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He’s Still My Kid

A year has passed since I published this post but the words are just as true today, Our son’s 22nd Birthday, as they were last year. Happy Birthday Firstborn – We Love You!

The View From A Slightly Twisted Angle

I woke up this morning to a new reality: I have been a mother for half of my life.  Today is our oldest child’s 21st birthday.  Ok…so technically I was almost 22 when he was born, but you get the drift.  The drift is I’m getting old. (Those of you with great math skills have already figured that out.)   More than that, I have officially raised a child to adulthood.  Twenty-one years ago I wouldn’t have thought that was possible.  Twenty one years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Twenty one years ago I didn’t know how cool it was going to be to watch my son grow into a man I respect.  Twenty-one years ago I didn’t realize a lot of things that I know today.

I’ve often said that the reason there are so many references and blessings upon the “firstborn” in…

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Unplanned Gift

I meant to reblog this last Thursday in honor of our son’s 11th Birthday. Obviously that didn’t happen. Regardless of the day, the words of the post are still true today. Happy 11th (and 4 days) Birthday to our Unplanned Gift!

The View From A Slightly Twisted Angle

This morning our ten year old asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  “Don’t say a hug Mom.  I mean a real gift.”  I looked at him and responded, “You are gift enough for me Buddy.”  That answer earned me an eye roll. He really has no idea how true my statement is.

 In December of 2000 I was headed into the fourth month of my fourth pregnancy.  Two days after Christmas I woke up and something was wrong.  After a trip to the doctor’s office and eventually the hospital, I miscarried our little boy. If you’ve never lost a child it is hard to understand the depth of the devastation it causes.  I can remember looking at my husband that night and asking, “How am I ever supposed to be ok again?”  In the follow-up visit to my doctor she informed me that our baby had a chromosomal…

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It’s In The Closet!

We experienced a miracle at our house this past week.  Well maybe not a miracle in the traditional definition of miracles. Maybe it was more like a shocking event. Or a once in a lifetime happening.  That’s probably more accurate.  What was this phenomenon? Our 14-year-old thoroughly cleaned her room AND closet.  I know that sounds like a common every day occurrence for most people.  It may even be a required weekly happening at your home.  I tried to make it a required weekly happening at our home for many years and then I gave up. Well I kind of gave up. What I did was come to the conclusion that beating my head against the wall was less painful so I let  up. I relaxed.  Life is too short to spend all of my waking time nagging my children.  I have cut back to part-time nagging. It’s worked out pretty well for all of us but it led to the closet disaster in our younger daughter’s room.

Our children’s rooms are all upstairs and there is nothing else up there.  No reason to go upstairs unless you are going to one of their rooms.  Because of this, I have to CHOOSE to look at their rooms.  I decided to quit choosing.  The general rules around here are pretty easy: 1 – no fire hazards. This means no candles, extension chords that haven’t been approved by electrical dad or anything else flammable upstairs. 2. – You must be able to get OUT of your room in case of a fire. 3. – My stuff does not go upstairs.  My stuff is defined as towels, dishes or – by penalty of death – my tweezers or fingernail clippers. 4. –  If I start smelling a foul odor from that level of the house and have to come investigate you will not be happy with the results of my investigation. I will throw out anything that looks like trash.  Lots of things look like trash to me. 5. – The “family areas” of the home are not storage places for your misplaced items.  If it is still downstairs when you retire for the evening then it belongs to ME. You will pay by cash or chore to recover it. 6. – We do not replace items ruined because you did not take care of them. You break it – you replace it. 7. – I cannot do laundry that I do not see. If you want it washed get it down to the hamper on laundry day.  Otherwise I taught you how to use the washing machine. 8 – Once a month you WILL clean your room and I WILL come look after you are done.  See? Simple.  I’m pretty easy to get along with, no?  My conclusion is that their rooms are their space and they have to learn, somehow, to take care of things without my following them around. Besides I don’t have to look at the mess. It’s a win/win.  Unless you looked in our 14-year-old’s closet.

Our younger daughter, bless her heart, has always been “tidy-room-challenged.” When she was little I would go up to her room at “clothes change” season twice a year.  On those days not only would we switch her clothes I would meticulously help her clean and re-organize her room.  So that she could mess it all up over the next 6 months. It wasn’t that she meant to.  It’s that she simply got overwhelmed by her stuff all the time.  She didn’t know what to do with it so she would shove it in the closet.  I’d tell her to clean her room so she’d shove everything in the closet.  She’d hear me coming up the stairs and she’d shove stuff in the closet.  She’d “borrow” things from her siblings and then hide them in the closet so they wouldn’t know she had them.  She’s get tired of toys so she’d put them in the closet. She’d put clothes on decide they didn’t fit so she’d – say it with me – shove them in the closet.  Have I mentioned that her closet isn’t really that big?  So every six months I’d get frustrated, she’d cry, we’d shovel out the closet and start the cycle all over again.  Then she got older and didn’t need my help switching clothes for the season.  Use your imagination. The closet quit getting shoveled twice a year. Or ever.  Her closet became notorious.   If she couldn’t find something the response was automatically, “It’s probably in your closet.”  Something disappear in the house? “It’s got to be in Lyndsie’s closet!”  Missing persons report in the newspaper? “Did anyone check Lyndsie’s closet?”  You get the drift.

This past week my little closet stuffing pack rat decided she could no longer stand it.  Either that or she figured out that neither her organized mother and older sister were going to bail her out any longer.  She declared that she was going to clean her room AND her closet before school started last week.  I must admit I was skeptical.  Until I came home from work to find her hauling down bags of trash. Old backpacks. Lost school supplies.  Long forgotten Polly Pockets. Her old tea set.   Stuffed animals that were no longer being hugged.  Clothes.  Lots of clothes. Suddenly I was a little sad.  I kind of felt like her childhood was being carted out in bags. Lots of bags.  Some to throw out and some to donate.  A few to give to friend’s little girls.  It’s the end of an era.  When I asked her why she suddenly decided to part with all her old things she looked at me seriously and said, “We’re moving next year.  You keep saying if we don’t use it we aren’t moving it.  I figured I’d get a head start.”  It’s one of those moments you realize your kids really are listening even though it doesn’t seem like it.  She got it.  She’s ready to move on.  I only cried for a minute or two.  My baby girl is growing up.

Arriving home later that night she informed her older sister that her closet was finally cleaned and organized.  “You’re kidding.” daughter #1 said. “Hey! Did you find the Chilean miners in there??”  “Yes.” Daughter #2 replied, “They were right under all that underwear I outgrew.”


What A Lovely Day!

Just when I was contemplating the fate and future of my blog I was sent  a nomination for the “One Lovely Blog” award.  I’ve never been called lovely in my life.  I feel so special now.  Think about it: it’s a great word. “Lovely.”  It just sounds so …well….lovely.  Thanks facelikeafryingpan – you are lovely too! I encourage everyone to check out her blog “The Embiggens Project” which is seriously one of my all time favorite parts of the day. Hilarious. Quirky. Too much fun and we all need an injection of fun in our lives now don’t we? 

Evidently one of the requirements for this award is to reveal 7 random things about myself.  I’m starting to get concerned that someone is going to find all the posts I’ve made about random things and I’m going to become a living example for abnormal psychology classes worldwide, but here goes:

1. According to my family I sit ridiculously straight  when I drive.  Personally I’d like to  think I just have better posture than they do but the truth is that is that sitting that straight is the only way I can see over the hood.  Well that and the fact that I don’t like to recline. Even in a recliner I sit straight.  Why?  Because if I recline my feet dangle.

2. My middle name is “Jean” after my father.  That’s correct: my father’s name is Jean and isn’t pronounced the way french speaking people pronounce it.  It’s pronounced the way the female version of the name is pronounced in America. We have no idea why my grandmother did that but she was a phenomenal lady so I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Besides it’s really fun way to confuse telemarketers.

3. I’m a fourth generation Nebraskan and have given birth to 4 fifth generation Nebraskans.  Yes. That is kind of pathetic.

4. I have this really annoying natural wave to my hair. No, not curl. Wave.  Like cowlicks everywhere but not quite.  I passed this on to my kids which is why my boys keep buzz cuts and my girls spend so much time wearing out hair straighteners.

5. My nose was broken in a school bus accident when I was in third grade.  I blame that for its stubby, flat, fat appearance.  On a brighter note my hometown still calls snow days faster than anyone else in the area because of that accident.  You’re welcome children. I’m glad to have sacrificed my nose for you.

6. The sight of blood, even on television,  makes me incredibly queasy unless it is coming out of one of my children. At that point I go into “Mom mode” take care of it and get sick later.  This would be why I never became a nurse.

7.  I have come to the conclusion that I  look at EVERYTHING from a different angle than everyone else.  It isn’t that I love playing the “devil’s advocate” (I hate that name by the way) I just think there are multiple ways to look at most things.  Mine must be the rare one.  One of my contemplations this week was naming my blog “THe View From A Different Angle”…..but than that just seems odd.  Or maybe not. Maybe just honest. Let me know what you think.

Now that the randomness is done I’ll get on with nominating some bloggers for this Lovely award.

The Way Everlasting – I was recently directed to this blog by a friend and it has quickly become one of my favorites.  An honest approach to Christianity from a real person.  Refreshing!

My Men And Me – Another that I am quickly becoming quite fond of.  Straightforward thoughts from a Christian mother of three boys.  This one challenges me and makes me smile.

Motherhood Is An Art – Aside from having like the best name EVER this is one sweet blog.  Great writing by a passionate mom.  Love it!

Bucket List Publications – Since I live a rather boring life (see #3 above) I look forward to reading this one.  If I can’t have a life at least I can read about one!   Who knows.  She may just inspire me to make my own bucket list some day!

Life In The Blue Ridges –  Such a talented young writer.  I love her stuff!

The Bumble Files – Recently found this one and already love this.  Great thoughts and lots of fun!

Your Soul To Keep – I want to grow up and be as cool as this woman.  Wise, Wise Wise!!

Jill Of All Trades, Expert Of None – This one just makes me laugh.

I’m probably supposed to do more here, but I decided to focus on the ones that truly do spring to mind when I hear “Lovely”.  It’s such a lovely word.


I’ve Been Rescued!

I have to admit that I am feeling less than inspired today.  Draggy in fact. I don’t know if it’s just a Monday thing, an “It’s the middle of the summer and I’m tired of it” thing or if the weather has melted all my brain cells together into one small-ish lump of “bleh”.  Did I mention uninspired?  Too uninspired to come up with anything to talk about today. How sad, but everyone needs a day off on occasion, right? Yeah…I don’t work that way. I decided in one last ditch effort to become inspired I’d log in and see what was going on in the blog world.  I noticed I had a comment.  What it really was is a life preserver.  A blogging award nomination from one of my favorite bloggers facelikeafryingpan over at The Embiggens Project. WHEW!  I have something to post today!

Actually, this is the third time my dear fellow neurotic short person with funny toenails has nominated me. The first time she made my whole day better.  The second time made me smile. (I have to admit I forgot to post about that one.) Today she saved me from “post-less depression”.  What a woman!  I may just add her to my Christmas gift list. In all seriousness,  check out her blog here for some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. I look forward to her posts every day.  Now that she’s saved me I’ll get down to business. I’m going to attempt to combine the one I forgot to do and today’s into one post. If that’s cheating, sorry, but it’s my blog and I can cheat if I want to. (Yep! I do know what song is now running through your head.)  Here are the aforementioned awards and their rules:

The Sunshine Award

1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

2. Answer the questions about myself. (See below)

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

4. Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

 The Versatile Blogger

                            1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.

                            2. Mention 7 random things about yourself.

                           3. List the rules

                           4. Give the award to 15 or more bloggers.

                            5. Add the award to your blog

Step one is the same for both, so, again, thank you facelikeafryingpan for your kind words and today’s life preserver!

Sunshine questions (this ought to be fun):

1.  What is my favorite number?  867-5309   (Yep! I know what song is going though your head NOW too.)

2. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage?  Pre-ability to distinguish colors when I first wake up: coffee.  After noon because I’m getting too old to have caffeine “late” in the day:  water.

3. Favorite Animal?  I suppose it wouldn’t be right to mention my children here. Hmmm….this is tough.  Living variety I’ll go with dogs.  Stuffed or pictures variety I’d have to say bears.  Any kind of bear.

3.  Facebook or Twitter?  Yes.  Oh. Sorry.  For stalking you can’t beat twitter, but I’m more of a Facebook girl probably because Words With Friends blows up my phone so I can only play it on Facebook.

4. My Passion? That’s a pretty big question. I have several but I’d have to say the one which take priority above all others is my family and being the wife and mother, the woman, that God has called me to be.

5. Favorite Day of the Week?  Any day my alarm doesn’t go off.

6.  Favorite Flower?  Also a tough one because I really love flowers.  Ok….cut in a vase? Carnations. Or sweetheart roses.  Or both.  In my flower garden? Gerba Daisies and New Guinea Impatiens. Well….or….zinnias because my grandpa used to plant them.

Versatile’s 7 Random Things About Me:

1.  My ten year old can now look me straight in the eye. Guess he got his 6’4″ father’s height. He’d be the only one of our four kids who did.

2. I can’t sleep without something covering me.  I blame my mother who to this day runs around and throws blankets on anyone taking a nap in her home.

3. My husband swears I have bat vision. I can get up, go to the bathroom and get back in bed in the middle of the night without turning on a light or running in to anything. What he doesn’t realize is that is the main reason I make sure everything is put away before I go to bed.  Put something in my path and it’s going to be bad.  (He also doesn’t realize that half the time I’m not really even awake.)

4. While we’re on the subject, I can’t go to bed with clothes unfolded in the dryer or clean dishes sitting in the dishwasher. OCD? Probably.

5. Birds freak me out a little.  It might have something to do with barn swallows dive bombing us in the barns when I was growing up.  Love them from a distance but if they get too close my breathing gets funny.

6. I have a tendency to become addicted to television shows really quickly. Is that a sign of an addictive personality? Kind of glad there were a number of things I didn’t try as a teenager.

7. I don’t own a bathroom scale.  I decided several years ago that I wasn’t going to let a number determine my value as a person.  Then I lost 50 pounds. (My doctor still has a scale…unfortunately.)

Ok – I’m going to condense my nominees a little.  If you add them together I’m sure we’ll get to ten and fifteen.  There would just be some repeating.  Cheating? Only a little.

Sunshine Nominees:

Your Soul To Keep:  I just started following this blog and already I love it. Inspiring and practical. I want to be this woman when (if??) I ever grow up.(Yes. She’s most likely pretty close to my age.  She’s just WAY MORE grown up than I!)

My Men And Me: Super mom of three boys who will make you laugh and make you think.

Motherhood Is An Art: Again a recent add to my reader but I love this mother’s frankness, humor and her heart for her kids.

How’s Your Love Life:  I love the way this writer makes Truth seem so simple.

Looking For The Sweet Spot: Love this woman’s look on life. I especially love her “Today’s Best Moment” posts.  I like that. What was today’s best moment?

Maggie’s One Butt Kitchen: This woman is truly and artist in her kitchen…and she shares her secrets.  Love that!

A Detailed House:   I love to see people who are truly gifted at what they do. Beautiful pictures and great ideas for home decorating.

kaiyasworld:  I love reading what mommies who love being mommies have to say. Sweet blog that makes me smile.

Now Adding Some Versatile Nominations:

sarahmandl:  Aside from the fact that this is written by one of my very dearest friends I would like this blog anyway. You never know what she’s going to come up with. Just like in person. 🙂

Jill Of All Trades: Another blog where you are never quite sure what she’s going to do in each post.  The one thing you can be sure of is that you will laugh.

Texana’s Kitchen: Delicious and funny –  great combination.  Her “How to Eat Ice Cream With Your Whole Body” is an all-time favorite.

Bucket List Publications: I will never live an adventurous life but I love reading about this one.  I have been inspired to start my own bucket list because of this blog.  Mine just doesn’t include anything that hurdles me through the air.

Life In The Blue Ridges:  A talented young writer who is currently studying in Ireland. Great writing and a taking a trip vicariously. Can’t beat that.

Slappshot: Another one I look forward to daily.  Great stories – Great Dad.

Post Departum Depression:  This woman makes empty nesting funny.

idiot-prufs: Again a newer follow for me but I’ve found it to be FUNNY!

Whew!  I’m honored and still brain-dead.  Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up refreshed and full of creative thoughts to share.  If not perhaps I’ll just start soliciting awards.  Or not….


It Only Takes One Act Of Kindness

Yesterday had the potential to wind up in the “rather bad day” category. I woke up tired and groggy (Note to self: this is why you shouldn’t take Advil PM) so I skipped my morning treadmill trot.  Then I felt guilty all morning.  Over my lunch hour my windshield was assaulted by a rather large rock flung from the tire of a rather large truck. (Note to self: find an alternate route home until they quit tearing up the side of that road.)  “Chip repair” is not an option.  Right before leaving work I handled a phone call from one of our seasoned saints who got rather irate at me when she found out I had discarded something from the bulletin board. It had been there for six weeks. She wanted a copy of it. I know because she told me that about 90 times. (Note to self: Check with her before you ever throw away another piece of paper no matter how old it is.)  There may be “12: All other tasks as assigned” in my job description, but I draw the line at dumpster diving.  By the time I got home I was a bit frazzled.  My sweet, sweet husband, knowing the kind of day I’d had, informed me that he was getting Chinese for dinner.  My day got less frazzled.  I love that man! Then I noticed that I had a comment on my blog.  Another blogger informed me that she had nominated me for “The Daisy Award.”  Wow! An award nomination.  I felt so honored even though I had no idea what it meant. My day suddenly got brighter.

After some research I discovered that “The Daisy Award” is basically a way to tell another blogger that you like their stuff. A way to give a “woo-hoo” to someone whose blog you enjoy.  When I began my little blogging adventure I expected only my family to read it.  I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it.  I still don’t have a clue but I’m sure having fun.  To have another person, one not related to me, give me a “shout out” was more than I ever would have expected. I’m grateful to facelikeafryingpan  for her act of kindness.  You helped turn my day around. Thank you!

There are rules for this nomination of course. 

1 – Thank the person who nominated you.

2 –  Tell your readers 7 unusual things about yourself.

3 – Nominate some worthy bloggers.

Though I already handled rule number one, thank you again to facelikeafryingpan  for thinking of me.  I encourage everyone I know to check out her blog “The Embiggens Project”. I check it every morning and I assure you it’s better than coffee. (That is a HIGH compliment coming from me)  Hysterical and a great way to start the day.

Seven unusual things about myself.  Hmmmm. Only seven?  That I haven’t already mentioned?  Ones that won’t scare anyone?  This could be a challenge but then I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge.  Here goes:

1. My daughters are both red heads.  My husband and I both have brown hair. Okay….HAD brown hair. What he has left is getting pretty salt and peppery looking.  I cover my “sparkles” so mine is whatever color my hair therapist thinks will look good.  Back to the point: our brown hair and their red hair has for years given us an opportunity to educate the world about recessive genes.  Did I mention my red-headed brother and sister don’t have red heads?  A couple of strawberry blonds and an auburn headed kid, but no fiery red heads.  Genes are funny.

2. Speaking of genes, I am the youngest of three.  My brother and sister are tall thin athletic red heads. I am a short squatty non-athletic brunette. Genes are mean sometimes too.

3. I have the arguably the ugliest toes known to man. My “pinky” toes have only half a toe nail. No idea why.  I cut a “v” in my big toenails.  Why? In-grown toenails.  It’s cheaper than surgery and it works.  Shopping for summer shoes is not on my list of favorite things to do. 

4. My oldest daughter says I am a laundry nazi.  While I find that a little harsh she is probably right.  I’m picky about the laundry and my washing machine. It isn’t that I don’t think anyone else can do laundry. They just don’t do it right.

5. While I’m on the subject of my housekeeping tendencies: I cannot leave dirty dishes in my sink.  Ever. For any amount of time.  Work with me: the dishwasher is 4 steps from the sink. How hard is it to put the dishes in there instead of piling them in my sink?

6. I love teddy bears.  This may have something to do with the fact that I was a mascot in high school. A purple bear to be exact.  Yes. I have destroyed every picture I have ever found of me in my purple bear suit.  Keep in mind there was no “head” to the costume.  Just a headband with little purple panda ears that went with the really fluffy purple panda bear costume. 

7. I am short. Correction: my legs are short. Sitting down I look perfectly normal height.  My husband is a foot and two inches taller than I but if you see a picture of us together sitting down you can’t tell there is that much of a difference.  If we are standing up you have to tilt the camera to get us both in the picture.  His in-seam is 36″. Mine is 26″.  This means I have to move my seat really close so that my short legs will reach the pedals of a car. If my airbag ever deploys I’m in trouble.

Now that I’ve scared everyone with unrequested trivia about myself it is time to complete step three. Here are (in no particular order) a few of my favorite bloggers to whom I am sending a Daisy Nomination:

momshieb : Her blog Post Depatum Depression is funny and real. Since I am more than aware that I too will be an “empty nester” long before I am prepared I appreciate her frankness in sharing her journey.  Love this man’s writing. Entertaining yet he always makes you stop and think about something. I highly recommend checking this blog out.

lifeinthe blueridges: Wonderful blog by a very talented young writer. I am glued to her stories about studying abroad this summer. 

maggiesonebuttkitchen: If you love food this is the place for you. YUM!  I appreciate people who are masters at what they love to do.

sarahmandl : This is one is dear to my heart because it is written by the woman who encouraged me to give writing a try.  She’s one of my very best friends and a total crack-up. (You have to be a little cracked to be my friend.)  She will either make you laugh or make you mad but either way she will make you think.  That’s her charm really.

I’d love to list all of the blogs that I follow because I really do enjoy them all, but it just isn’t practical.  I just hope that by highlighting a couple of them I may have brightened some one’s day today as mine was brightened yesterday.  You never know.

Some days it only takes one act of kindness to turn something around.


The Diamond Queen

    I’ll admit it: I’m fascinated by the British Royal Family. In all honesty I’m fascinated by any royal family, but this particular one is most fascinating to me.  Not in a “stalker” fascinated kind of way: I don’t really care what kind of cereal they eat and I’m not interested in reading the thousands of unauthorized biographies about them so that I can feel like I know the “inside scoop.” I just love the regalness and pomp.  I love the history.  And, okay, I love the hats.

I’m an American.  We fought a war to get away from this royal family didn’t we? Why then are they and their history so interesting to me?   I could blame it on the probably 1/36th Welsh blood running through my veins, but I doubt that is it.   I think it probably has to do with the fact that there was a Royal Wedding which took place the summer before I entered Junior High.  The summer of 1981 to be exact.  That was when I first became aware of the current royal family in the United Kingdom.  Before that I didn’t really care.  After that I was fascinated.  What young girl’s attention isn’t caught by a huge wedding with glitter and glamour and a beautiful young woman become a princess? I was hooked from that wedding on. 

I’ve always loved history.  I love to read about past events and how they have shaped where we are today.  American history has always been a favorite subject of mine.  The problem with American history is that while it is always “expanding” it is relatively short.  You can cover it pretty easily.  Not true with the history of Great Britain.  These people have been around forever .  They have a rich and long-enduring history.  They have buildings that are older than our entire country.   I discovered that I could read about their history for the rest of my life and still never learn it all.  Or understand it all. I believe there are some things that you just have to be British to understand.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have a respect for it.

There is no one I respect more than Queen Elizabeth II. She is an amazing woman.  I can write nothing about her that hasn’t been written.  I have enjoyed watching the celebrations this week marking her 60th year as Queen: her Diamond Jubilee.   60 years doing anything is pretty daunting to think about.  Being queen? Might sound easy, but I don’t think it has been.  She carries herself with dignity and grace.  Is she a bit stuffy?  Yep, but she’s British so we’ll give her that one.  She listens more than she speaks.  When she does speak it is thoughtful.  She has spent her life in service to others.  She is the anti-typical image of what you think when you hear “queen.”  Not demanding or self focused  but rather a “giving queen.” She has given up her privacy and her freedom to live as she wants in order to be the sovereign.  (For example: I saw that her husband was hospitalized yesterday.  The article I skimmed had WAY MORE information than anyone really needs to know.) Her life has been devoted to serving her country and she’s done it well.  Yes, she gets big houses and big jewelry and lots of servants, but I am not sure that the trade-off is worth it. 

As I was catching up on the coverage of the Thanksgiving Service held in her honor this morning I couldn’t help but think about the things that we commoners, even we American commoners,  can learn from her.  As I viewed pictures of the massive and cheering crowds I stopped to wonder if the things that endear this woman to her nation aren’t things we could, and perhaps should, implement in our lives.  I’ll never have a nation cheering for me but maybe I can leave those around me a little better because of the things I did.  It’s something to think about anyway.  Being a giving queen of my world.

My husband keeps telling me that he is going to get me to Great Britain some day.  I laugh at him but there is a large part of me who hopes it does happen.  I’d love to be able to see all that history first hand.  And the queen.  I’d love to see her. (Or at least her house.)  I have a feeling she will take after her mother, Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, so perhaps we can plan the trip for her Platinum Jubilee marking her 70th year as sovereign.  That’d be cool.  Until then:

Long Live The Queen!


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Hello world!

I really have no idea what I’m doing.  No idea why I’m doing this other than it just seems to feel “right”.  I’ve always been a person with opinions, but I tend to keep them to myself. Why then would I want to start a blog and let people read what I’m thinking?

A few years ago I attended a women’s conference where the speaker was talking about her struggle following her divorce.  She wasn’t looking for people to fix her, just to be her friend and walk with her.  She desperately needed someone who had “been there” to tell her it was going to be okay.  To make her laugh.  To buy her a cup of coffee.  Don’t we all need that at some point in our lives?  Her words that day, “No matter how insignificant your life seems or how little experience you feel you have: someone, somewhere needs to hear from you. Someone out there can learn something from where you’ve been.”  have stuck with me ever since.

I guess I’m hoping to connect with some “someones somewhere” and have a little fun while doing it!  Here’s to a new adventure! 🙂