Meetings that every teacher I have ever talked to hates.  When they started the weekly meeting thing they dismissed the students at 2pm on Friday.  From a parental stand point that isn’t so bad. I mean who can be annoyed by a bonus weekend hour?  Why they moved it to Wednesday is beyond me but I suspect it had something to do with teachers taking a bonus weekend hour also.  Who can blame them?  At any rate Wednesday is the day my kids get out early every week. You’d think I would remember that after two years.  It is just a weird day for an early dismissal if you ask me.  Of course no one at the administration office asked me.  Or any other parent in the district as far as I can tell but I digress.

We don’t live very far from our son’s school so normally he walks home from school unless the weather is bad.  This is especially true on Wednesdays since I don’t get off of work until 3pm. Since the high last Wednesday was 10 (F) and the wind was blowing 20 – 30 miles an hour making the wind chill below zero I deemed the day as a “bad weather” day. (For my warm climate friends wind chill is just like heat index…except you need more clothes.) I worked through my lunch hour so that I could leave early to pick him up.  The plan was in place and working well until the phone rang right as I ready to walk out the door. As a result I arrived about seven minutes late.  Our son was not where I pick him up.  Nor was he waiting with the crossing guard across the street.  I decided he had probably given up on me and started walking home so I drove the path to our house.  Still no son.  Odd.  Maybe they kept him at school because I wasn’t there on time.  I drove back to the school to the door where they gather the children of tardy parents.  Nope.  He wasn’t in that group.  Maybe he walked up a different street.  I drove that.  No sign of the boy.  Okay. Maybe I was later than I thought and he’d made it home already. I drove to our house.  No one home.  By this time my mother’s heart was wildly beating. Where could he be?  I got back in my vehicle and started out of the garage. As I turned into the street I spied his Denver Broncos stocking hat walking around the corner.  WHEW!  He claimed that he hadn’t heard me tell him I would pick him up.  Next time I’m going to make him repeat it back to me.  (Of course he still might forget.) As I fixed hot chocolate to thaw him out he explained to me that he always walks a different route with one of his friends on Wednesdays. A route that goes right up one of the main streets in our town.  The same street I drove down to get to the school.  You’d think that I, the child’s mother, would have seen him.  Nope.  I must have driven right by him.  Relieved that he was ok and none the worse for his frigid trip and feeling somewhat like a neglectful mother I posted to Facebook that I had finally lost one of our kids.  With four children it was bound to happen eventually.  And then my sister-in-law commented and reminded me that this, in fact, was not the first time I have lost a kid.  I lost our youngest daughter several years ago. One of the scariest days of my life.

For several years we went on an annual school shopping trip with my husband’s mother and sister. It was great fun and a great blessing to me and my girls loved it.  Well….the youngest loved it until she got tired of shopping.  Our oldest daughter never in her life has gotten tired of shopping but our youngest….well….she was four at the time.  What can you expect really.  Stopping in one last store before calling it a day I told my somewhat whiny tired daughter to be patient for just a little while longer and we’d stop and get a treat.  She wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of another store but she drug herself along, dreaming of her treat.  Sifting through some racks with my sister-in-law my mother in law walked up with our oldest daughter and asked if we were about ready.  Sure.  We were tired to. As we gathered to go we all noticed our youngest daughter wasn’t standing there.  I thought she’d been with her grandma.  Her grandma thought she was with her mother.  She wasn’t with either.  We walked around softly calling her name.  No response.  I got nervous.  More searching and louder calling.  Still no daughter.  My mother-in-law went to have a store employee page her.  No daughter.  I was near tears when my oldest daughter called out gleefully, “Found her!”  With relief washing over us I looked to where my daughter was pointing.  There propped up against the center of a clothes rack fast asleep and now just waking up was my curly red-headed little spitfire, her legs short enough you couldn’t see her unless you crouched down and looked under the clothing.  She looked at me, blinked twice, and said, “What?”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…whether to scold her or tell her how much I love her.  I decided to tell her how much I love her first and save the scolding for later.  That was perhaps the longest few minutes of my life.  And I had forgotten about it until last week when I lost one of our kids….AGAIN.

While I’ve always figured I’d never be nominated for mother of the year I still kind of always saw myself as a good mom.  Now I am now kind of worried that I might just win the title, ‘Woman most likely to misplace her children’ and  I’m wondering: can they pull your “mom card”??






11 responses to “Can They Pull Your Mom Card?

  1. javaj240 says:

    I’m sure your Mom card is safe. Mostly because no one would want it, LOL! Seriously scary to lose a kid we’ve all done it. Glad they both turned up unscathed!

    • wedelmom says:

      LOL – very good point. I posed the question to my husband and he answered, “The down side to that would be????”
      I was less frantic last week seeing as how the child is now bigger than I am but it was still a bit unsettling. And I so enjoy how after all that adrenaline your kids are like, “What? I knew where I was the whole time. Chill Mom.”

  2. You have no idea how many times I have lost Bency! He was/is our wanderer. People were always telling me I should get one of those leashes but I could never bring myself to do it! I love the story of your daughter…that is adorable!

  3. Kids can be such “slippery” little creatures–always making a break for it. lol. I wouldn’t worry at all about your “mom card.”
    I didn’t know you had a little redhead!! Yay. As a ginger, I know that we have to stick together!

  4. Janelle says:

    Haha! Once I forgot my baby in a store. I was actually getting in the car when I noticed a woman running down the sidewalk, carrying a car seat. Odd, I thought. She had to come right up to me before I realized it was my baby she was carrying.

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