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Wednesday. I Wonder…

on May 8, 2013


At the moment I am wondering if I have one active brain cell left.  It’s been one of those weeks at work…which makes me wonder if I’m really cut out for this job. Of course I also wonder if I’m cut out for any job at this point.  Maybe an ice cream taste tester.  Yeah….I could do that job.  The other wonders around here are:

  1. Am I the only person who sometimes wishes someone would drop a house on a person? I mean really…if you’re going to be a witch we might as well take it all the way.  Maybe a bucket of water would work.
  2. How do we know what colorblind people see?  It isn’t like you can tell for sure.  How do we know when they say, “It looks gray to me.” that their isn’t like…say…our red and our red is really gray?
  3. Why are there just some people who make everything complicated?  Is that like a form of recreation for them or are they really just that complicated?
  4. Why didn’t I think that planning a graduation party from 100 miles away was going to be hard? I really should have known better shouldn’t I?  “With age comes wisdom”? Not in my life.
  5. Does anyone else break into a cold sweat every time the next child obtains the book to take their learner’s permit test?  Better put the hairdresser on speed dial.  I can feel those gray hairs coming in at a rapid rate.
  6. Who named a computer mouse a mouse?  They really aren’t that popular an animal.  If it’s because of the tail then what do I call my wireless one?  A blind mouse? (Wait for it…you’ll get it…think nursery rhyme.)
  7. Why do kids ask you the most questions when you are tired and not really listening?  Did I just agree to send one of them to Disneyland??
  8. Are birds particularly attracted to blue vehicles?  Do they look like bird bathrooms from above or something? You might have shared that insight with me before I moved to the country with no garage.
  9. Why are weeds easier to grow than flowers?  I mean after all they are both plants.
  10. Has anyone else ever noticed that there is nothing express about the express lane?  Why don’t they just call it the “We’ll make you think it’s quick by naming it this but then only staff it with one person who is trying to check out five hundred people all of whom have one item over the limit” lane?

And my biggest wonder today….



5 responses to “Wednesday. I Wonder…

  1. FUchick1 says:

    i will spend all day thinking about who I want a house to fall on…

  2. #6 is so completely clever!!! Your mind is a wondrous thing!!!

  3. I have always wondered how anyone knows who’s colourblind and who isn’t? Like maybe your red is my green, but we have no way of knowing it because to you green has always been called green even though it’s really red. Darn. My head hurts.
    I always thought birds liked to poop on red cars. Like a giant bull’s eye. Or maybe it’s just my car. Or I’m really driving a blue car and don’t know it.
    I know several people that I would like to drop a house on.
    I can relate to Charlie Brown completely.
    Great post!!

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