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I May Not Be Cut Out To Be A Digital Parent

on May 6, 2013

I had an interesting call from our younger daughter’s school.  It was an invitation to a “Digital Parents Meeting.” I found myself wondering if that meant the parents would be digital, the meeting would be digital or…? Turns out it was a forum on youth and social media. “Parents who are informed on Social Media have a better chance of partnering with their children.”  Okay I guess I’ll buy that though I never really thought of “partnering” with my kids. I am more into “parenting” and “policing”….but that is a blog for another day.  The subject caught my interest anyway because my family has been encouraging me to get a twitter account for over a year now.  I’m hesitant to do that however because I find myself  having to sit on my hands in order to not make comments on people’s posts on the social media sites I am already on to begin with.  I’m not sure that adding another outlet for me to potentially get myself in trouble is a good idea. I serious: I can really get myself into trouble. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just me because we all know that my brain works slightly different than most other people so I thought I’d enlist some help from my blogging friends.  The following are some real life examples of the things I keep seeing and the thoughts that pop into my head.   Go ahead. Take the quiz. I’d like to know I’m not alone.

**The news feed is crammed with pictures of wonderful new recipes to try.

Comments to make:

  1. “Have you actually tried this or are you bored?”
  2.  “Did I subscribe to the food network?”
  3. “Are you trying to make the rest of us feel like underachievers?”
  4. Refrain from commenting and bookmark the ones that you might like to try

**The news feed is crammed with pro/anti gun control, conservative / liberal quotes, pictures and the like.

Comments to make:

  1. “Totally understand that you are pro/anti “fill in the blank” and you have every right to be, but could you give it a rest?”
  2. “No seriously – give it a rest.”
  3. “Why don’t you use this energy writing to your congressman?”
  4. “Do you really imagine you are swaying people’s opinions or are you just trying to start a fight?”
  5. Hide the person.

**The same woman who bashes her spouse constantly also shares “Daily Marriage Builders”.

Comments to make:

  1. “Have you thought of trying any of these?”
  2. “Do you live in a virtual reality?”
  3. “Ever heard of matching your walk and your talk?”
  4. Shake your head and keep on scrolling.

**Another woman posts every thought that enters her head and you are pretty sure she is bi-polar. Seriously.  Depending on the day we are up and down and up again. And someone is always out to get her.

Comments to make:

  1. “You are aware they have meds for this right?”
  2. “Not everyone in the world is against you.  Grow up.”
  3. “Not everyone is interested in your every thought.  Really. But I hope you feel better now.”
  4. Shake your head and hide her.

**The local hypochondriac posts multiple updates, every day, on each symptom and pain.

Comments to make:

  1. “I’ll bet your doctor runs when he hears you’re on the phone.”
  2. “Quit reading the side effects on every pill bottle!”
  3. “You poor baby.  I feel so sorry for you.  (Is that what you were looking for?)”
  4. Thank the makers of Facebook for the “block” button.

**Someone posts a re-tweet of Kane West defending his relationship with Kim Kardashion. In that tweet he says, “She’s my baby mama and we’re together so get over it.” (or something to that effect.

Comments to make:

  1. “What a romantic guy!! WOW!”
  2. “Just so I’m straight: do you think calling someone ‘my baby mama’ is a good thing?”
  3. “Were you overly bored today?? Try following intelligent people.”
  4. Once again ponder the actual value of Twitter.

**You view for the hundredth time a post full of horrid grammar and spelling.

Comments to make:

  1. “Did you actually graduate from High School or did they just give you a diploma to get you out of there?”
  2. “Spell Check – Try It!”
  3. “They are = they’re…There is a place…Their is for those people.”
  4. Shut up and immediately write a thank you note to all of your former English teachers.

**Your news feed is crammed with all sorts of interesting game posts.

Comments to make:

  1. “Are you at work??”
  2. “Do you have no life?”
  3. “Thanks for sharing.  I was worried about what level your farm/garden/fishery was at.”
  4. Be thankful you can bock games and add game number 362 to your list.

**You see the same person, over and over, post every picture, quote, video and link they can find.  Multiple times a day.

Comments to make:

  1. “Seriously.  There is life outside your door.  try it.”
  2. “Can you try to limit yourself to 100 a day?”
  3. “Thank you for all the puppy/kitty/men pictures.  My whole day is much happier now.”
  4. Be thankful you have a life and get off the computer so you can go live it.

See….I told you I don’t think I’m ready to be a digital parent or a tweeter. (Just don’t tell my husband I use his account sometimes…okay?)



2 responses to “I May Not Be Cut Out To Be A Digital Parent

  1. This is absolutely hilarious!!!! I rarely get on Facebook much anymore because it drives me soooo crazy! I know all of the people you listed above but the one that really had me cracking up was the “bi-polar” one. I have a girl on my Facebook who’s relationship status changes everyday. When the relationship is good she is constantly posting quotes about how wonderful men and women are together blah, blah, blah. When they break up she posts quotes about how you don’t need a man to complete you blah, blah, blah. I find it hysterical and the equivalent of a soap opera so I don’t block her!!!

    • wedelmom says:

      Do we know the same people?!? Lol! I don’t mind a little of any of the above but it seems like some people are a bit too good at it.
      Soap opera – perfect discription!

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