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This Week’s Headlines #33

on March 22, 2013


Ah…back to the news!  Now mind you that we are sporadic in our ability to view trending news on the internet as of yet but here are a few nuggets I discovered this week.  Enjoy….It’s good to be back!

  1. “Store Yanks See-Through Yoga Pants” – That’s okay. Everyone yanks at their yoga pants at one point or another.
  2. “Obama Sends Private Letter To Pope” – Confession is good for the soul…
  3. “What Those Sell-by Dates Really Mean” – I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they mean ‘sell-by’.
  4. “Pope’s First Phone Call Mistaken As A Prank” – It was bound to happen. Who is going to believe, “Hi! Guess what Mom? I’m the pope!”
  5. “Dishwasher Do’s and Don’ts” – #1 DO put your own dishes in it. #2 DON’T expect Mom to do it….
  6. “Extinct Animals Scientists Want To Bring Back” – Did they ever consider that they are extinct for a reason?? Great. We need more dinosaurs around here….
  7. “Ice Cube Designs To Make Your Drinks Cooler” – Ummm…don’t all ice cubes make your drink cooler??
  8. “Scientists Eye Odd Use For Snail Teeth” – Snails have teeth??  What are they used for now??
  9. “School Asks Students To Cut Back On Body Spray” – They just thought of this? Why wasn’t I born 25 years later? I could have avoided all those days of “Polo-haze” in high school.
  10. “Scotland May Allow Jedi To Perform Marriage Ceremonies” – ‘Pronounce you man and wife, I do.’
  11. “Wanted: Scammer Who Squatted In Upscale Homes For 5 Years” – Do you really think she’s going to respond to a personal ad?
  12. “Burglar Tracked By Pickax Bar Code” – That’ll teach you to remove the tags from your crime tools.
  13. “Washington State Hires First ‘Pot Czar'” – His mother must be so proud.  You kind of have to wonder what he majored in….
  14. “Colleges Say Federal Cuts Could Cause Brain Drain” – That’s a pretty deep cut.
  15. “Biden Takes Over The Vatican” – I didn’t even know he was Catholic.
  16. “Vonn/Woods Announce Relationship On Facebook” – Well then it must be official.
  17. “Wild Foxes As House Pets” – That’s a fabulous idea.  If your chickens keep getting in the house….
  18. “Spring Break Danger: Binge Drinking” – ‘Slow News Day Danger: Stories that make you say DUH!’
  19. “Elephant Dung Coffee: Smooth, Rich, Expensive” – Which just proves that idiots will waste money on…okay I’ll stop there.
  20. “See Lindsay Lohan’s Sixth Mugshot” – Because it’s better than the first five?  Get a life people.

And because spring is just around the corner, here is a reminder for you:

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7 responses to “This Week’s Headlines #33

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you’re back…I so missed reading these!!

  2. Valerie says:

    Aww, Lindsay must be so unhappy; I hate that her life has turned out the way it has. :/
    Wow, lol, colder ice cubes. I’m thinkin’ regular ones are pretty darn cold… 😉

  3. ahaha. Love your line about yanking pants. And yes, I though ice cubes were supposed to make drinks cooler. ACK. Elephant dung coffee. Any dung coffee would be gross, but ELEPHANT. Great post, as always.

  4. mummyshymz says:

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. To find out how to accept the award, pls refer to:
    Have a nice day!

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