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It’s Wednesday So Of Course I’m Wondering

on May 1, 2013


The biggest of my wonderings lately has been about the fact that I can’t seem to get as much done around the house as I used to.  I feel like I’m always running in circles and not quite keeping up.  I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it.  The house is half the size of our old one and I have half as many kids at home.  I also have a mother who feeds us about once a week.  I mean what is my problem??  Then suddenly the light bulb went off with the help of my sweet husband who has a gift of pointing out the obvious: I am working ten to thirteen hours more a week now and I have an hour a day commute.  Oh…that might explain it.   I guess once in a while my meandering wondering actually creates results.  Who knew?

  1. Why is it when you get new technology the first thing people say is, “Give it time – you’ll love it!”  Okay I’ve had a Mac Book at work for almost five weeks now.  I can tolerate it now and I even like a couple features but, sorry apple- ites,  can’t say I love it.  How much more time does it take?
  2. Will I never learn?  I got a new phone over the weekend (see above question.)  I used to be able to text quickly….
  3. Does it mean that I’ve done too much yard work because I discovered an Easter egg that was at least three years old and actually pondered for the moment if the candy inside would still be good?  Please tell me yes.
  4. Why is it you always realize you did the wrong thing a second after you did it and there is nothing to do to stop it?  I’m surprised I haven’t blown up every electronic we’ve ever owned.
  5. Am I the only person whose “one more thing” before I go to bed takes twice as long as I thought it would? No wonder I’m tired!
  6. Why do people in really nice cars ride your bumper on a gravel road and then make gestures at you because you are getting dust on them?  In fact why are they driving a really expensive car on a gravel road anyway?
  7. Is it bad that I actually contemplated finding the biggest rock on the road and hitting it just right so it would “accidentally” come off my back tire into the person above’s windshield.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t.
  8. Does anyone else think about holding your breath when the nurse is taking your pulse?  You know she’s watching and counting your respiration, right? Again don’t worry.  I haven’t.
  9. Am I the only one who constantly fights thoughts like those above?
  10. Where in the world did they get the great idea to name a product “Tag Away“?  I mean it’s very literal but couldn’t they have jazzed it up a bit?  How about “Flap Be Gone”?  “Liquid Skin Scissors”? Okay.  Now we know why I don’t work in marketing.

See? I told you wondering is a good thing sometimes….


2 responses to “It’s Wednesday So Of Course I’m Wondering

  1. javaj240 says:

    “Liquid Skin Scissors”? Why would that be better than “Tag Away”? Why? In what world? LMAO.

    Depending on my mood, sugar level, certainty that no one was watching — I might have eaten the candy in the egg. Good for you for resisting.

  2. wedelmom says:

    Okay…so there is a flaw in my marketing theory. I just thought it sounded more “medical”…
    If they hadn’t been buried under three years worth of leaves I might have been more tempted. 🙂

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