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This Week’s Headlines #38

on May 10, 2013


This week’s news at the home front is that I’m exhausted. Wait that isn’t really news. Because of the busyness I haven’t had much time to peruse the news. I am making no promises about the quality of this week’s post.  Tired also makes me a bit loopy.  Just saying. Okay, disclaimer done, here goes….the stuff that caught my tired eyes this week:

  1. “Idol Judge Quits” – This is news? Doesn’t this happen every season?
  2. “Parenting Practice May Make Kids Depressed” – Well then I’ve done my job haven’t I?
  3. “Who Does Megan Fox’s Body Double Look Like?” – Ummmm…..Megan Fox? Just a guess.
  4. “Miley’s ‘Terrifying” Encounter” – She found a mirror?
  5. “Man Hitchhikes Around The World” – One has to wonder how he got to Hawaii….
  6. “Appalling New York City Rooms For Rent” – Is this supposed to help get them rented?
  7. “Five Degrees For People Who Don’t Like School” – Brought to you from the University of McDonalds.
  8. “How J-Lo’s Boyfriend ‘Out-divas’ Her” – Now that is impressive.  A 20-something diva boy toy.  His mom must be so proud.
  9. “Inmate Uses Spoon To Break Out Of Jail” – That’s a lot of digging.
  10. “Simple Design Tricks From A Mansion Makeover.” – I’ll be sure to write those down for when I get my next mansion.
  11. “Twitter Enabled Diapers” – Are they kidding? I need a tweet when the baby’s diaper needs to be changed.
  12. “Kick Me Prank Ends In Felony Conviction” – I wonder what the statute of limitations is on that one.  I know several people who might want to hide.
  13. “Landlord Mistakes Tenets Tomato Plants For Pot And Calls Cops” – Because they look so much alike.  Must have been faster than filing eviction papers.
  14. “Woman Slaps Deputy So She Can Go To Jail And Quit Smoking” – Okay – wow!  You’d think with that much creativity she could have figured out a way to fancy up those patches so no one would notice them….
  15. “Woman Accidentally Shot In Mouth With Harpoon” – Who keeps a harpoon lying around??
  16. “Rodman To Kim: ‘Do Me A Solid And Free American'” – I really really hope Dennis checked to see how that translated before he said it.
  17. “Woman Seeks Home For World War 2 Letters Found In Hatbox” – They had a home.  The hat box. Duh!
  18. “Houston Braces For Giant Snail Invasion” – Is this a really bad B-grade horror flick?  Are the snails giant or is the invasion giant?
  19. “Off-stage Drama Dominates American Idol” – It dominates on stage too doesn’t it?
  20. “Carter Named Most Trusted Politician” – Like that is saying much. Is that kind of like being the nicest grumpy old lady on the block?

Here’s a case of an unfortunate last name….

funny-headlines-gone-wrong-20Happy Weekend All!!


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