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The Return Of Wondering Wednesday

on April 10, 2013


It’s been quite a while since I gave you all a peek into the things that run through my head…and trust me…there have been a lot of things running amuck up there.  I wonder if you all missed it….

  1. Why does everyone keep telling me the more I use a Mac the more I’ll love it?  There isn’t enough time left in my life for me to love it.  Apples did cause the fall of man after all.
  2. And while we are on the subject…Who in their right mind thinks an old lady can learn a new computer?
  3. Why is it when you are the most tired everyone needs to ask you a question?  Huh?
  4. Are my kids the only ones who still laugh at the movies they watched when they were little?  I love it!
  5. Why do we think we need to grow up so fast?  I want to grow down now myself.
  6. Am I the only one who swears that we are going to do our taxes earlier every year and then ends up in a panic the week before they are due?
  7. Why is it that junk mail is always the first thing that finds your new mailbox?  I swear I’m going to invent a mailbox with a shredder on the side.
  8. Where does all that junk mail come from anyway? I could save these companies a lot of money: I’LL CALL YOU IF I WANT SOMETHING. Thanks.
  9. Watching television last night I saw a winter weather watch, a thunderstorm warning and a blizzard warning all in our state.  How does that even happen??
  10. Does anyone else miss spring?  Remember spring….that season between winter and summer?  Yeah…I don’t either….

As a side note our oldest daughter was under the winter weather advisory and didn’t have school today while we were under the thunderstorm warning and the youngest kids went to school.  Guess who was in trouble for moving this morning??  I wonder if they’d have been as annoyed if it had been reversed?



5 responses to “The Return Of Wondering Wednesday

  1. javaj240 says:

    I’ll invest in that mailbox. Of course we’ll probably need to send out junk mail to advertise its existence, LOL!

    I still have a PC, but I do love my iPad and my IPhone, so I might go with a Mac next time. I do find my daughter’s Power Book annoying, though — weird to navigate. So, IDK.

    And, you’re probably NOT that old! You just feel that way, LOL!

    I’m happy for the return of “Wondering Wednesdays”!

  2. Valerie says:

    I seriously hate junk mail. NEVER do I want it! O_O
    Growing down instead of up sounds good to me too.

  3. Wisconsin got hit with that Thunderstorm/Blizzard combo and it turned out to be one nasty ice storm! I can’t remember ever seeing anything like it! I am so sick of this weather but I tell ya, those few days of Spring that we did have last week brought in so much mud into the house with the kids going in and out….I wish we could just jump to Summer!

  4. I like the concept of “growing down” as long as it doesn’t involve getting shorter.

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