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Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

on April 8, 2013

moving moments

It doesn’t happen often but this weekend something occurred which left me teary-eyed and at a loss for words.  I have mentioned before that many of us here in Nebraska are  quite fanatical about our beloved Huskers and this weekend I was reminded one of the reasons why.  This Saturday at the annual spring scrimmage (The “Red/White” game that my boys usually don’t miss, but unfortunately did this year) something happened that caused quite a reaction.  In a time when college athletic programs are taking heat for being corrupt an event at a scrimmage served as a reminder that all hope is not lost.  This is the original video courtesy of Husker Sports:

The little boy running the football is Jack Hoffman, age 7, who is battling brain cancer.  You can read his story here, here or here.  This little boy who was befriended after a hospital visit from a football player has moved not only an athletic program and an entire state to rally around him has now achieved national attention.  This story was picked up by EPSN and many other news outlets. The following link to ESPN includes an interview with Jack and his father and Rex Birkhead the running back who befriended Jack and brought his story, and the need for pediatric brain cancer research, to the attention of the state and now the nation:

Yeah. Sometimes things happen that restore your faith that there is still some good out there.  Sometimes there are just not words….

teamjack2You can donate to “Team Jack” and pediatric brain cancer research here.


2 responses to “Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

  1. Wow! What a touching story!!! Thanks for sharing!

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