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Another Wednesday – More Wondering

on January 30, 2013


I’m seriously beginning to wonder how much longer my sanity (well – what sanity I have) is going to hold out.  I feel like I have been running the never-ending race at both work and home for several weeks now so it really is no wonder that I can’t seem to find the time or gray matter to pull together a coherent paragraph.  The amazing (yeah….we’ll go with amazing) part about my twisted mind is that when I am tired and have tons of things on my mind the more I find myself wondering about the strangest things. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse from here ….but I’ll tell you more about that later.  For now I’ll give you a glimpse at the things running through my over-crowded thoughts.

  1. Is there anything on the planet more annoying than someone who talks to you – an adult – like you have brain damage or are a toddler?  I may act as if I have brain damage from time to time but – really? Knock it off!
  2. Why is it that the people who seem to hold others to the highest standards never seem to hold themselves to the same standards? That may be more annoying than #1 now that I think about it.
  3. Why do people think they are free to give you an opinion you neither A – asked for or b – want?  If I want to hear what you think I’ll rattle your cage – ok?
  4. Am I the only one who sees a pair of shoes dangling from an electrical line and immediately looks down to see if there is a body nearby? Or at least a spot?  How do those things get up there anyway?
  5. Do people really think the answer “Well ‘grammar check didn’t catch it’ means it is actually correct?
  6. When the temperature drops below 15 degrees (F) why don’t they just simplify it by posting the temperature as “Not fit for humans”?  Do we really need to know the details?
  7. Do my kids really think I was just born old?  I had a life….long ago….before you were born.
  8. Is it really necessary to list “drowsiness and fatigue” as side effects for a sleeping pill? Doesn’t that mean it’s working? And do people really need to be told not to operate heavy equipment after taking one?  That scares me on levels I don’t even want to consider.
  9. Does anyone else read those lovely testimonials of human kindness floating around that were supposed to have happened at say…. Walmart…and think “Yeah right.  I wonder how much they paid an employee to write that?” No? I’m the only cynic here really? Hmmmm…..
  10. Why do people start conversations with, “Got a minute?”  Like I’m going to say no?  What I really want to say is “One minute exactly….GO!” and start timing them.


And just because I don’t want to let this go yet…..


6 responses to “Another Wednesday – More Wondering

  1. love your wondering – I was told that a pair of shoes thrown over an electrical line meant that drugs are sold in the area–weird eh?

  2. Those dangling shoes drive me nuts. First, like you, I wonder if someone has been mugged for them. Then I feel bad for the shoes–just hanging there, feeling rejected, and worrying about falling into the traffic below. And, finally, I scratch my head and think who has so much money that they can just throw perfectly good running shoes up on wires?
    And penguins do walk like gangsters. They swagger. So do crows.
    Hehe. I hope sleeping pills cause drowsiness and fatigue. That is the whole point, isn’t it?

    • wedelmom says:

      I think my husband is always concerned I’m going to make him shimmy up the pole and get the shoes. I have a shoe thing you see…. I haven’t seen any cute enough to risk electrocution yet – but it could happen.

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