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Wednesday Is My Day To Wonder….

on February 27, 2013


Ah Wednesday….middle of the week…downhill from here….one of my favorite days… day to share the questions that flit through my thoughts.  The thoughts that are becoming more and more jumbled as the days go by. So many things to wonder about. Mostly I wonder if I’m cracking up.  For example: I packed the wall clock in my bedroom this weekend and now my mornings are all messed up because I can’t glance out the bathroom door at the wall and see what time it is.  I get pokey if I can’t see the time.  I was whining about explaining my dilemma to my kids and my oldest daughter said, “Gee Mom. Ever think of looking at your phone?”  I wonder why I didn’t think of that.  I also wonder how I did such a bad job teaching her to say things kindly.  So many things to wonder about.

  1. Do “Fish McBites” sound like something that should be sold at a bait shop to anyone else?
  2. Is it just me or do less and less people have basic social skills? When did it become okay to just blurt whatever comes into your head?
  3. Who is designing the dresses teenagers are wearing?  Is there a material shortage I should be aware of?
  4. A multimillionaire football player took a “salary cut” and suddenly he’s a humble hero?  Really?
  5. While I realize that some women need to apologize for what they wore to the Oscars isn’t it sad that one actress felt she needed to apologize for disappointing people? Really? People were disappointed?  They need a life.
  6. I caught a commercial for a drug to help COPD. One of the side effects was trouble urinating.  Do I want to know those two things are related??
  7. Why is it that things which used to irritate you become funny when you know you are leaving?
  8. Can Puxatony Phil get fired?  We’ve had hardly any snow until the little rodent said spring was coming.  Now…two weeks before we are moving….suddenly it’s snowing every other day? Stupid groundhog.
  9. Ever noticed how some people think the world revolves around them and that others should drop everything when they show up?  (See wondering #2) Ever heard of calling to make an appointment?  Try just showing up at your dentist’s office and see how that works for you.
  10. This is my last Wednesday at work.  How did that happen so fast?



15 responses to “Wednesday Is My Day To Wonder….

  1. agree with you on so many levels here

  2. momshieb says:

    Ha! I just said the very same things about both Tom Brady and Punk. Phil. (the little rat).
    Home in the snow/ice/crap again today and I am not in a happy mood!
    Thanks for lifting it, and good luck with your big move! We’re all pulling for you!

    • wedelmom says:

      Always afraid to provoke Brady fans, but – COME ON!

      Hope the weather is sunnier today.

      Thank you – I appreciate your support. I finally believe that we’re gonna make it!! 🙂

  3. You must not have shopped for a little girls dress for awhile either…my goodness why would anyone want to dress their 7 year old like Trashy Barbie? These fashion designers for children and teens seriously need to think!

    • wedelmom says:

      LOL – Trashy Barbie. Thank you – I needed that laugh!
      It has been a while since I shopped for little girls’ dresses but they were getting pretty bad already when my girls were little.

  4. mummyshymz says:

    I’ve been wondering some of these points myself!

  5. shazza91321 says:

    All I had to read is one post and I love the tenor of this blog!!! Thanks to Atlanta Mom of Three!!! Blessings on your move!!!!

  6. Our rodent, Wiarton Wilie is about as accurate as Phil. But I can’t really blame him. If someone woke me up in the middle of winter and dragged me out into the subzero weather, I’d probably lie to them too.

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