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I’m Versatile! Who Knew?


Imagine my delight when I logged on today to discover that sweet Valerie at  Atlantamomofthree nominated me for the Versatile Blog Award.  Though I had something else in mind today I decided to post this lovely acceptance and nomination blog today…..before I forget…..which I do  a lot…. especially if I don’t write it down or get it on my phone task pad.  (I swear if I ever lose my phone I won’t know where to go or who my friends are. Seriously.)  This might explain why Valerie hasn’t received a post card from me for her postcard blog.  I keep forgetting to put it on my shopping list.  The one on my phone.   If I were truly versatile I would carry both a paper list and the one on my phone.  I’ll work on that.  In the mean time I appreciate the nomination and shout out from a truly lovely blogger.  Check out her blog which really is versatile and one of my favorites.  She is one of those women who honestly lives her faith.  I love that!

Okay – on to business – before I forget….

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Nominate other blogs for the award.
  3. List 7 random things about you.
  4. Put the award pic on your acceptance post

1 and 4….check!  Now to tackle the center of the award.

Now for the nominations.  I always struggle with this because there are so many great blogs and I follow and love many of them. I am going to try to limit myself to a few that I feel fit the definition of versatile.  Well….my definition of versatile.

Motherhood Is An Art – is one of my favorites.  I look forward each day to this great lady’s offering.  You never know if you are going to get a craft idea, a sweet memory or a funny anecdote from daily life.  I feel like I have been invited to be a part of this family.  Love it!

Behind The Mind’s Ear  – is married to the lovely lady above.  Fairly new to blogging he has already tackled a variety of thoughts and linked them all to GREAT music.  He recently divulged that he may have a dark side….I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

The Return Of The Modern Philosopher – I recently discovered this blog and it quickly became one of my favorites.  This truly gifted screenwriter shares his “deep thoughts” which will have you laughing until you can’t breathe. No subject is off limits to his quick wit and hilarious spin.  Great fun!

Post Departum Depression – is another of my long time favorites.  This wonderful teacher shares not only her life as she adjusts to her empty nest but her passion on a variety of issues.  Great reading – great blog – great lady!

Ambling & Rambling – is another favorite. You never know what this Jersey-girl is going to share but you can be sure she’ll tell it like it is.  A delightfully real look at life from a delightful lady.

The Embiggens Project – is one of the first blogs I found and remains one of my all time favorites.  This wonderfully crazy woman may be the closest thing I’ve ever found to a kindred spirit. You never know what subject she will tackle in her blog but you can bet that you will laugh until you hurt.  I have no idea where she finds her material but I’m so glad she shares it!

Finally – seven random things about me.  How hard can that be? I’m pretty random.

  1. I have very little feeling on the ball of my right foot. While on a camping trip to celebrate my 6th birthday I ran, barefoot, through the remains of the previous night’s campfire.  I distinctly remember blowing out the candles of my Holly Hobby cake while my foot was in a bucket of ice.
  2. I collected Smurf paraphernalia while in junior high and high school.  I have no idea where it all went because I left it when I moved out. (Bad kid.) My daughters recently made me a  fleece blanket with Smurfette on it. Best. Gift. Ever.
  3. My sister and my husband’s sister both played the flute.  Our oldest daughter plays the flute.  My husband and I both played the trumpet.  Our youngest daughter plays the trumpet. (You’d think we could have saved at least one of those instruments wouldn’t you??)  Our youngest son recently announced that he wants to play the trombone.  Guess what my brother played?  I have no idea why our oldest son chose the bass guitar.  No genetic connection there.
  4. I loved the cartoon Grape Ape when I was little.  As a result my favorite color was purple and I would only chew grape gum, drink grape pop, eat grape Popsicles…you get the drift.  I still have an affinity for grape juice.
  5. My paternal grandfather belonged to an old-fashioned  Muzzeloader’s  club. He believed that each of his grandchildren should learn how to shoot one so he taught us. (Except for my sister maybe.  I’m not sure how she got out of that.) I still have the handmade seed bead “native american” necklace I won for taking first place in the 8-12 year old division of the one and only tournament I went to with him.  (Yes – that was the last time I fired a gun.)
  6. I have to sleep with a blanket covering the bottom half of my ear.  I blame my mother who to this day runs around and covers nappers with blankets – up to the center of their ear. (I think I shared this in a comment somewhere….is that cheating?)
  7. Don’t ever say the words, “Tomorrow is another day.” to me or you will spend the next hour listening to quotes from “Gone With The Wind“. I scare myself sometimes….

I think I got it all so I’m off to notify my fabulous nominees!  Before I forget……



Christmas Wishes

animal tagsYesterday I was tagged in a post.  At first I was a little scared by the thought of that.  I mean some animals are tagged so that people can keep track of them.  And, you know, take them down if they become a nuisance.  I also pondered the fact that I was often tagged as a child.  Never being athletic I was usually tagged out in every game or spent a lot of time being “it”.  Imagine my joy when I investigated and discovered this was a good tag.  One that is a special surprise and gives you happiness.  You know like the tags you turn over and they read, “Super Reduced – 90% Off” or “To: you From: me.”  Thanks to Atlantamomofthree for including me in the fun.  Of course like everything else there are rules.  Here’s what I have to do:

  1. Name my five Christmas wishes.
  2. Tag five other bloggers and ask them to do the same.

Simple enough – I’m game.  Well maybe not simple.  Maybe Christmas wishes are more complicated than I originally thought.  I mean I don’t want to sound shallow and wish for gift cards or something along that line.  On the other hand I don’t want to be too generic and wish for peace on earth good will toward men. Boring! Maybe I should wish that I would quit making uncomplicated things too complicated.

Upon a little reflection and keeping the name of my blog in mind I realized that, seriously, my biggest wishes have to do with perspective.  Here goes:

  • The ability to focus on what really matters.  Yesterday I took a day off from work to spend the day alone with my husband while the kids were at school. No phones, no computer, no agenda, no distractions.  Just us spending time together. (No – it wasn’t all about that either.  Get your minds out of the gutter people.)  We purposed to make time for just one another during this hectic time of year.  We didn’t shop or even leave the house.  It wasn’t grand or elaborate or even complicated but it was very refreshing.  It didn’t, however, totally go the way we had envisioned.
  • The ability to handle changes in plan. Around lunchtime yesterday we received a call that our daughter had been hurt at school and required one of us to take her in for stitches.  That wasn’t exactly what we had planned for our afternoon.  Were we a little annoyed at first? Maybe a little but our daughter’s well being will always be more important than us having “down time” together.
  • The ability to think of the way others might view things.  I could tell immediately from our daughter’s voice that she was mortified that she had interrupted our day together.  While her father went to fetch her (I don’t do blood well) I assured her that we were not upset with her.  It was important to me to let her know that she didn’t do anything wrong. Accidents happen.  She didn’t need guilt on top of injury.
  • The ability to find something good no matter the situation.  I am so thankful that my husband was home yesterday. He is much calmer about injuries that are “gross” than I am. (I just mentioned I don’t do blood – right?) After finding out the details of what happened we are also thankful that our daughter didn’t end up breaking her leg. While I hate that she got hurt, it could have been so much worse.
  • The ability to laugh no matter what.  After 20 stitches and knowing she was going to be okay we had to laugh about the whole situation.  What are the odds that on the day her parents wanted to spend alone the risers she was dancing on for show choir would split apart right where she was standing?  Also amazingly funny to me is that while her older brother played football, wrestled and powerlifted the only things we ever dealt with were a minor concussion once and an ingrown toenail.  Our daughter, who is a music/drama “geek”,  has had 3 mild concussions, a messed up shoulder and now a gash in her shin: all from music or drama events. Yes.  We are planning to wrap her in bubble wrap soon.

My five unsuspecting friends who are about to be tagged:

My Men And Me

Keeping It Real

The Embiggens Project

Ambling & Rambling


You’re It!!




Yesterday morning I received a special surprise: a nomination for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” from my friend facelikeafryingpan  whose blog The Embiggens Project inspires me to laugh. Hard. Seriously. Every time I read it.  The woman is hilarious.  So hilarious in fact that she finds my blog inspiring.  I’ve been called a lot of things before but never inspiring.  I’ve inspired people to leave the room screaming or to go take an extra dose of their meds but no one has ever said to me, “Hey. You inspire me.”  Thanks my friend.  It isn’t everyone who can hang with the strange thoughts that come from my angle.  I feel a little less odd and a lot more special now.

As with most things in life there are rules to follow in order to accept and pass along this Inspirational Award.

 1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Steps one and two: Check!

Now to thrill you all with seven things about myself….

  1. Obviously I am a check list person. (see above.)  I have been known to write things down on my check list that I have already done just so I can check them off. It’s an illness really but if I didn’t check-list I would never get things done.  It’s how my brain works.
  2. One of my other “illnesses” is the inability to tell anyone no.  Well…unless you ask my kids.  I have no problem telling them no most of the time.  It’s everyone else I struggle to say “no” to.  I am currently knee-deep in baking cake for 100 people because of this infuriating disease.   The disease that makes me say later, “Why did I say I would do this? Never again.”  Over and over and over.  You’d think that I’d learn.  I think my family is looking into institutions which offer therapy for this condition. I’m working on it….but not fast enough.
  3. I find myself asking “What was I thinking?!?!” all the time.  Part of it has to do with the above condition.   Part has to do with the fact that I have really great ideas….in theory.  For example: several years ago I was helping at my children’s school and decided that for the grandparent’s Thanksgiving dinner everyone needed a turkey made with Oreos,  malted milk balls and candy corn.  They were soooooo cute!  Oreo Turkeys (Thanksgiving Snack). Photo by NcMysteryShopperThey are cuter when someone else makes them let me assure you.  Most sane people would have said, “Change of plans!” Not me because….
  4. I can’t ever leave things undone.  I will kill myself, and on occasion several other people, in order to finish what I started.  I don’t care how long it takes me I will get it done.  I currently have a half done counted cross stitch picture that I thought would look wonderful in our dining room.  It is huge and done in tiny little fabric.  It’ll look great on my wall in the nursing home  I’m sure.
  5. Yes! I cross stitch. I know that it is no longer a “cool” thing to do seeing as how there are a million other crafty things that are much more mod, but I enjoy it.  It probably has something to do with the fact that when I was young my paternal grandmother and mother both taught me to sew, embroider and do “fancy work”. (Cue “Little House On The Prairie” music.)  I think of them both when I do things like that.  I also can’t just sit and watch TV or ride in a car without something to do.  So I cross stitch.
  6. I love musicals.  I have a particular love for the old ones.  I really do think that life should work like a musical.  I think we should all burst into song at the pivotal moments of our lives. I’ve done it from time to time. Seriously.  Click here for more on my thoughts about this subject.
  7. I have an addiction to mugs.  I love all mugs but I have a particular fondness for big over sized heavy mugs. Because people know this I have an almost embarrassing amount of Christmas mugs.  My family is ready to call the mug intervention team.  I can’t get rid of any of them because I always think of the people who gave me the mug when I use it.  It would be rude to throw someone’s gift, and therefore memory, away, right?  Besides – they are so cute and festive and I love them.  We were in Starbucks this weekend and I absolutely fell in love with a snowman latte mug but I walked away feeling virtuous.  Of course I posted something about it to Facebook in hopes that someone will take the hint and give it to me for Christmas this year.  Then it isn’t my fault.  Yes.  I scare myself sometimes.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, join me for step four: my favorite part of blog awards.  This is where I get to list some of the many blogs that inspire me.  Some of them inspire me to laugh.  Others make think a little deeper.  A few remind me to look at life from someone else’s perspective. A couple are just inspirational because of the talent they display.  All of them brighten my day and inspire me in some way. If you’ve read much of my blogs you know that some days I am silly and some days serious.  This collection of blogs reflects that part of my personality. In no particular order, I nominate:

Ambling and Rambling

In This Life Mrs. H.

The Way Everlasting

The Bumble Files

In-House Councel

Motherhood Is An Art

My Men And Me

Canadian Hiking Photography

How’s Your Love Life

Post Departum Depression

The London Flower Lover

Bucket List Publications


A Detailed House

Playful and Hungry

Check them out my friends there is some great stuff in that list.  Now I am off to notify my nominees before I return to cake baking purgatory while I do my latest mental exercises: “No. See you can do it! No!  Better! Try again. NO!!!!”


Beautiful Blogger Award

I feel so lovely today…downright beautiful in fact.  Okay maybe that is taking it a bit far but I am humbled and honored to have been nominated for a blogging award by my new friend javaj240. Check out her blog Ambling & Rambling for some of the funniest and frank reading around.  I love not having to wonder what people are really thinking and her blog just tells it like it is.  She has also been instrumental in reminding me that those who work in restaurants are people with feelings too.  Who knew right? Great blog – Great fun – Thanks javaj240 for feeding my ego a bit.

Now I am supposed to share some things about myself. I’m assuming this means things I haven’t already shared and things that will not get me hauled away to a room with nicely padded walls.  This should be challenging but here goes….

  1. I tend to look at things from a totally different angle than most people. (Okay…how many of you did I throw off with the new blog name and theme?  Come on – admit it.  This seemed to be a good place to insert that.)  I like to champion the underdog, cheer for those who are down and see beauty in the simple things.  I also find humor in the weirdest places possible.  It’s a sickness really.
  2. The older I get the less I like extreme temperatures so I live in Nebraska where temps can range from 105 in the summer to -20 in the winter. Don’t try to figure it out – I haven’t.  My ultimate living environment would be 55 – 75 degrees with lower humidity all year long.  If you know of a place like that let me know.  Nah.  Don’t bother.  I’d find something to complain about there too.
  3. I am allergic to strawberries. Strawberry anything.  I didn’t know how uncommon this was until I told a few people about it. Apparently I’m the only one in America with this problem gauging from people’s reactions. I’m not sure if that makes me special or really weird.  I prefer to think of myself as “rare”.
  4. I’m a police drama and crime show junkie: “Criminal Minds”, “Law & Order”, “Cold Case”, “Snapped”, “City Confidential”…… the list too long to type them all out.  I have no idea why I like them all so much but it makes my family nervous.
  5. My favorite room in the house is the kitchen. I love to cook. Baking makes me happy. I’ve often pondered a career incorporating these things but I’m afraid that I would no longer enjoy doing it if I had to do it for a living.
  6. Following up on that thought: I have only worked at three places my entire life. Well unless you count the wife and mother thing. That makes four.  I have been at my current place of employment 12 years.  Don’t think for a minute that the prospect of our move next summer and the ensuing job search it’ll require doesn’t give me anxiety. I may be medicated soon.
  7. One of my guilty pleasures in life is a nice long bubble bath with a good bathtub book.  A bathtub book is one that requires very little brain power to read. Everyone is happy and everything turns out fine.  Life is hard some days so I believe that every once in a while a person needs bubbles and happily ever after.

Now I get to nominate some blogs that I enjoy and that make my life a little more beautiful.  This is tough since I enjoy so many of the great blogs out there and I hate to leave anyone out.  I wish I had the time and space to tell you about them all, but since I am limited, here goes (in no particular order):

The Bumble Files – Funny thoughts and observations from a mom who is in transition.  This one always makes me smile.

In This Life Mrs. H. –  Witty and well written thoughts of a newly (non)working mom.  I recently found this one and love it.

My Men And Me – Sweet blog written by a sweet woman.  Some days she reminds me of a simple truth, some days she challenges me to be a better woman, but every day she makes me think.   I am enjoying her current series :”31 Days To Loving my Home”.

How’s Your Love Life – This one, which I just found out is written by a fellow Nebraskan, is another that challenges me.  Honest and straightforward thoughts on being a Christian wife, mother….woman.

Post Departum Depression – A funny and insightful look at “life after kids” and what we moms do with it.  I love this lady.  Another one who is honest, up front and hilarious.

Motherhood Is An Art – Aside from the fact that this blog has the best name – EVER – this on is a lot of fun. A fun-loving creative mom who shares the adventures of her family. One of my favorite daily reads.

The Embiggens Project – This is honestly one of my favorites. A hilarious look at some of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.  Don’t plan to read this one while sipping a beverage because you’ll end up spewing it all over yourself and your screen.

As I said I wish I had the time and room to nominate all of the fabulous blogs that I follow but that just wouldn’t be practical and I, above all else, like to be practical.  You can quit laughing now.

Thank you again to all my beautiful followers whose kind words and fun comments make my day.  Be sure and let me know your thoughts on the new look and Blog title.  I am a constant work in progress…..